17 Best Yawcam Alternatives and Similar Software

We live in an unsafe world and we need to protect ourselves. Having an efficient home security system helps. We give you 17 to pYawcam Alternatives that you can use for your safety and security. With Webcam streaming of live broadcast straight from your webcam or DV camera is possible. You can also capture snapshots in a local file. These can then be uploaded into a remote FTP server and then transferred through the webserver which comes as a built-in feature with Yawcam. Another feature, the motion detection feature makes sure that any motion that occurs within the area that’s being watched is automatically captured as snapshots.

Yawcam Alternative

Top Alternatives to Yawcam

Having explained how Yawcam helps protect you, now here are  the top alternatives to Yawcam. I also give you details of some webcam software you can have fun with.


With ManyCam, you can pick a video source for streaming. Once that’s done, adjustments can be made with the application of effects and a variety of multimedia settings. The streaming or recording starts after that. The main live window is where any changes made to your feed appear. The video sources you select also appear on it. There’s an application where ManyCam Virtual Web was selected as a video source by you. Your output image is transmitted to this application itself. The output video source can be chosen by clicking on the Main Live Window

  • Website
  • System supports: Windows, Android, and macOS
  • File size: 561 KB


iSpy happens to be a very capable alternative to Yawcam. You get alerts as SMS on a real-time basis. You get such alerts on your Twitter account too. You can use iSpy to keep an eye on your neighborhood, the nanny in your house to monitor machines and also track drones. iSpy happens to be open source. It’s very popular as a security surveillance application and has the maximum number of downloads.


  • System supports: Windows
  • File size: 30 MB (64-bit)

Webcam Toy

Like Cheese Webcam, Webcam Toy too is an application you can have loads of fun with. You can take selfies with your camera and then choose from 80 free fun effects to give your photo a special look. You can either save the photos on your computer or share them with your friends. All you’ve got to do is just select the effect you like from the menu that appears in the lower part of your screen. Just press the left or right arrows for that crazy effect!.

  • Website 
  • System supports: Windows, Web-based


You can turn your webcam into a camera that can detect motion. It’s a surveillance software and is a good Yawcam alternative. It features alert options you can customize. The recording starts the very moment the camera detects a motion in the area being monitored. You can upload the recordings on an FTP server or even send them by email. You can also save them as AVI or Flash videos.

  • Website
  • System supportsWindows
  • File size: 13.8 MB

Netcam Studio

You can be safe and secure with this very effective surveillance application. You can connect as many as 64 cameras and Netcam can therefore deal with many videos simultaneously. Most webcams are supported by it and you receive emails or push notifications that alert you about unusual activities. Netcam works only when needed as it comes with an algorithm detecting motion and speed.

  • Website
  • System supportsWindows, iOS and Android


Webcamoid is a webcam suite that is full-featured and works on many platforms. It can manage multiple webcams simultaneously and can take pictures and record videos using them. It features custom controls for each of the webcams it works with and you can add effects to them to add a bit of fun. It comes with many recording formats and features more than 60 effects.

  • Website 
  • System supports: GNU/Linux, Mac, Windows
  • File size: 300.6 kB

Cheese Webcam

Cheese Webcam isn’t quite a security application. It’s a fun application that can be used on your webcam to add special effects to your snaps and videos. The main screen comes with two layouts, one has the preview image in the center with the thumbnails appearing below. The other one meant for smaller devices is aligned more horizontally with the thumbnails appearing on the right of the preview image.


If it’s the perfect look you’ve been looking for before a date, Youcam would be a big help. You can try out real-time skin enhancements and makeup on your images before you try it out. What’s more, Youcam actually turns your webcam into no less than a live video studio. You can also use Youcam to make your meetings lively with streams and broadcasts and also by adding customized titles and images.

