WinSCP Alternatives and Similar Free FTP Software

WinSCP is one of the best available programs for file transfer available for Windows users. WinSCP or Windows Secure Copy is a protocol that allows Windows users to transfer files across Windows and Linux programs. The software is available for free and can be downloaded from an open-source.

Winscp Alternatives

However, if you are looking for alternatives to the program, there are certain options that you can consider:


When looking for reliable FTP software then Filezilla is the best alternatives to WinSCP software. Recommended by big Hosting companies, it is secure, easy to use and super fast.  Considered as one of the standard programs for FTP transfer, FileZilla allows users to transfer their data, including files, images, and documents, across a number of clients. It is an open-sourced program that is compatible across a number of operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac. The program can transfer files in batches or individually to a web server.

File size: 8.6 Mb (for Windows)
System supports: Windows, Mac, and Linux
Download here:


It is one of the most widely used file explorers that can locate remote files. The program supports a number of protocols including FTP, SFTP, Web DAV, Amazon S3 and also a range of cloud services like DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Microsoft Azure. It is a free program and is accessible through all major OS.

Download here:
File size: 4.9 Mb (for Windows)
System support: Windows and Mac


Transmit is one of the most powerful data transfer programs available for Mac users. The program is currently in its 5th version and has been updated to remove all previous bugs. The latest version of Transmit can transfer data across all major protocols in a seamless manner.

Download here:
File size: 63.3 Mb (for macOS)
System support: macOS


A free and open-sourced terminal emulator, PuTTY is a highly compatible program that supports a number of protocols including SCP, SFTP, login, SSH, and Telnet. The program is fast, smart and reliable and can be accessed on a range of operating software including Windows, Mac, and Linux. This ftp software is recommended to those users who is experienced developer or designer.

File Size: 3.01 Mb
System support:
Windows, Mac and Unix
Download here:

FTP Rush

FTP Rush is free software available for Windows users that can be downloaded from an open-source. The program supports a range of clients including FTP, SFTP, FXP, and TFTP. The program is very powerful and comes with an easy to operate GUI that can be used by users at a beginner level as well.

Download here:
File size:  4 Mb (for Windows)
System support: Windows


A ForkLift is a software that has been developed for file transfer in Mac OS. The program has a smart and intuitive GUI that allows dual-pane access to the users which helps them monitor and regulate their transfer at all points.

Download here:
File size: 143 Mb (for macOS)
System support: macOS

FTP Drive

FTP Drive is one of the most versatile file transfer programs that are available through an open-source. The program is compatible with a range of operating software and also supports all leading protocols of the day. The program also supports a logical drive that allows access to all mounted FTP clients as folders, making the GUI easy to use.

Download here:
File size: 214 Kb (for Windows)
System support: Windows

Multi Commander

Multi Commander is a free open-sourced program that can be used by Windows users for all their file transfer options. The program is available as a folder and has a portable version for access across servers. It allows the admins to seamlessly transfer all file formats across a range of clients.

File size: 7.0 Mb
System support: Windows
Download here:

Core FTP

This FTP client program is free and secure and is available for all versions of Windows OS. The program supports a range of clients including FTP, SSH, SSL, SFTP, and TLS. It allows easy access of all the remote locations to the admin and allows easy navigation across each of them. A perfect FTP software for a beginner.

  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for beginner who want to maintain the website using FTP
  • Provide secure connection using SL, TLS, FTPS, HTTPS, or SFTP

Download here:
File size: 3.8 Mb
System support: Windows

Super PuTTY

This open-sourced program for file transfer is available for all versions of Windows and acts as a manager for PuTTY sessions across servers. It supports all major file transfer protocols and can be developed on the open-source through a GitHub account.

File size: 561 Kb
System support: Windows 32-bit and 64-bit
Download here:


In today’s market, there are several reliable and free FTP software available that can provide better features than WinSCP. Choose the FTP tool based on your requirements.



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