15 Best YNAB Alternatives and Similar Software

As working professionals, most of us need to plan our budgets well. It needs a lot of hard thinking. YNAB is a leading budgeting app in the market which lets you plan your budget. We give you a few best YNAB alternatives that give you a better budgeting experience. Coming to YNAB, the app has a whole range of tools that not only tell you how much you owe; they also tell you what you spend your money on. How does that happen? YNAB helps by assigning each dollar you are to spend a certain job or in other words, the reason you would spend it for. That helps you keep tabs on your spending giving you a detailed analysis of what your money goes into.

YNAB Alternatives

About YNAB

Now, why would you need an alternative to YNAB at all? Well, here are 3 good reasons why you would.

  • Free Trial: YNAB allows a free trial period of 34 days only. Once that’s over, you have to pay a monthly fee of $6.99. Paying that amount might be an issue when we’re on a tight budget. Why would you opt for YNAB at all when there are many free apps on offer?
  • Budget-Friendly: Budgeting is the only function that YNAB is capable of. While it does the job of budgeting really well, YNAB doesn’t quite work as an investing tool.
  • Saftey: Two-factor authentication is a mechanism that makes logging into your account possible only after you receive a unique code by mail or text. YNAB doesn’t work with such a mechanism. That leaves you vulnerable to your banking information being stolen when you access the tool on unsecured Wi-Fi.

10 Best Alternatives to YNAB

Having elaborated on the reasons why you should go for alternatives to YNAB, we now give you brief details of the similar paid and free software that works with Windows 10, 8, 7, macOS and Web-based.


Mint is counted among the top alternatives to YNAB. Mint is an app from Intuit. As soon as you’ve put your banking and credit card details on Mint, you get complete details of not just what you’ve been spending on, but also details of bills that you need to pay as well as your present FICO credit score. Not only does Mint’s budgeting tool work well, it also comes with a system that sends you email & SMS alerts every time you have a due date of any credit card or loan payment approaching. What’s more, it’s free too!


Like YNAB, EveryDollar too assigns a specific job to every dollar you spend each month. That helps you formulate your budget letting you track your spending while deducting money from the total amount earned each month. You know what you have been spending on with EveryDollar coming up with updates all through the month. The app has two versions, the paid one which comes at $99 per year and a free one too. It automatically transfers details of your transactions made from your bank account or on your credit card.

  • Website
  • System supports: Web-based, Android, macOS and Windows


PocketGuard not only tracks your spending, it also lets you spend as per a budget you plan and save every month for your retirement and certain investments that you may make. Like YNAB, PocketGuard too gives you reminders about your bill payments and also helps you plan a budget keeping in mind your monthly earnings. Once you’ve linked PocketGuard to your credit card accounts and the investments you make, you’ll be given a comprehensive picture of your money matters on a visually attractive interface.

  • Website
  • System supports: Web-based, Android, macOS
  • File size: 8.2 MB (for android), 135 MB (for macOS)


Working on the envelope system of budgeting, it lets you fill the expense categories like car payment, groceries, etc. manually with how much you plan to spend on each of them. The app uses bar graphs along with other visuals like pie chart to give an idea of how much money still remains. Unlike many of the other apps in the market, GoodBudget doesn’t come with automatic syncing with your various transactions. You have to enter them manually.

  • Wesite
  • System supports: Web-based, Android, macOS
  • File size: 15.3 MB (for macOS), 5.9 MB (for android)

Tiller Money

If you love using spreadsheets for money management, Tiller Money is the app for you. While this isn’t a mobile app, the spreadsheets it prepares are synced with your financing details. Google Sheets are used to help you plan your budget and set aside funds for your expenses on your computer. So Tiller Money gives you a comprehensive portfolio with details of your earnings and expenses on a single screen. Adjustments are possible on the sheets that let you set targets on what you spend and save while the tool does the calculations making it a good alternative to YNAB.



Moneydance comes with various formats to display your financial data. It also offers a free trial version for users to try out before they opt for it. After you’ve imported all your financial details, you’ll have to categorize them manually yourself after they’re set to a single category by default. Moneydance works on various platforms and you can transfer information across operating systems that run the app. Meant for Linux users, but unlike most other budgeting apps working on Linux, Moneydance costs you a fair amount of money. It’s $49.99 for a one time purchase.

  • Website 
  • System supports: Linux, Mac OS, OS/2, Unix and Windows
  • File size: 122 MB (for windows)


Monefy is amazingly user friendly. All you need to do is just tap on plus to denote an income and on minus to denote a spending. Follow that by selecting the category and that’s it! With Monefy Pro which comes at $2.48, you can sync your Dropbox account with Monefy. That’ll help you update your finances without using a phone. The app comes free when taken without advertisements. However, certain features like password protection, changing icons, addition of categories, etc. come only with the Pro version.

