twain_32.dll – What is it, Uses & How to Fix Error?

The twain_32.dll file is a component of the Twain_32 Source Manager software package and the tech primarily deals with image acquisition. Twain_32.dll is responsible for generating new records and entries within the Windows Registry.

The actual image acquisition works with three main elements: the device, the Data Source Manager(DSM), and the Data Source (DS).

  1. Data Source: This is essentially the device driver and its software is to be provided by the manufacturer.
  2. Data Source Manager: This is the TWAIN manager for Data Source and it acts as a common mechanism for managing and using the various device drivers.
  3. Device: A device with which images can be developed using the TWAIN protocol. These devices include scanners, cameras, etc.

twain_32.dll file properties

The software was created by the non-profit organization TWAIN and it was developed to streamline the means of communications between image acquisition devices, products like scanners that is used to scan the product and convert it into a digital image.

File Size and Location

This twain_32.dll program usually located in the C:\Windows folder and it is categorized as a Win32 DLL file type. It takes up around 64 KB of space. Here is how a genuine twain_32.dll file looks like.

twain_32.dll file location

However,  you may also find twain_32 folder on  your Windows 10/8/7 and it is safe.

Quick Overview

File name:Twain_32.dll
File description:Twain_32 Source Manger (Image Acquisition Interface)
File location:C:\Windows
File type:Application extension
File Size:63.0 KB
File version:
Product version:

Possible Twain_32.dll Errors

If you are using a Canon, HP, or Epson Scanner then you may see Twain_32.dll error message. Here are most common errors that a Windows users might see on their system:

  • Access Violation at address – twain_32.dll.
  • Twain_32.dll could not be found.
  • The file twain_32.dll is missing or corrupted.

While DLL files do indeed make your system run more smoothly, however if you are using a unreliable software then third party software may pretend it as a twain_32.dll file.  That’s why it is very important to keep your system updated by downloading the  latest patches from Windows server.

How to Fix Twain_32.dll Error

Method I: Copy twain_32.dll from WinSxS folder

This is the best and proven method to fix the twain_32.dll error message. All you have to do is to follow the below steps:

1) Open C: drive

2) Go to C:\Windows\WinSxS\ folder and click on ‘x86_microsoft-windows-w..omponents.resources….‘ folder

3) There you can find ‘twain_32.dll’ file.

4) Copy it and paste it on C:\Windows folder

5) Now, restart the system

Your Windows 10 won’t show twain_32.dll error message anymore.

METHOD II: Reconfigure the Cache Icon

  1. Press the Windows + E button and click C drive from the left hand-side.
  2. Now find folder or files start with Twain, Twain_32.dll, Twunk, and delete it.
  3. Reboot Windows.
  4. The cache version will be automatically reconfigured.

METHOD III: Update Device Drivers

Sometimes due to corrupt device drivers, twain file may show error message. Here are the steps:

1) Type device manager on Windows search bar and click on it

Open device manager using Cortana

2) Now look for a device that is marked with yellow color.

Device Manager Yellow error

3) Now, right-click the one that you think should be updated and click on Update driver

4) Now, choose the first option that says ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ and then hit Update driver.

5) Once done then restart the system.

METHOD IV: Perform a Safe Boot

If all above method didn’t work out to fix twain_32.dll then try to restart your system in safe boot, here are the steps:

1) Sign in to your system as an administrator.

2) Press the Windows + R button, type msconfig and hit the enter button

3) Click on the Services tab and select Hide all Microsoft services. Be sure to disable all of them.

4) Now, Click on the Open Task Manager on the Startup tab of System Configuration.
For each startup item in the registry, select them and then hit

5) Now, close Task Manager and then reboot the system.

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