  • Website 
  • System supports: Android & Apple
  • File size: Varies with device


You can monitor a certain area using ZoneMinder with closed-circuit television. It’s free and open-source software. It works on Linux and FreeBSD. It can be controlled using a web-based interface. You can use both standard cameras or IP based cameras devices with this application. With ZoneMinder, you can create specific zones where you want to detect motion, a feature that sets this application apart from Yawcam.

  • Website 
  • System supports: Linux, FreeBSD
  • File size: 1034 KB



With SplitCam, you can split your webcam video stream. That helps you work with each split section separately. You can add effects to these sections and have fun with your friends. It’s also capable of live video streaming and you can do so to any IMs or video services simultaneously. You can do more with your webcam and use it in several applications.

  • Website 
  • System supports: Windows
  • File size: 6.6 MB


Installing Altercam is installing a virtual web camera in your system. You can add effects from multiple sources that get broadcasted on the webcam. You can transmit videos with special effects added after you’ve switched from Skype or any other webcam software. With Altercam, you can broadcast anything you want to the world, right from pre-recorded video to live desktops with the virtual web camera acting as a fake webcam. 

  • Website
  • System supportsWindows
  • File size: 41.8 MB


SecureCam helps you monitor several cameras at the same time. It’s a webcam surveillance software and is another Yawcam alternative we suggest. It uses your computer for video surveillance. It sends an alert the moment it detects any security issue in your home while your system runs. As it’s a large file, it takes up quite a bit of space. Still, it compensates by working on many platforms which is a big help to those with older systems.

  • Website
  • System supports: Windows
  • File size: 25.3 MB


Shinobi calls itself the future of CCTV and NVR. It’s open-source and written in Node.is and is user friendly. It has multiple uses and you can use it to monitor your store, your baby or even your construction site as a montage viewer. There are no limits to the maximum number of streams you can make. It comes with modern recording and is capable of opening videos on mobiles by recording to MP4 or WebM.

e2eSoft VCam

E2eSoft VCam is a popular webcam emulator and works like a webcam in your system. It is capable of being used in most applications created with a webcam like IM software, video chatting, remote education and more. Images, animations, video clips, the desktop screen, web-stream, DVD videos, videos in your mobile phone, all can be used as the webcam video.

  • Website
  • System supports: Windows
  • File size: 16.6 MB


Screen recording helps give out video instructions on platforms like YouTube. It’s an easy to use screen recording tool that is capable of supporting webcam live stream support. That’s where it stands apart from other screen recording tools. You can record the whole desktop or a part of it and also add a webcam image at the bottom right-hand corner. All you need to do is just choose the option you want from the ‘recording size and area’ tab.

System supports: Windows
File size: 1.4 MB


CamTwist works on Macintosh. It opens up a whole new world to internet broadcasting and is much more than a mere simple effects tool for your webcam. You can create a whole new internet show by cutting from one camera to another. It also helps you add lower third overlays too. It’s a free broadcasting software and isn’t time-consuming when you use it. It offers quite a few features for you to choose from.

  • Website
  • System supports: macOS
  • File size: 6.3 MB


With WebcamMax, you can add amazing effects to your webcam video recordings and live chats and you have thousands of such effects to choose from. It acts as a virtual webcam and you won’t need a separate webcam. You can share your videos or desktop screen even on your instant messengers. WebcamMax makes sharing your videos and photos easy with just a click and you can share them on social platforms like Facebook or upload them on YouTube.

  • Website
  • System supports: Windows
  • File size: 24.9 MB


That wraps up our write up on Yawcam Alternatives. We have suggested applications that are not only alternatives to Yawcam, but we’ve also suggested applications that you can use as to create effects on your videos and photographs. Our article gives you peek into not just applications that help protect your home and property, it also gives you some details of applications that add some fun into your life by adding various quirky effects to your video recordings and photos. We hope our guide helps you choose the application that best suits your needs. We found each one of them pretty good. Do let us know how you like the one that you pick. We look forward to hearing from you and would love it if you shared your feedback with us.



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