9 Free Windows Task Scheduler Alternatives in 2020

We are living in a digital era and almost everything is done on computers. In such times multi-tasking has become a common scenario. One needs to do many things on a computer during the day. We need a good schedule controller and having strong software for scheduling is the need of the hour. Hence it is no wonder that there is the demand for a task scheduler as it regulates tasks and does much more. Well, you have to look no further than the Windows task scheduler.

Free Windows Task Scheduler Alternatives

Windows task scheduler is made specifically for windows. This guides the computer to do routine tasks. It is needed by a system to monitor the tasks like initiation and execution of the tasks. It is also possible to set predefined work like an antivirus scan, running a backup script and much more. Moreover, it is also good at doing the other system schedules like sending an e-mail, etc. This happens when a system event happens.

It is a must for every Windows computer as it ensures that the task is prescheduled according to your time and comfort. For example, if you want to schedule a task at night, it can be pre-programmed in the system. This works for anyone who has a busy schedule and wants simplified computer management. The best part is that the windows task scheduler makes a schedule within the computer.

Best Alternatives to Windows Task Scheduler

There are several tools available that can be used for task scheduler. Here, I have listed the best yet free Windows Task Scheduler Alternatives that will help you to improve your work efficiency.  It is now time to learn more about such software which works equally well as a windows task scheduler, let’s keep reading:

Free Alarm Clock

This is an extremely user-friendly clock for windows. It is good at easing your time management.

Key features.

  • There is a scope of labeling various activities.
  • A free alarm clock is good in waking up the system from the sleep mode.
  • It is also good in waking the system from the power conservation mode. This is good in conserving power.

Interesting fact.

This is a purely PC dependent feature.

System support: Windows.
Price: Freeware.
Download link: https://freealarmclocksoftware.com

System Scheduler

This is the best and vital alternative to the windows task scheduler. It is a clear winner and gives optimum results. It is made by Splintware and works well with the windows system. The system scheduler is made keeping the windows in mind. It is the ideal software for scheduling the tasks on a computer both attended and unattended. This helps in running the applications and much more on windows computers, that too efficiently.

Key Features

  • There are times when one does not have time and needs a flexible schedule. The system scheduler is good at having a flexible time schedule. With this, you can fix the time and day for scheduling a task.
  • It can be done whenever you are free and do the scheduled work with ease.
  • The system scheduler is equally good at running the application batch files. It helps in optimizing the computer management.
  • There is an inbuilt windows task scheduler in windows system. But the system scheduler runs independently of the windows task scheduler. It does not clash with the windows task scheduler.
  • Any scheduled task can be done separately without interfering with the windows task scheduler.
  • Pop up reminders have become very essential. It helps in making us remember important things like appointments, birthdays, meetings and much more. System scheduler has popped up reminder provision which helps in remembering important stuff.
  • Sometimes there is a program to be launched but we do not have enough time to do it. It might interfere with work during office hours.
  • In such a scenario, the system scheduler allows us to launch a program at a pre-designated time. This can be during the day as well as the night.
  • It also helps us in remembering important events like events, dates and much more.
  • There is also the provision of setting the program reminders for the tasks and the events.
  • It can run every minute, hour, day, week, month and year. One can set it according to their schedule.
  • It is also good at handling the error messages as it sends it as a reminder on a desktop.
  • The best part is that the system scheduler can run even overnight or on weekends.
  • This is loaded with a windows watcher feature that checks the existence of windows.
  • It also signals windows to close a signal to curb the running of the application.

Interesting fact

This has emerged as the best replacement software for the windows task scheduler.

System support: Windows
Price: Freeware.
Download link: https://www.splintware.com/products/scheduler.html
File Size: 3.6 Mb

Desktop Reminder

This is a dedicated task scheduler for any desktop. It is the optimum task planner. It is good for windows desktop as it helps in managing the tasks in a simpler manner. A desktop reminder is better than the much-awaited windows task scheduler.

Key features.

