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Wordpad is a word-processing program from Microsoft. This basic program can be used to create and edit documents and allows you to format text by italic, bold, underline and graphics options. It is included with almost all versions of Microsoft Windows and the latest update supports a ribbon user interface.


The best part about the Wordpad is that it’s free and comes by default with all Windows Operating System. Although, it doesn’t support all features which are available in MS Word, still, the Wordpad is enough for those who don’t want to spend to buy the software.

If you are looking for alternatives to Wordpad which have more features then you may consider below-listed software which are free and works with Windows 10 and earlier version.

List of 10 Best Wordpad Alternatives which are worth to use

There are a number of advanced free alternatives to Wordpad that you can consider for your Windows, Mac or Linux Operating System:

LibreOffice– Writer

Libre Office

LibreOffice comes in a bundle that supports Word, Excel, Powerpoint and many other applications. It is an easy to use software that can be used to create one-page memos as well as full-sized books. It also supports contents, diagrams, and indexes apart from the plain text. So, if you are a student or don’t want to spend, then LibreOffice could be your best choice for word processing.

  • File Size: 241Mb

Google Drive – Docs

Google Drive

This online word processor is a part of Google Drive that can be used to create and edit text documents. You can also upload word documents and share it with other people, choosing what they can do with that file (read-only, read and edit, comment). It can also translate your documents into other languages. Plus, you don’t need to install any software, everything is online. You need just a good browser to start using it.


Focus Writer

FocusWriter is an advanced word processor that can provide you a distraction-free environment to work on with its full-screen mode. It can autosave your work and gives you easy access to the files that you have opened previously, from which you can easily jump to the current file.

For Windows 10/8/7

  • File Size: 33.4 mb

Download for Mac

  • File Size: 15 mb



Scrivener is a word processor that has been designed for writing long texts like books and research papers. With this powerful application, you can edit multiple documents, storyboard, outline text and find keywords. It also allows the user to export files to word processing for final formatting.

  • File Size: 84.3 Mb

WPS Writer


It is a fast and easy word processor that is very compatible with Windows word and can support DOC and DOCX formats. You can easily view and transfer your documents across Microsoft Word and WPS Writer.

  • File Size: 78.4 Mb


It’s open-source software that can easily replace Wordpad. First released in 1996, today the TextEdit has advance feature yet provide a clean interface to work with.  This powerful and versatile software allows you to not only create text documents but also make them better with the various tools available. You can edit and stylize text, give a layout to your page, check spelling, create tables and lists, import graphics and even add music and video files to your document with it.

It has some advanced features which you can never expect from WordPad, i.e. convert documents to PDF. Yes, you hear it right, the TextEdit allows you to convert documents into PDF without using any additional software.

  • File Size: 804 Kb


Able world

Being a free word processor, it also comes with PDF editor option. Thus a great alternative of Wordpad software.  Moreover, it’s completely free.

Main features:

  • Image formatting
  • Tables
  • Headers
  • Footers
  • Spell Check
  • Print Preview

AbleWord can read and write all word formats, including PDF. It has multiple features with which you can format images and add tables, headers & footers to your documents. It also supports spell checking and print preview.

  • File Size: 3.5 mb

Fidus Writer


This is a very powerful word processor designed for academicians who need to include citations and formulas in their writings. You can edit the text and can publish it in multiple layouts using Fidus Writer. This software is dedicated for Linux operating system.



It’s not just a replacement of WordPad but it’s an advanced text editor tool. Vim allows you to create documents and edit them with various efficient modes that you can choose from depending upon the control you want to have over the editing process. It also supports features like syntax highlighting and word completion.

For Windows 10/8/7/XP

  • File Size: 8.1 mb


Blinky is a stylish, creative word processor that allows you to enjoy your writing by adding special effects to it. You can customize themes and also use the saved themes for 1976-1991 and modern styles.

For Mac OS

  • File Size: 3.4 Mb


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