Tpshocks.exe – What it is, Uses and How to Remove it

Are you worry about TpShocks.exe file? Well, its a part of Lenovo system that comes with laptop. Find what it is, uses & how to remove/disable it on OS. The Tpshocks.exe is an executable file which runs at Windows startup on certain models of Lenovo notebooks.  It is responsible for controlling the Hard drive’s active protection system. And usually comes with Lenovo laptop.   Sometimes a virus may get auto installed claiming it to be a tpshocks.exe file. To prevent this frequent security scan should be done to detect any virus or malware that may exist and further prevent the smooth functioning of the PC.

What is Tpshocks.exe ?

It is required for the protection of Hard Drive, so that the data remains intact without any damage.  It is basically a process known as ‘IBM Hard Drive Active Protection System’ and comes with Lenovo system.

This program can be uninstalled from the Control Panel.

A prerequisite for running the program successfully is to keep the system clean and junk free by removing the unnecessary data which are no longer required. Deleting off the applications no longer needed, since programs and applications can impact a PC’s performance in terms of speed and accuracy.

File Location

It is located in C:\Windows\System32 folder. In case you do not find the program at this location, its best to recheck it prior to use to prevent being infected by Trojans or malwares. Please note that, this file is not an essential part of windows operating system.

Why it is giving me errors.

It might show  you an error message while trying to close the system an say “trying to close tpshocks.exe”.

This error may prove to be very dangerous for the PC.

  • It happens mostly when it is infected by virus or malware and occupies a lot of memory. That leads to the computer working slowly.
  • It also happens when the drivers are not the updated ones.
  • exe errors also occur due to the software damage to which it belongs.
  • To avoid such errors completely we must use professional registry cleaning tool to eradicate and fix all errors.

Is Tpshocks.exe harmful

This program is harmful only when infected by malware or virus. To prevent this frequent antivirus scan should be performed. However the file is not considered to be harmful if located in the standard path. For best results we can purchase the antivirus from authentic dealers of the same, either online or offline.

Common Tpshocks.exe Error Message

Following are few common errors that you might see on your computer:

  • tpshocks.exe is missing
  • tpshocks.exe not found
  • tpshocks.exe failed to load

How to Disable it?

Many times tpshocks.exe is also one of the reasons of faulty performance of the PC. This happens when the file itself is infected. Automatic startup of this program should be turned off for best results.

You can turn it off by running msconfig command.

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