What is DiskPart.exe, Uses and Command

DiskPart.exe is basically software that belongs to ‘diskpart’ which was developed first for Windows 2000 and was later retained in all the operating systems developed by Microsoft Incorporation thereafter.  It was introduced as a replacement for a disk. 

What is DiskPart.exe?

Diskpart is a command-line disk partitioning unit that lets its users create, modify and delete partitions on any required hard drive or USB storage device. It essentially ensures that its users can format or use partitions on their hard disk with ease. Diskpart provides a detailed description of what happens when the hard disk is underuse.


The application runs in three modes during the process of partitioning or when any of the function of the hard disk is managed:

  • The standard model: which handles its basic functions
  • The extended mode: that is a little advanced than the first mode
  • The logical mode: which is associated with all the intricate functions

From Windows 7 and Windows Vista onwards, the command line is required to be opened with administrator privileges, unlike in Windows XP which had restricted features. Removable media such as USB devices were not available as the object of Diskpart operations in Windows XP.

Microsoft DiskPart for PC or laptop is licensed as freeware with Windows 64bit and 32bit operating systems. It is available as a free download to all software users and is positioned in the disk partition category. 

By default, DiskPart.exe location is laying down under C:\Windows\System32 directory. And it’s file size is approx 153 KB.

Quick Overview

File description:DiskPart
File version:6.1.7601.17514
File Size:132 KB
Product name:Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
File type:Application
Copyright:Microsoft Corporation


Secure: With diskpart you can keep a backup of your files in different disks so that even if one of them gets infected with a virus, there is no data breach.

Quick: Without diskpart every process would require multiple steps to open. With partitions, accessing files gets faster.

Organized: With the help of diskpart, files and folders are organized into separate drives for easy access.

Don’t forget to learn how to use run command for disk management.

How to use DiskPart?

In Windows 10, you can open diskpart in two ways which are described below:

Method I:

1) Press Windows + R keys in order to open the RUN box

2) Type diskpart and press the enter key.

3) Select Yes when prompted by User Account Control

Method II:

1) Click the start button and type diskpart

2) Select it from the list that appears.

Diskpart in Windows 10

Select Yes when prompted by User Account Control

You can also open disk management using these shortcuts.

Command-Line for Diskpart

There are several useful commands for diskpart that one can use. You can use the following commands amongst many others in diskpart:

  • List disk: To view all the disks that are present in your system
  • List volume: To view all the disk volumes
  • Active: To make a specific partition active
  • List vdisk: To show virtual hard-disk on your system
  • Create partition: To make a new drive partition
  • Assign letter=*drive letter*: To assign a drive letter to a partition
  • Help: To view all the commands that can be used in diskpart

Video Tutorial

If can watch this video on diskpart which will take less than 2 minutes to understand how exactly it works:



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