10 Best Yammer Alternatives for 2021

Yammer is the leading corporate social network in the business market and owned by Microsoft. This tool seeks collaboration between all the workers of a company, creating a space for fluid and bidirectional communication, incorporating principles of network interaction very similar to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Best Alternatives to Yammer

There is no doubt that Yammer is a good networking application that provides private communication within a group. Listed below some of the best-rated Yammer alternatives that can be used on Windows, macOS and online:


Slack is a messaging application and it is crafted to work in teams and workplaces, can be used on multiple devices and platforms. This tool is enabled with robust features that help you to not only chat one-on-one with associates but also in groups.

You can also upload and share files with them, in addition to integrating with other applications and services, such as Skype for video calls, and you can granularly control almost all the settings, including the ability to create custom emoji. Enter emails from associates you would like to invite to join your Slack team.

This tool is mostly free. However, you will only be able to browse and search the 10,000 most recent messages from your computer and it will be limited to 5 GB of file storage and 10 applications or custom integrations. Currently, there are three price levels available: Free, Standard, and Plus.

System supports: Windows, Android, Linux, and Web-based
File size: 74.7 MB (for windows), It varies with a device (for android)


Keybase is a chat application created for computers and mobile phones. Powered by public-key encryption, this Keybase is free and easy to use. It has proven to be one of the easiest to use applications out there. Keybase offers you many things. It is the reason why this application is becoming more popular every day.

The first thing to keep in mind is the fact that it is available on multiple platforms. And the answer is yes. It is available on Linux, Windows, macOS, ios, and Android. Second, you can download the app for free. Also, you can use it without ads. Also, the code is available on GitHub, and you can contribute if you want. The application has a modern interface that is pleasing to the eye.

One of the unique things about Keybase is that you can chat with people from all across the globe without even knowing the email address or phone number of those people. As Tor supports, all users around the world will be able to protect their identity. Here the Tor’s anonymity 0algorithm will do a great job. It’s another reason why you would like to have Keybase. Before using Tor, you must have the Tor SOCKS proxy on your device.

System supports: macOS, Windows, Linux, iPhone, and Android
File size: 41 MB (for android),  203 MB (for windows)


Chatter uses collaboration technologies that have become popular on social networks like Facebook to keep you up-to-date in your work life in a simple and even fun way. Chatter Collaboration Cloud has been integrated into all applications of salesforce.com, including custom. Your apps will generate real-time news updates, incorporate user profiles, and foster dynamic interactions between people, groups, content, data, and more.

Chatter is a novel form of collaboration at work. By automatically obtaining status information about important people and projects, Chatter makes it easy to connect with people and the information that is most relevant to them. The tool is completely private and secure for your company. Only your business users can view and collaborate with what you post in Chatter.

You can post updates to many of the different Chatter sites, so you need to know who will see what you post within your company. Everyone can see the comments entered in the status box on their home or profile page. Comments in a record (account, opportunity, case, etc.) or in a group will only be visible to people with access to that record or group.

Download link
System supports: Windows
File size: 35.74 MB (for windows)


Bitrix24 offers free cloud-based business solutions for up to 12 users. A tool that can be integrated with the company domain, with email service and that is compatible with mobile devices. Bitrix24 is organized through an intranet with a very useful and attractive social network environment for collaborative tasks, which allows sharing tasks and documents and real-time communications (messaging, voice, and video calls).

The free version includes the CRM function, which manages the interaction with clients or any agent external to the company. These interactions are recorded and can be integrated for reporting, analysis.

Bitrix24 CRM allows one to segment the target audience, manage invoices and budgets, send individual or group emails or make calls to clients. Furthermore, it can be integrated with external applications such as Mailchimp, Xero, cloud storage services (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive), etc. Surely CRM is the highlight of this software since it is difficult to find this service for free. But Bitrix24 provides a very complete set of tools for team management.

System supports: Windows, macOS, and Web-based


Chanty is designed for small and medium teams, for both private and group communication. Stay in sync with text, voice or video while communicating with your team members in real-time. It allows you to chat, make voice or video calls with your team irrespective of their place or habitat. You can also share files, links, or tasks with your team and connect to other applications that you use within your business.

Its Import feature helps you with ample opportunity to transfer your message history and other team data from a third-party messenger to this tool. You can have a quick and uncomplicated way to share blocks of code with your product team. One can open and read snippets without having any need to leave the chat app.

To keep your focus in dim light or while working at night, one can Switch to a high contrast Dark theme that reduces eye strain. You can use the free version if you have a team of fewer than 10 people. You can also buy the commercial version for $ 3 per user per month.