  • Official link
  • System supports: Windows, macOS, iPhone and Android
  • File size: 92.1 MB (for macOS), Varies with device (for android)

Money Lover

With pie charts and bar graphs, Money Lover offers a very attractive image of your spending details that help you locate your spending traits. What sets Money Lover apart from YNAB is that with it you can add further details to each spending apart from just a category. You can add notes, pictures, locations, reminders and more. You can’t however, allot one budget to all the wallets. You need to have separate budgets for each of the wallets in a single household.

  • Official link
  • System supports: Web-based, macOS, Windows, iPhone and Android
  • File size: 23 MB (for Android), 137.9 MB (for macOS)



GnuCash is another similar software to is meant for small businesses and is an-accounting software. It’s available for Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows. While it’s a powerful tool, it’s also quite easy to use. With GnuCash, you can keep track of your stocks, earnings and spending and bank accounts too. It helps you maintain balanced books of accounts and prepare reports that are accurate and precise. It supports double-entry accounting and comes with reports and graphs. It also keeps track of scheduled transactions.

  • Website
  • System supports: macOS, Windows, and Android
  • File size: 165 MB (for windows)


While envelope budgeting is available too, MoneyWiz monitors transactions automatically and categorizes them into separate budgets. You can quickly check your finances as MoneyWiz comes with the very convenient feature of iOS version being compatible with the Apple Watch. This makes MoneyWiz a very convenient alternative to YNAB. You are given a detailed picture of your income and expenditure with MoneyWiz coming up with a lot of reports. It can also prepare specific reports on any aspects of your spending that you may want it to.

  • Official link
  • System supports: Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS
  • File size: 24 MB (for Android), 292 MB (for windows)

Mint Bills

Mint Bill comes with a lot of ads that recommend credit cards. It’s meant only for users in the US and Canada and will let you sign in only after you’ve entered your zip code. It’s a secure app as it uses features like data wiping and PIN locking. The app is also under strict monitoring by Norton and TRUSTe. You can rest assured that your bills will be paid on time. After setting up many accounts, you just set the dates when the bills need to be paid and Mint Bills does it for you.

  • Website
  • System supports: Web-based and Android
  • File size: 62 MB



HomeBank is a very capable alternative to YNAB coming with various separate filters for all your transactions. It features an easy to use interface for inputs and reporting tools too. Offering pre-built packages for the major Linux distributions, you won’t have to wait for the distros repo when you’re looking to update the app. However, if you have multiple accounts you would need considerable time to set it up. Also, it’s not capable of importing information from other banking software.

  • Website
  • System supports: Windows and Android
  • File size: 17.4 MB (for windows), 96 MB (for Android)

Microsoft Money

From the house of software giants Microsoft, Microsoft Money helps manage your finances. Not only can you design budgets, you can also check the balances in your bank accounts and track your expenses. It was meant for computers running on Windows and there were versions for Windows Mobile too. Microsoft Money used to be a commercial software and it was discontinued from June 30, 2009. Online services too were discontinued in 2011.

It was in 2010 that Microsoft launched a replacement, the Microsoft Money Plus Sunset. You can open and edit files carrying your money data, but it has no online features or support. Today there are two versions available for users, Deluxe and Home and Business. Money made a comeback in 2012 as a Windows Store app and had features that enabled investing, personal finance and real estate. You can also trade in stocks with this app and it also works as a currency converter.

  • Website 
  • System supports: Windows
  • File size: 34.0 MB


Built using modern technologies like Laravel, RESTful API, VueJS, Bootstrap 4 and others, Akaunting is an accounting software for small businesses. It’s free and helps you manage your finances well keeping track of your flow of cash. You can also carry out invoicing activities and accept online payments on this app. It makes tracking what your expenses are a breeze! It has an interface that’s easy to use and compatible with both mobiles and tablets. It offers 100% ownership of financial data and comes with free updates for lifetime. It features a multilingual admin and client panel. It is double-entry enabled that helps you come up with balance sheets, ledgers, journal entries, trial balance and chart of accounts.

  • Website
  • System supports: Web-based and Windows
  • File size: 37.8 MB


As an online website that helps in budgeting of personal finance, CounAbout can be connected to more than 18,000 financial institutions. You can sync it to mobile devices running both on iOS and Android. You can also access it via a browser. It’s very user friendly and allows you to customize a lot that makes it responsive to your unique needs. With it, finance management gets real smooth and easy. It’s reasonably priced and avoids too many ads. However, the interface is a bit backdated and offers only limited mobile apps.

  • Website
  • System supports: Web-based, iOS and Android apps
  • File size: 7.6 MB (for Android)


So these are the top personal budgeting apps that can work as an alternative to YNAB. We’ve also included brief details of accounting software. The budgeting software is very handy when you need to plan a budget that helps you keep tabs on your spending. We hope the article proves handy to you and you find one that’s just ideal for you. Do let us know which one you chose and how it performs.



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