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Did your hard drive run out of storage space again? You can use disk space analyzer tool to find out how much space is left on your system. It is quite a common occurrence in our day-to-day lives where we encounter the issue of low disk space even if we are using systems with a larger hard drive.

It can be annoying when you get a pop-up error message indicating insufficient storage space in the middle of downloading a media file or game. Storage space is occupied by media files, games, and program installation files. Over a prolonged period of time, these files clutter the disk space.

Hard Drive Space Analyzer Tool

Therefore, it becomes essential to clean up the disk space. But you would need some assistance in determining how is your hard drive storage space occupied in order to be able to delete unnecessary files or move media files to your external hard drive.

Hence, I will show specific kind of tool called disk space analyzer or storage analyzer tools. These tools can help you scan your system to detect which apps and files are hogging most of the storage space. They can provide an easy statistical representation of disk space consumption so that you can understand and manage it conveniently.

10 Efficient and free hard drive space analyzer tools to manage your system disk space

Here is a list of 10 best free hard drive space analyzer tools that can help you identify data files occupying most of your disk storage space.


Here is our first pick from the myriad of space analyzer tools available to deal with hard drive space management issues. This is an excellent tool for Windows system; if however, you need a tool from the same developer for Linux system, then you can go for KDirStat and Disk Inventory X for macOS X.

WinDirStat is an open-source tool, easy to use that display disk usage statistics. It offers plenty of other features, as mentioned below:

WinDirStat Features:

  • Once the tool is launched, it scans the directory tree and shows a tree view list.
  • You also have the option to select a specific hard drive or folder for scanning.
  • It offers a disk cleanup tool.
  • Besides this, you can create your own cleanup commands to move files or delete them from a certain extension.


Just like a dog can sniff out bombs and even the Covid-19 virus, similarly, SpaceSniffer can sniff out lost space on your Windows machine easily. It is a portable freeware that can analyze how the folders and files on your system disk are structured. Below are some of its splendid features:

SpaceSniffer Features:

  • This tool utilizes a Treemap representation of disk space consumption.
  • In this tool, you can double-click on folders in the tool’s interface to look at the details.
  • Right-click on the folders gives the option to open or delete them.
  • You can customize the graphical representation in colors, geometry, and behaviors.
  • This tool is portable, so it doesn’t require installation and doesn’t clutter the registry.


Here is another amazing disk space usage analyzer tool that can analyze a huge range of storage devices such as hard drive disks, network shares, enterprise storage systems, etc. Here are a few useful features of this tool:

DiskSavvy Features:

  • Lot of customization option is available for users.
  • Specific filters are available for viewing data of disk usage in details.
  • You can view the disk usage data by extension, modification time, time of access, time of creation, user name, and according to some more categories.
  • Plugin support is also available with this tool.



If you are a Mac user, then here is a great tool for you. DaisyDisk can help remove junk files and create plenty of space in your Macbook. It is a popular choice for creating disk space and is preferred by IT professionals, photographers, filmmakers, and many other professionals. Below are a few essential features and benefits of DaisyDisk app.

DaisyDisk Features:

  • You can view the disk space consumption with the help of an interactive visual map.
  • DiasyDisk can quickly scan disks.
  • With this tool, you can preview the details of a large file and delete it.
  • The UI is simple enough, even for novices.


Wondering where the disk spaceis lost? Scan your Windows system with TreeSize and create more space in your system by removing space hogging files. It is compatible with all Windows version and supports both versions of the OS. Below are a few key highlights of this tool.

TreeSize Features:

  • The tool is available in multiple languages.
  • TreeSize can quickly scan the hard drive and represent the disk space utilization with the help of customizable treemap chart.
  • Cleaning un-required files is easy with the help of integrated Windows Explorer context menu and some usual keyboard shortcuts.
  • Automation support and command-line options are available in the personal and professional version of the tool.

Disk Analyzer Pro

Disk Analyzer Pro

Our next pick is Disk Analyzer Pro which is a good tool to free-up hard disk space. You can organize files on your Windows PC besides managing the disk space. Let us look at the few beneficial features of the Disk Analyzer Pro tool below.

Disk Analyzer Pro Features:

  • With its quick scan capability, Disk Analyzer Pro can detect large files, folders instantly.
  • It also helps to declutter and organize the disk space.
  • The tool can pull detailed reports to help you manage the data consumption on the PC hard drive conveniently.
  • You can also create your own search criteria to search for specific redundant files.
  • Cleaning of temp files is easy with this tool.



Our last pick is JDiskReport analyses the disk drives and represents data via various statistical views as well as charts and tables for ease of understanding. Interestingly, this tool is enabled with cross-platform capability and functions on Windows, Mac, Linux platforms. Here are a few attributes of this tool:

JDiskReport Features

  • It has an interactive UI with several customization options.
  • The tool shows the top 50 large files anywhere in the system.
  • There are no ads appearing on the tool’s interface.
  • It helps to find unused and redundant files and folders with the help of the last modified time feature. 


Here is a popular PC cleaner and storage space analyzer tool by Piriform to declutter the hard drive disk space and create more free space. Some mind-blowing features of this tool are listed below.

CCleaner Features:

  • This tool quickly scans your system.
  • You can schedule scans with this tool.
  • It can help to delete unwanted files to make more space in your computer.


Disktective is a portable free disk space analyzer tool for your Windows system. You can choose which directory to scan and do a lot more with this tool. Read the best features of this tool below.

Disktective Features:

  • You can choose to scan hard drives as well as flash drives.
  • The left side of the tool interface displays the file and folder sizes, whereas the right side displays a pie chart to illustrate the disk usage.
  • You can also export the scan results with the help of the export-to-HTML feature.

Space Monger

Space Monger

Space Monger is an excellent storage space analyzer and disk management utility tool which is compatible only on Windows systems. It has the following features:

Space Monger Features:

  • This tool scans your Windows PC and shows the disk space utilization in a treemap view.
  • You can remove, copy, and manage the unwanted data files directly from the app itself. 

Concluding Lines

Thus, this was a complete roundabout about top 10 free hard drive space analyzer tool. Now you can always retain sufficient system disk space all the time with the aid of a suitable storage analyzer tool of your choice and never run out of disk space in the middle of something important.

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