What is Wshom.ocx, Uses, and How to Fix it?

Wshom.ocx is an essential file of Windows OS and is known as Windows Script Host Runtime Library. As the name suggests, it is used for ActiveX Control.  Windows keeps enhancing its script host runtime library and thus this .ocx file is the key of windows to do that.

Created by Microsoft, Wshom.ocx or windows script host runtime library file is a .ocx file created to enhance the Microsoft windows script host runtime library. Being a system file, it is needed for your PC to work smoothly.

File Size and Location

A genuine wshom.ocx file is located under C:\Windows\System32\ folder and the file size vary between 120 to 140 KB, hence it doesn’t consume much space on PC.  As long as it is located in the above-mentioned space, it is not at all a virus.

Here is how a wshom.ocx file looks like in Windows 10 system:

wshom.ocx file in Windows 10

Uses of wshom.ocx

This .ocx file was first introduced in Windows XP, and thereafter it is available in all Operating Systems including Windows 10. The main function of  .ocx file is to provide scripting abilities comparable to batch files.  It provides a wide range of additional support features along with those scripting abilities.

There are several uses of ActiveX controls and mostly used for web pages, playing online or offline games, creating online forms, etc.

Being a language-independent scripting file, which is compatible with various scripting engines, it comes with a flexible and powerful script for the Windows platform. wshom.ocx allows the user to run the ActiveX script both from desktop and command prompt.

Quick Overview:

File name:Wshom.ocx
File description:Windows Script Host Runtime Library
File type:ActiveX Control
File version:5.812.10240.16384
Product name:Microsoft Windows Script Host Runtime Library

Is Wshom.ocx is malware?

In general, it is a safe file. Check the file location in order to cross-check whether Wshom.ocx is a virus or malware. If it is located anywhere apart from C:\Windows\System32\ or C:\Windows\SysWOW64 or  C:\Windows\WinSxS\ then it could be malware. Always make sure to download software from reliable websites and keep updating your Windows OS.

Common wshom.ocx Error

Few users have a complaint that they are receiving an ActiveX error code with wshom.ocx or failed to load. If you are also facing the exact same or similar issue then it means that either registry has been corrupted or any existing program is not able to uninstall. or update.

Most of the time wshom.ocx runs smoothly, but some of the users have complained of it showing error messages. The most common error messages shown by wshom.ocx are-

  • “wshom.ocx could not be found.”
  • “wshom.ocx failed to register. The specified module could not be found.”

In that case, it is recommended to download Windows troubleshooter from the official website. Once downloaded then run the tool that will detect and repair any damaged file on your system.

Can wshom.ocx be disabled and how?

It’s not recommended to disable the Windows inbuilt files like wshom.ocx. However, if it is causing several errors on your Windows PC or Laptop, then you may consider it to disable for a temporary time with the below simple steps-

  1. Open task manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc 
  2. Locate ocx in the details tab
  3. Now, Right-click on wshom.ocx and click on End task 

This will kill the wshom.ocx for a temporary time. and prevent any other error messages from appearing on your screen. After this process, you can again go to the task manager and check for wshom.ocx, if it is still there then repeat the process again, if it’s not then the program is successfully disabled.

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