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Zenmap is basically a utility tool for network diagnostic. Find similar and alternative software which are freely available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.  Zenmap has managed to be a favorite network monitoring software of a lot of users. The program has one of the best performances for both multiple user platforms like large organizations and companies and also for single device users.

Top Alternatives to Zenmap Software

Following are top-notch similar software that can be used in place of Zenmap for network scanning and monitoring purpose:






It’s a totally free software which is very useful for system administrator. It’s more like a utility tool that can be used as network discovery and as well as security auditing. It comes with GUI (Graphical User Interface) thus very easy to use.

Did you know?

Zenmap is actually part of Nmap software.

System Support: Windows, Linux, Mac OS,

Download: Click here

Angry IP Scanner




It is one of the popular and reliable IP and Port scanner software that can help system admin to scan IP address in a network. The best part about this free ip scanner software is that it’s a standalone application, that means, it doesn’t require any type of installation, just copy & paste, and start using it.

  • It generate scanning report in Txt, XML and CSV format.
  • The report includes computer Name, Windows User and many other minute information.

System Support: Windows, Mac and Linux

File Size: 3.1 Mb for Windows

Download: Click here






Its a free software that is widely used as a network diagnostic tool. It is basically a software that ping in a single network and check whether connections are working or not and generate a simple HTML report.

  • No installation required, just copy the file and start using it.
  • WinMTR is a very light software and has minimum requirement to run on your PC.
  • It can generate report in simple HTML page.

System Support: Windows 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, 7

File Size: 2 Mb

Download: For 32 Bit Click here and for 64 Bit click here





It comes with Continuous monitoring system, that allow system admin to monitor connection on continuous basis. Thus helpful to know how and when loss of packets happens. Additionally, it can send an alert over email as soon it identify any problem.

  • It show data transfer in graph mode.
  • It can show network performance history.
  • It support IPv4 and IPv6.

System Support: Windows 7, 8 and 10

File Size: 14.9 Mb

Download: Click here

Netcat or NC

The oldest version built by *hobbit* goes back to 1996 release, thus makes it oldest network utility. It connects to network using TCP or UDP like Zenmap.

  • Number of user friendly built-in features .
  • Comes up with Advanced debugging tool.
  • It can also be used as backdoor.

System Support: Linux, Windows

File Size: 107 KB

Official Website as per wikipedia : http://nc110.sourceforge.net/


Before you decide to leave Zenmap software, make sure that you know its features and how it can help you in many ways:

Features of Zenmap

Zenmap is the GUI software for Nmap, a network security scanner that can be accessed from a free source. Nmap has been in usage for almost 20 years now and is suitable for the network monitoring needs of any scale.

Follow the link to download Zenmap.

The main features of Zenmap include:

Easy to use
One of the biggest advantages of Zenmap is that it makes the complex Nmap software very easy to use even for an average user who has administrative rights of a system

Wide Usage
The Zenmap software is compatible with all leading operating systems like Mac, Windows and Linux. Apart from this it is a free software that can be downloaded without any hassle from internet.

Multiple Scanning System
Zenmap performs a number of small scans on the available network and presents the results after clubbing them together as a big scan in order to catch even the smallest details, making it highly efficient.



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