System supports: Windows, macOS, Debian, Fedora, Android, and Web-based
File size: 67.8 MB (for widows)


HumHub is a modular kit for setting up a social network programmed in PHP. The economic model of the company behind HumHub is based on offering personalized instances and hosting. It has two versions: the community edition, available under a free AGPLv3 license; and the enterprise edition, available under a commercial license that offers priority support, long-term security updates, and some additional features.

It has several dozen modules to add functions to the basic package. A member of the user community has developed a client for Android. There seems to be no app for other mobile platforms. HumHub works with a MySQL database and has a web assistant for installation and configuration.

It is a lightweight, powerful, and easy-to-use toolkit that allows the creation and launch of your own social network. This tool supports themes and modules that extend functionality for almost all requirements.

System supports: Linux
File size: 62.8 MB (for Linux)


Trillian is a free, cross-platform instant messaging client (windows, mac, android, iPhone, Blackberry, web) that supports chat on windows live, Facebook, yahoo, myspace, aim, email, google talk, skype, ICQ, jabber, IRC, hello and others.

It also allows you to manage social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Trillian offers several great features that are not possible with other clients on the original network while offering standard features such as audio and video, file transfers, group chats, tabbed chats, message history, plugins, avatars, multiple simultaneous connections to the same network, keystroke notifications, proxy and encrypted messaging support, customization of the interface with skins.

It does not limit itself to imitate the interfaces of the mentioned programs, but has its own and incorporates some improvements that neither the best IRC scripts or input and output log logs that ICQ does not have, also automatically changes the symbols (or smileys ) to cute faces, has a scroll in the topic, etc.

System supports: Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android
File size: 16.8 MB (for windows)


Flock is based on Chromium, the open-source version of the already popular Google Chrome browser. This means that its compatibility, its speed, and the extensions that can be installed in the browser are identical to those used by Google.

Flock’s main feature is its sidebar. In it we will have a constant flow of updates from all our social networks: new comments on Facebook, photos in which we are tagged, videos from channels subscribed to YouTube, Twitter messages … In this way, from any page, you can see all the updates of your online social life without having to open each of these websites.

The tool helps you to subscribe to the RSS feeds of any web page to receive their latest news. It allows search from the same address bar as Google Chrome, but with an interesting addition. When you start typing a word, such as the title of a recent movie, it will show the results on Google, but also what Facebook and Twitter contacts have written about that movie.

System supports: iOS, Android, Web-based, macOS, and Windows

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Message Analyzer

Microsoft Teams is a workspace based on Office 365 chat designed to improve communication and collaboration of teams of companies, re forcing collaborative platform capabilities in the cloud, Office 365.

The tool brings together in a common space, the collaboration applications necessary to work as a team and with which you can work with:  Chats, Video conferences, notes, content access, Office Online, planner and other features that we review in this article.

With this application, Conduct group or private chats to hold group conversations with few members. View chat content and history at any time and start video or voice meetings thanks to Skype for Business integration. You will get complete and instant access to things like content, collaboration tools, and user. Add quick access to frequently used documents, websites, and applications.

System supports: Windows, macOS, and Android
File size: 93.3 MB


Chatwee is a tool that allows you to add a community live chat (chat room) to your website, in a simple way. It offers a mobile-ready social chat-box along that comes with the HTML-based widget installation for websites in order to set up a custom chat interface as per the requirement and connect with customers.

This in order for your users to chat with each other, creating an incredible social space on your website. Chatwee has a statistics system that helps you know who is the most involved, in addition to obtaining other relevant data on in-service interaction. Additionally, you can customize the colors of the chat to suit the design of your website through simple customization.

Chatwee is presented as a chat system integrated into your website or a simple blog, with standards and without complications in its administration, truly an alternative to consider in these services Additionally you can customize the colours of the chat to suit the design of your website through simple customization.

System supports: Web-based


Brosix is ​​an “all-in-one” Enterprise instant messenger and a great alternative for Skype users for business purposes, allowing managers to increase employee productivity and improve communication at the same time. It can be run from Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, and the Web and is supported in English, French, German, Italian, and many more languages.

The main Brosix feature allows managers to rest easy knowing that only authorized users are part of the network. This is a simple method of restricting employee communications, ensuring that all conversations are directed at business issues.

With its own instant messaging network, it will ensure that only authorized users can join the network, and therefore manage to limit access to file downloads and instant messaging conversations. Network administrators are the only ones who can assign user permissions, track conversations, and add and remove users to the network.

System supports: Windows, Android, and Web-based
File size: 76.3 MB


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