WinThruster.exe – Uses, Safe or Virus & How to Remove it?

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WinThruster is a utility software that can clean, fix registry related error, and improving Windows system speed. Although WinThruster is a paid software that cost nearly $30. WinThruster software belongs to Solvusoft.

File Size and Location

WinThruster.exe is not an essential process for Windows OS and will be visible on your PC if you have installed this paid software.  Once installed, WinThruster.exe will be located under C:\Progiram Files\WinThruster\ folder.  The average file size of WinThruster.exe is 7 MB.

Is WinThruster a Virus?

If you had downloaded the WinThruster software from the official website of solvusoft i.e. then it should be safe and not a virus. However, you should always check it’s file location. If WinThruster.exe is not located under C:\Progiram Files\WinThruster\ then it might be malware or a virus. Additionally, if the WinThruster.exe is consuming continuously high CPU or disk space then a system scan is strongly recommended.

Shall I Uninstall WinThruster?

The software appears to run regular registry reports in an effort to “clean” your system. Unfortunately, none of these reports appear to be 100% trustworthy. Several of WinThruster’s reports are not only falsified but are often fabricated to an alarming degree. The software will repeatedly ask for payment to rectify the minor problems.

Reliable software like Malwarebytes detects it as a trojan.  However, overall, WinThruster is a reliable software as it has a good rating on as per the review left on this website.

If you notice that WinThruster is unnecessary showing error messages then you may consider removing it, but only when you have installed an Antivirus.

How to Uninstall WinThruster

Once you are sure that this software is not required anymore on your system then you may follow the below steps to remove it:

Method 1: Programs and Features

  1. Press the Windows+R button together
  2. Type Control and hit Enter button
  3. Choose Uninstall a program
  4. Right-Click on WinThruster and hit uninstall to remove it from the system

Method 2: CCleaner

Sometimes, applications such as WinThruster can be more complicated to uninstall.  If you are unable to remove WinThruster from any of the previous methods, then you may use CCleaner software. The best part about the CCleaner is that it provides an option to remove any short of Software from the Operating System.

  1. Open the CCleaner
  2. Click on Tools > Uninstall
  3. Locate WinThruster and click on Uninstall from the right-hand-side
  4. This will remove the WinThruster software completely from your system.

Final Word

If you really want software that can keep your PC clutter-free then you may consider free alternatives to Ccleaner  or better use duplicate file finder software.

Other similar processes:

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