What is unins000.exe, Safe or Virus, Error & How to Remove it

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Unins000.exe is an executable application and is a part of Inno Setup, developed by JrSoftware also known as Jordan Russell, an application developer for the Windows Operating System. On this page, I have provided brief yet useful information like what is Unins000.exe, it’s uses, common error and whether you should remove it or not from the system.

Unins000.exe file information

The full form of unins000.exe is Inno Setup Uninstaller 000.

What is unins000.exe?

Unins000.exe is described as the “Setup/Uninstall” application in its Properties. It is used to aid in the uninstallation of the Inno Setup program.

Developed in 1997, Inno Setup is a free, open-source, ASCII script-driven application that is responsible for building Windows application installers. It is supported on every Windows operating system starting from Windows 2000.

To understand this in plain language, Unins000.exe is basically a program that is used to remove installed software that you don’t want anymore on your Windows system.

Its features include:

  • Support for Disk Coverage
  • Creating .INI and registry entries
  • Silent uninstalls and installs.
  • Multilingual installation support
  • IntegratedPascal’s scripting engine
  • Capable of creating single EXE for installing applications
  • Installation types can be customized
  • Password and encrypted installation support
  • Multiplatform support in a single binary
  • Creating desktop shortcuts and pinning on the Start menu.
  • Providing integrated support for file compression in formats like DEFLATE, LZMAand bzip2.

Unins000.exe File Size & Location

  • The file size of the unins000.exe version approximately 690 KB.
  • The location of unins000.exe is C:\Windows\ folder and sometimes also found in C:\Program Files\

Software like Malwarebytes or K-Lite Codec keeps unins000.exe on to their particular directory.

Common Errors?

You might receive the following error message:

  • unins000.exe Application Error
  • unins000.exe not found
  • unins000.exe is not running

If you have noticed that unins000.exe is consuming high CPU resources on Windows 10 PC then complete deep-scan is recommended in safe-mode.  In most of the cases, the above mention error might appear, if you have removed unins000.exe from your system.

Is it safe or a virus?

Unins000.exeis a legitimate application and is safe to use. There can however be malicious programs that have the same or similar name to fool the system protectors.

In such cases there are two ways to check if that file is a malware:

  • If the location of Unins000.exe is not in the C:\Windows\ or C:\Program Files\ folder
  • If it’s CPU usage runs abnormally high

How to remove it

It is strongly recommended not to remove unins000.exe from Windows 10 or earlier versions. Removing or uninstalling unins000.exe might stop any program to run.



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