What is EasyAntiCheat.exe, Uses & How to Remove it?

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If you have seen EasyAntiCheat.exe is running in the system background then you no need to panic as this is a genuine tool that allow to play a fair game online and offline.  Well in case you play games frequently on your Windows PC, then you must have come across the EasyAntiCheat.exe file.

You may wonder what is the use of EasyAntiCheat.exe and why it is running in the background, Which games use it and whether it is really safe or not. In case you have any of these questions then you must read this article thoroughly.

What is EasyAntiCheat.exe?

In short, Easy Anti Cheat is a useful tool that detect if any user is using any trick to cheat while playing games on their system or online. This tool was developed by Kamu and used by millions of user to play PC games without cheating. EasyAntiCheat was released in 2006 and since then it has managed to deliver a clean and hassle-free gaming experience to all online gamers.

How does the Anti-cheat program function?

Well the anti-cheat programs available for the client-side generally search for blacklisted or say illegal code on the system of the client, on the other hand, the game server has its own server-side anti-cheat program, and its job is to identify the illegal code, and then depending on the circumstances, it can help the game server to block the account of the gamer.

Why is EasyAntiCheat.exe running in the background?

Generally, the EasyAntiCheat.exe process that you might discover in the Task Manager runs along with the online games that require it, it runs consistently with the games that require it. Moreover, the EasyAntiCheat.exe process terminates as soon as you quit the game that requires it.

Note: The EasyAntiCheat starts before the game actually starts, and hence the users are likely to see the EasyAntiCheat window on their computer screen.

Which online games use EasyAntiCheat.exe?

The EasyAntiCheat program has gained enormous popularity in the last couple of years, and that’s all because of the rising popularity of online multiplayer games. Some of the games that use the EasyAntiCheat as its anti-cheating tool is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Far Cry 5, Watch Dogs 2, Rust, and Fortnite Battle Royale.

Here is the list of free PC games for Windows system.

IsEasyAntiCheat safe or not?

The EasyAnticheat is genuine software available for both Windows and Mac OS. However, in case you didn’t find your game among the games that I have mentioned above, then you must visit the official site (https://www.easy.ac/en-us/partners/) of EasyAntiCheat and check for your game there. And in case you still didn’t find your game there then you must try to uninstall EasyAntiCheatas it can be malware disguised as EasyAntiCheat.

How to uninstall EasyAntiCheat

If you want to uninstall EasyAntiCheat from your system, then you must implement any of the methods mentioned below, to successfully uninstall the EasyAntiCheat software from your Windows system.

Note: It might be possible that after uninstalling the

Method 1: By using the Control Panel

  1. Search for the Control Panel in the Windows taskbar.
  2. Click on Uninstall a Program
  3. Now you will be seeing all the software installed in your system.
  4. Now search for EasyAntiCheat among the installed software.
  5. Next, right-click on EasyAntiCheat and then click on Uninstall.
  6. Now, just follow the onscreen instructions.

That’s it, now in case you were unable to uninstall the EasyAntiCheat software from your system, then it is better recommended to follow the next method.

Method 2: By manually uninstalling it

Generally, you may not find EasyAntiCheat software among all the software installed in your system, and hence you cannot implement the method discussed above.

And hence in such cases, you will have to uninstall it manually from the folder of the game itself.

Here is how you can do so, assuming you have downloaded Fortnite, in the default folder:

  1. At first, go to the location C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64\EasyAntiCheat
  2. Now search for EasyAntiCheat.exe.
  3. Now launch the .exe file by double-clicking on it.
  4. Now in the EasyAntiCheat window, click on Uninstall button, present on the bottom left corner.
  5. Now, just follow the onscreen instructions so as to uninstall EasyAntiCheat.

That’s it, hopefully, the EasyAntiCheat software is Uninstalled from your System.

So, this was all about EasyAntiCheat, hope you find my article useful and interesting. In case you have any queries regarding EasyAntiCheat, then do not forget to comment below.



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