  • It is the most essential tool for the Windows system as it sends out notifications on the urgent tasks. This is usually sent out months prior to any event.
  • This allows you to complete work right on time all with the help of the prior reminder.
  • A desktop reminder notifies you with an alarm message when you set a specific time for the task to be done.
  • It is the most simple and intuitive task planner which works really well with the MS Office 2010.
  • The desktop reminder prioritizes each task category in different colors. One can have a separate color for Business, birthdays, anniversaries and much more. This makes it easy for one to never forget important dates like birthdays.
  • It is different from the windows task scheduler as it is pre-loaded with a monthly calendar. This makes it easy for you to figure out the date and schedule of an important job.
  • It also allows you to have task repetition with yearly, monthly, weekly mode. One can schedule it in advance.
  • The desktop reminder comes with the date reminder. Here dates are set in bold font for the existing tasks.
  • It also allows you to task import holidays from the calendar. So, one never forgets holidays and schedule the time.
  • It is also easy to install and uninstall task processes.
  • There are 30 skins that can be customized according to any font. This makes this software accessible to everyone.
  • There is a task list with the visual status for every task. It is classified under urgent, today and missed.
  • Sometimes one wants to take the notes. With a desktop reminder, you have a notepad for quick note-taking.
  • It also seamlessly links the tasks with the documents and the web pages.
  • Lastly, it is good at executing tasks like opening documents, webpages with start time. This allows you to schedule it according to your wish.
  • There is also the provision of custom task category editor.

Interesting fact.

This software has been tested by Softpedia and is free of adware and spyware.

System support: Windows.
Price: Freeware
Download link: https://www.desktop-reminder.com/en/index.html

Z Cron

It is yet another healthy option which makes it an excellent option for any windows computer. It is the optimum task and backup the scheduler. Z Cron scheduler starts as soon as the windows get starts.

Key features.

  • It is the central coordinating scheduling point. This makes it easy for you to program the tasks seamlessly.
  • Z Cron is good at instantly initiating and stopping the applications.
  • Sometimes one wants to save a certain website and this software can save or call websites.
  • It also signals to copy, move and delete the files as well as the directories.
  • It is one scheduler which can put your computer in a standby mode.
  • One can program daily and weekly tasks. This can be done at regular intervals between 5 minutes and hourly.
  • It also makes the windows restoration point which saves your important files.
  • At the same time, it also does a regular backup and kills a program.
  • You can also put the computer in the hibernation mode.
  • Z Cron is also effective in sending messages to another computer.

Interesting fact

This is the only software that gets installed as a potent system service.

System support: Windows.
Price: Freeware.
Download link: https://www.zcron.com

Windows Shutdown Assistant

This is specially made for windows. It is a task scheduler which does everything on your computer.

Key features.

  • This is good in supporting restarting and locking of a computer. You do not need to give a separate command.
  • Sometimes one has to shut down their computer but cannot do it. Windows shutdown assistant turns off the computer instantly in such a scenario.
  • It allows you to schedule tasks like running and stopping programs.
  • Also, one may forget about important events. This software sends a reminder about an event in the future.
  • One can set times to turn off the computer at a scheduled time.
  • It is good at securing the computer data as it locks the computer. When one is not using the computer, it remains in lockdown mode. One has to open the computer simply with a password.
  • It is also capable of doing multiple functions to manage your windows tasks in a healthy manner.
  • It allows you to edit, add, move and do many more tasks.

Interesting fact.

It is the ideal software if you are a multi-tasker.

System support: Windows 10, 8, 7, XP
Price: Freeware.
Download link: https://www.apowersoft.com/windows-shutdown-assistant.html


This is yet another alternative over the windows task scheduler. It is made by Sourceforge.net.

Key features.

  • It boosts the source file naming with a good base for extensions in any task.
  • This improves the logging and avoids one to restart the service.
  • Also, it runs the job at service start itself.

Interesting fact.

This has been tested only in windows 2000.

System support: Windows.
Price: Freeware.
Download link: https://cronw.sourceforge.net

Kana Reminder

This is the topmost software for triggering tasks.  It is a must and works well with Windows computers.

Key features.

  • Any tasks here are set at hourly, daily and weekly reminders.
  • It runs automatically with windows.
  • When you have data, it comes with a dedicated password.
  • Any program can be run with a triggering reminder.

Interesting fact.

It is good for windows.

System support: Windows.
Price: Freeware.
Download link:http://www.kanasolution.com/products/kana-reminder/reminder-download/


RoboIntern is a good and seamless alternative over windows tasks scheduler. This is specially made for doing the windows office tasks.  Hence RoboIntern makes sense. It is a very good scheduling software.

