10 Best Free Blue Light Filter for Windows in 2021

Everyone has heard about blue light. It is very hard on the eye and it’s the digital form of colour. This blue light is lighter light in the colour spectrum. It is this working in late-night which harms our eyes and general wellbeing. The blue light is the light which gets turned on automatically or manually when one is working at night on a computer. It helps in managing the computer’s screen temperature at night time.

Free Blue Light Filter for Computer Screen

Blue light usually dims the light to make it more user-friendly. It is in such situations that one needs a blue light filter. This is crucial and essential if you are constantly working on a computer at night. You may need blue light filer more if most of your day to day work is done during the night.

A blue light filter is a software which shields your eye and brain. This can change the screen colour at night to meet your demands. Now blue light filter has become more essential than ever. This has consequences for eyes like eye strain and brain damage. Blue light filter is the optimum protection against eye strain.

Thankfully it is possible to have a good and strong eye even when working at night on a computer. There are dedicated applications which help in filtering the blue light on a computer. This works most efficiently with windows computer. It is time to know more about such user-friendly software.

List of Blue Light Filter Software for Windows

I have prepared a list of best Blue Light Filter which are free to use on the computer to reduce the screen brightness. So, if you are using a desktop computer or laptop, you can always use these free Blue Light Filter on your Windows 10, let’s check out those tools below:

Windows 10 Night Light

This is the best option for any windows desktop and laptop. Today technology has become visibly advanced. Hence Windows 10 night light is an inbuilt feature in Windows 10.

Key features.

  • A good windows display screen needs an optimum display always. When one is working on a computer at night you need an eye-soothing colour.
  • Windows 10 night light can change the display mode to comforting colour.
  • Night light gets activated between sunset and sunrise.
  • There is an automatic light setting provision. It can get started automatically as soon as the night mode gets detected.
  • Also, it is possible for you to set your own time to initiate the night mode.
  • This is good in removing the blue light from the display screen.
  • There is an instant blue light activation on windows 10.
  • This makes it best even if you forget to activate the blue eye.
  • It gives the best protection for your eyes over the blue light filter.

Interesting fact.

It is unique as it comes pre-installed with windows 10 creator.

How to Open Night Light?

1) Click on Windows logo

2) Type Night Light and click on it

Windows night light settings

The best part is that you don’t need to download any software.

System support: Windows 10
Price: Freeware


This is yet another blue light filter software for windows system. It is also good as it runs in the background. It keeps your eyes healthy and safe from the blue light.

Key features

  • There is the provision of gamma light in a windows computer.
  • A lightbulb is equally good on adjusting the monitor’s gamma system according to the time of the day.
  • It is good at lowering the strain on the eyes. So, if you have to work on a computer at night. It is best to use lightbulb for an optimum night light.
  • This is unique in the sense that it lowers the colour as the sunsets. It makes it ideal for anyone who needs a good and simple solution to work at night time.
  • Sometimes one may be too lazy to dim computer’s light. It works well in the sense that it instantly dims the light in the night time.
  • This is also good at working in the full-screen mode.
  • You may want to have greater customization. The lightbulb can customise your light preferences according to one’s own desires.
  • This has a very user-friendly design which makes it easy for you to run. At the same time, it allows you to disable gamma smoothing.
  • One can also choose a location and app to determine sunrise and sunset time. This can be done according to one’s own wishes and needs.
  • There is also the separate preview function which works on 24 hours cycle.
  • This helps in fine-tuning the settings of a blue light filter.
  • It is good at lowering the eye strain as it adjusts the colour temperature between 2500 and 6000k. One just has to set the right limit for a proper transition process.
  • This helps in adjusting the colour accordingly.
  • There are many different parameters for blue light configuration in windows computer.

Interesting fact

This works very well with windows computer. It is also good in the sense that it doesn’t obstruct one’s gaming session.

System support: Windows
Price: Freeware
Download link: Softpedia.com/get/Desktop-Enhancements/Other-Desktop-Enhancements/LightBulb.shtml
File Size: 3.3 MB

Iris mini

It is yet another optimum blue light filter. This is a very good software if you want healthy and strong eyes for life.

Key features.

  • This is very good for your display screen. It is very efficient in reducing the display screen’s colour temperature.
  • It makes it safe to use a computer at night for long hours. There is no strain on the eyes. It keeps your eyes safe from the blue light exposure.
  • Sometimes your monitors may flicker and distort your vision. Iris mini lowers the screen brightness and curbs monitor flicker rate.
  • This is also good at blocking the blue light. It works well if one is working for long hours on a computer.
  • At the same time, Iris mini makes the display screen more yellow and red. This is done according to the colour temperature value.
  • There is always the right colour according to the time of the day.

Interesting fact.

This can work in 3 modes like manual, automatic and more.

System support: Windows
Price: Freeware.
Download link: https://iristech.co/iris-mini/
File Size: 8.1 Mb


Gammy is yet another software which makes it a good option for windows.  This is made by Fusco for windows specifically. It has emerged as a good colour adjustor.

Key features.

  • This is ideal for windows computer as it changes temperature according to the day and the night mode.
  • At night, it is good at reducing the screen brightness. This makes it best if one is working on long hours on a computer at night.
  • It also lowers the strain on the eye.

Interesting fact.

It is also possible to adjust the temperature manually.

