What is WD Discovery.exe, Safe or a Virus, Uses & How to Remove

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Western Digital discovery.exe, also known as wd discovery.exe is a software that lets users efficiently detect other Western Digital devices in the range of their network. It can be installed in a matter of a few minutes and it weighs about 7.67 MB.

File Size and Location

This Discovery.exe process is installed under C:\Program Files\Western Digital\Discovery\Current\ folder and the average file size of Discovery.exe is about 13 MB. The file size may vary depending on the Windows OS version. Sometimes the Discover.exe might be located under C:\Program Files (x86)\ folder in Windows 10.

What’s the uses of Discovery.exe?

The tool allows you to install and manage other WD programs, such as WD Drive Utilities, WD Security, etc. and it even provides a way to learning about software from other WD partners. You can keep informed with the latest software from WD and WD collaborators, and you can even administer your My Cloud Home device.

The WD Discovery Tool allows users to view the device status of various aspects such as capacity, free memory, security, etc. and it essentially manages all WD devices via a unique portal. It has the best implements for configuring drives and it allows users to peruse through shares as well as map the network drive, with or without the identity LED.

The tool is harmless, free to use, and is great for saving precious time, but make sure that you download the application from a trusted source like official website, as viruses can often take the form of executable files.


Once you’ve downloaded the tool, the first thing you are met with is an attractive and simplistic interface. There may be instances where the service lags for the briefest periods of time and the buttons might become unresponsive, but fortunately, these instances are quite rare. It has in-built filters that can save time, as it allows you to locate WD devices on the network in a faster manner.

  • Wd discovery.exe permits algorithms to be used and navigation through the application is wonderfully intuitive, as there are only two columns with distinct buttons that separate the important options.
  • It simplifies complex tasks like drive settings maintenance and it facilitates device registration to receive critical software upgrades and notices.
  • It supports data importation from different cloud storage and social media accounts to a secure drive.
  • It is internationalized, with support for 18 languages and it has a catalog of installed software that can be initialized and updated from WD Discovery itself, as well as supplementary applications from WD and its partners.

WD Discovery does not necessitate any extra tools to storing data, and it disregards all the other drives that are not WD devices. It is designed with novices in mind so it doesn’t need any complex HDD detection skills, and advanced users can also implement algorithms for a speedier scanning process.

Discovery.exe is damaged, how to download it?

For some reason, if Wd Discovery.exe file is corrupted or not working then you may download it from the official WDC website. Go to the WDC official website here and download the software. Once downloaded, then extract the files from the Zip and double click on .exe to install it. This software work with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

How to Remove Discovery.exe?

Removing WD Discovery.exe process is not recommended until it is using high CPU or memory. Or, if you ware no more using WD Discover software or tool then you may consider it to remove it from your Windows OS. Here are the steps:

1) Press Windows+R button

2) Type Control and hit the Enter button

Type control panel

3) Click on Uninstall a program

4) Locate WD Discover and right-click on it

5) Choose Uninstall and follow the steps to remove it.

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