Key features.

  • Every task scheduler is loaded with an interface to do and keep track of activities. RoboIntern is loaded with a user-friendly interface that helps in doing the tasks.
  • At the same time, it is a personal intern and manager for your computer. This eases the computer management by scheduling the tasks.
  • RoboIntern is potent in doing repetitive tasks with ease. It is not possible to repeat tasks in every scheduler as there is no such provision in it.
  • A computer system has codes that one needs to do basic tasks.
  • RoboIntern works very well without any codes. It is so simple that even a beginner can use it with ease. It is perfect for someone who wants to do the tasks but without the codes.
  • Today everything is automated on a computer. Robo Intern has its inbuilt robotic process. This is essential for every windows user as it is automated.
  • We all have used PDFs on computers. Now RoboIntern also supports the PDF operations. It allows Windows users to program PDF-related tasks. This can be done according to one’s own needs.
  • E-mail is an integral part of any messaging system. When you use RoboIntern, you get customized emails.
  • It allows you to schedule your email release.
  • Windows has MS Excel, Word and access operations. Robo Intern is efficient in supporting and scheduling these tasks.
  • Robo intern supports well the system operations.
  • It helps in scheduling the archiving operations according to your needs.

Interesting facts.

This is by far the best software tool with a focus on repetitive office tasks.

System support: Windows.
Price: Freeware.
Download link: https://robointern.tech/features.html


It is yet another task scheduler that works extremely well with the windows system. This is the optimum multifunctional scheduling utility-based software and a must for every Windows computer.

Key features.

  • This has a user-friendly interface that can be used by even a beginner as well as a professional. This is fairly easy to use with a simple process.
  • It is an excellent scheduler unlike windows task scheduler as it has multi-events and actions support.
  • Sometimes one wants to do a countdown and is in search of good software. The shutter is good at supporting the countdown event as well as scheduling it.
  • The shutter is good at doing the Winamp stops event.
  • It is also good at doing the CPU usage event. It helps diagnose its usage and also helps in scheduling the run of it.
  • Sometimes the battery is low and windows cannot detect it. With a shutter task scheduler, one can know about the low battery on the computer.
  • It is also good in supporting the pins stops on our windows computer.
  • At the same time, one can also detect network usage and its way of working on the computer.
  • There is also support for multiple actions that better the running of windows PC.
  • It supports the shutdown of the Windows computer after the scheduled task is completed. This is usually an automated response.
  • Sometimes one works on long hours at work and forgets to lock the workstation. However, with shutter, one no longer has to worry as it can lock the workstation once it’s scheduled by the user.
  • It signals the computer to go into hibernation and sleep mode.
  • One can also turn it off through shutter software.
  • It is possible to have volume control when you feel the volume is too high.
  • The shutter is equally good in sending and setting the alarms.
  • This also can play sound, run programs, open files and do much more.
  • There is also a provision of remote execution of displays and run time information through a web interface. This makes it the most potent software to date.
  • The shutter is also good in supporting program execution and much more.
  • With a shutter, one can also view the desktop’s screenshot.
  • Sometimes you may forget to close the windows but with shutter, one can program it to close the window at the desired time.

Interesting fact

This is the most unique software as it is available in various languages.  It is a must for every Windows computer.

System support: Windows
Price: Freeware
Download link: https://www.denb4.com/products/shutter

Schedule manager

The schedule manager is good in doing day to day tasks. It is a good choice over the windows task scheduler.

Key features.

  • Schedule manager is good at doing tasks on an hourly, daily and weekly basis.
  • Sometimes one wants to synchronize the tasks and the schedule manager tasks become automatically synchronized.
  • There are various options available to do with tasks like giving your own sound for tasks.
  • It also allows you to have flexible scheduling.

Interesting fact.

This is a must for every Windows computer.

System support: Windows
Price: Freeware.
Download link: https://download.cnet.com/Schedule-Manager/3000-2084_4-75335643.html


The task scheduling has emerged as the top-notch function of any windows computer.  These alternatives have proven that there is something other than the windows task scheduler. It is good if you want to go for a free yet equally good option.

It is up to you to make the informed and better choice for your windows system.



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