What is UI0Detect.exe

The executable file UI0Detect.exe is an essential part of Windows 7, 8 & 10 and known as Interactive Services Detection. It’s not a virus, find its common error & how to fix it. The file UI0Detect.exe is the core file of Microsoft Windows. The product has been developed by Microsoft and is the basic operating system of the maximum number of computer systems of the world, both for domestic as well as commercial purposes. This means that the UI0Detect.exe file is important for your Windows to run on the system.

Uiodetect.exe file


UI0Detect an abbreviation for User Interactive Session0 Detect and also known as “Interactive Services Detection”.

File Location and Size

The file UI0Detect.exe will be located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder in your system. If the file is genuine, it will be either 35,840 bytes or 37,376 bytes (35 to 37 Kb) in size. This file is not dangerous for your system if it is located in the correct folder.

Other similar executable files in Windows OS are prevhost.exe and aaHMSvc.exe for which information is provided here.

Quick Overview

Filename: UI0Detect.exe
File description: Interactive services detection
File version: 6.1.7600.16385
File Size: 40.0 KB
Product name: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
File type: Application
Copyright: Microsoft Corporation
Language: English
Location: C:\Windows\System32

UI0Detect.exe – File Information

UI0Detect.exe is the executable file of the program in Windows which is also known as the Interactive Services Detection service. The main function of the UI0Detect.exe file in your system is to communicate between the session 0 and session 1 services. The file aids the software and guides it to establish this communication. The latest available version of this program file is, which has been developed by Windows to be compatible with the versions of the software succeeding Windows 8.

The processor of the system and the computer system in itself runs at session 0. Blinking in the taskbar denotes that some legal application is trying to establish a connection with the desktop and the process is called detection. This means that the session that it will run at will be detected at 1. The task of the program UI0Detect.exe is to establish a communication channel between that application and the desktop so that the application can run without any problems or errors.

Common Errors

These are most common error that UI0Detect.exe show on your Windows system:

  • A program running on this computer trying to display a message

If you are frequently seeing this error message then it might be a “remote desktop services” or “frequent user switching” issue.

How to fix UI0Detect error?

  • To fix this issue, simply shut down the computer for a few minutes and restart the PC, it should vanish.
  • Make sure that your system has auto-update enabled.
  • If all the above not work, then restore the system to the last known good configuration.

Issues related to UI0Detect.exe

Even though UI0Detect.exe is a core file of Windows and is not harmful to the system in any way, some users can have malware disguised as the executable file stored into their system.

In such cases, they can check for the location of the UI0Detect.exe file and if it is not located in its default location, it can be harmful and should be removed immediately from the system. You can also confirm the size of the file to check if it is a genuine program or not.

Pro Tip: Always use good antivirus on your system to secure from threats and viruses.



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