What is TrGUI.exe, Uses, Error & How to Remove it?

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Basic Information: TrGUI.exe is an executable file that is an important component of Check Point Endpoint Security which is a type of security software program created by Check Point Software Technologies. A few software programs and applications may require TrGUI.exe to work appropriately.

What is TrGUI.exe?


If you are using Zone Alarm Firewall then you may notice TrGUI.exe is running in the system background. It’s totally a safe file but may show sometimes an error message on Windows 10 and older versions. I have discussed how to fix TrGUI.exe missing error or if it is not opening.

Now as it is a part of a security software program, it is generally safe and secure for your system. However, if the TrGUI.exe file gets compromised or says if it becomes corrupted with virus/malware then it will trigger many issues on your system and hence it will ultimately become the root cause for generating annoying and irritating error notifications.

File Size & Location

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I have listed down the most significant properties of TrGUI.exe that you should know.

  • File Description: Check Point Endpoint Security GUI
  • File Name: TrGUI.exe
  • Type: Application
  • File Location : C:\Program Files\CheckPoint\Endpoint Connect\
  • File size: 0.83MB (can vary depending on the version)
  • Publisher: Check Point Software Technologies

You can likewise see the overall properties of your desired file by simply playing out a right-click on the file and then choosing the Properties option.

Usage of TrGUI.exe

As it’s a part of the Zone Alarm Firewall and Antivirus, TrGUI.exe is required to run this application smoothly without any error. You should not remove it unless you are not using the Zone Alarm application.

Is TrGUI.exe a virus or it is safe?

In general, this is a safe file but as it is an executable file, there is a probability that the hackers can make an impersonation of this program to assault your framework and execute their horrendous exercises behind the screen and thus ultimately corrupting the .exe files. Now this corrupted file can create troubles for you and your system. So it is very necessary to check whether TrGUI.exe is safe or not and you can do it by checking for the location of TrGUI.exe in your computer.

To check for the location of the TrGUI.exe you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Press Crtl + Shift + Esc keys from your keyboard to launch the Task Manager.
  2. Now check for the process saying TrGUI.exe in the process section.
  3. After you find it, right-click on it and select the Open the file location option.

Now if the location of the file is C:\Program Files\CheckPoint\Endpoint Connect\ then it is absolutely safe and you do not need to stress over it, but in case if the location is something else other than the location specified above then high possibility thatTrGUI.exe is a malware file so you need to take necessary action against it.

Common TrGUI.exe error messages

Some common error messages triggered by corrupted TrGUI.exe files are as follows:

  • exe has failed
  • exe is not a valid WIN32 application.
  • trgui.exe mf.dll is missing
  • trgui.exe bad image
  • Error starting program: Check Point Endpoint Security

Cause for TrGUI.exe errors

Well there are multiple causes that can trigger TrGUI.exe related errors like :

  • Issues with the Windows Registry
  • Suspicious or malicious software

If you are not happy with this software then you may try software like ZoneAlarm that offers similar features.

How to Fix TrGUI Error Message

If you are receiving an error message like a bad image, trgui.exe file is missing then chances are some of the files belongs to the Zone Alarm is either corrupted or damaged. In that case, the best way to fix this problem is to re-install the Zone Alarm application

How to Disable TrGUI?

If you are not using Zone Alarm for the time being or want to disable it for a few days then here are the steps:

1) Click on the Windows logo, type services, and click on it

Services option in windows OS

2) Locate the Zone Alarm, right-click and choose Stop

3) Now close the window and restart the system to take effect.

Next time, you won’t see any error message related to TrGUI.

How to remove or uninstall TrGUI.exe from the PC?

Removing or deleting an executable file isn’t favored as it can mess up software programs related to it, in this manner you should be certain that the .exe file you need to erase is a malware or you don’t need it any longer.

Follow the steps mentioned below to delete the TrGUI.exe file from your computer.

1) Press the combination of Windows button + R keys from your keyboard

2) Type control  and click on the Ok button.

Type control

3) Click on Uninstall a program

4) Now find the Check Point Endpoint Security or Zone Alarm application among the list of all software programs installed on your system.

5) Now right-click on it and select the Uninstall/change option and further just follow the prompts so as to remove TrGUI from your computer.

Well if you have followed the steps properly then you have successfully removed the TrGUI.exe file and hence you will probably never encounter any issues regarding it.

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