About Author

The WinOsBite stands for ‘Windows Operating System Bite’ – started by an IT background blogger in 2016. The site was built in order to provide basic information about operating system file, application and troubleshoot. Although the website used to update couple of times in a month, but now, it’s getting regularly updated on almost daily basis.

Here is brief introduction about the Author:

Welcome, I am Ankita, have great passion for computer and traveling.

I have been using computer since my high school days, but got good knowledge and experience when i started studying Computer Application during my college life.

I finished my graduation in Computer Science in 2016 and started this blog.

Although my family member was against my decision and suggested me to join IT company. But, since I have great passion for Windows system, I though to start my own site and give it a try for 2 year. And thus the Winosbite.com came into existence.

I along with one of my friend is updating the website by providing useful and in-depth detail about operating system.

If you have any suggestion regarding my post or any windows related topic that you want me to cover, then just drop an email. Being a blogger, i do check this website once a week, therefore I might take some time to reply you.