System support: Windows.
Price: Open source
Download link: https://getgammy.com/index.html
File Size: 19.6 MB


It is yet another blue light window fixing software. Flux is good at fixing the light problem on your computer. This makes it the most favourable app for any windows computer.

Key features.

  • It is good at fixing the computer display in the night as well as day time.
  • During the day it will make it as bright as sunlight sans blue light. This makes it easy for you to work without any outside light.
  • At night, it will dim the background light making it warm. It makes it very soothing on the eye for someone who is working on a computer.
  • It is unique from others as it helps in approximating the sunset time. In the sense that at sunset it gets blended with available light.
  • At the same time, it also adjusts the colour temperature of a screen in tandem with a time of day.
  • For instance, cooler during the day and warmer during the night.
  • There is also a separate dark mode which changes everything to dark red.
  • There is also the separate movie mode here.
  • In movie mode, one can watch movies without facing the problem of the red screen. It happens as F.lux helps in controlling the background colours for 3 hours.
  • lux is different from others as you can disable it totally for 1 hour.
  • This makes it a good photo editor as disabling it will give you the right picture colours.
  • With this, you don’t need a separate photo editor.

Interesting fact.

This is the ideal software for beginners as anyone can use it with ease.

System support: Windows
Price: Freeware.
Download link: https://justgetflux.com
File Size: 639 KB


This is another good option if one is on the lookout for windows blue light software. It is the optimum blue light filter and screen dimmer software. Anyone can use it with ease and have a healthy eye.

Key features.

  • It is good at doing the automatic filtration of the blue light-emitting from a computer. This lowers it to a minimum with the right colour temperature.
  • This is good in reducing eye pain as it adjusts the brightness sans PWM. If someone has an eye problem it is safe to use this software in night mode.
  • There are various built-in and pre-set modes like Movie, Custom, Night, Office, Gaming and Edit and read mode.
  • It is unique as it controls the screen brightness according to your working mode.
  • There is also the provision of a timer feature. This allows you to take a break for 20 minutes and work. The timer reminds you to take a break and start work.
  • This prevents any undue strain on the eye.
  • It is also possible for you to customise it according to the size and the transparency of the reading area. One can focus on reading with the right screen brightness.
  • There is also the sunset and sunrise mode. This mode works well for people who regularly work in the night time.
  • This software sends reminders to you.
  • It signals you to rest your eyes for every 45 minutes to prevent eye strain.
  • The sunrise and sunset mode help in increasing and decreasing the light. As it gets in sunset mode blue light filter makes the screen warmer.
  • Additionally, there are 8 separate modes pre-designed for you. It helps in customisation of colour and brightness according to your choices.

Interesting fact.

This is a very good and potent software if you want to have the best blue light filter.

System support: Windows
Price: Freeware.
Download link: https://care-eyes.com
File Size: 1.25 MB

PC Sunscreen Windows Filter

This is the strongest blue light filter software filter to date. It is specifically made for windows computer.  It is a must and best option for you.

Key features

  • It is unique from others as even colour sensitive users can use it without any strain on their eye.
  • Sometimes you may want your computer to adjust automatically to its surrounding light. PC Sunscreen just does this as it instantly adjusts one’s monitor colour with the available surrounding light.
  • It happens from the morning to noon.
  • In evenings or in low lights, it lowers the screen display and blue light filter.
  • This helps in giving sleep and reducing the eye strain.
  • This is different from others as one can set own waking and bedtime.
  • It allows the screen colour to be changed accordingly to the pre-set time.
  • One may also be able to adjust the colour size filter to full and part screen mode.
  • It is also convenient to turn the blue filter button off and on simply with one click.

Interesting fact

This gives its users full control over blue light filter and screen colour.

System support: Windows
Price: Freeware
Download link: http://www.thomson-software-solutions.com/pc-sun-screen/

Eye Saver

This is the best eye protection software over the blue light filter. It is the cleanest and safe software to date. It is developed by Leo soft ltd which is the European based firm. This is the best and ideal tool for every windows computer.

Key features.

  • The blue light is capable of damaging the eyes and causing a headache. With eye saver, one can minimise such risks.
  • It has emerged as the ideal software to optimise and blue light filter on your computer.
  • Sometimes one may notice constant flickering on the desktop. This can distort the vision and affect the computer display.
  • The eye saver is good in eliminating the flickering of a desktop screen. It is very good at curbing the invisible flickering of one’s display backlight.
  • It lowers the strain on the eye and comforting it.
  • One can work on longer hours on a computer at night. This prevents the unnecessary strain on your eyes.
  • This is also good at filtering the blue light. The light gets dim and it promotes better sleep.
  • It works even when the computer is on stand-by mode.
  • Eye saver is unique from others and hence ideal.
  • It reminds you to take constant breaks from the computer. This can help in reducing eye strain and calming it. This makes it essential for someone who is working on long hours on the computer.

Interesting fact.

This is a very safe software as it is without any viruses and spyware. It makes it safe for you to run on the Windows computer.

System support: Windows
Price: Freeware.
Download link: https://www.eye-saver.net
File Size: 3.4 MB

Sunset Screen

This is yet another good blue light filter for a screen as the name suggests.  It can adjust very well to sunrise and sunset mode on the computer screen wallpapers.

Key features.

  • Any desktop screen’s important part is its background colour. Sometimes it may be too bright for your eyes.
  • The sunset screen changes the background colour at night. This helps in limiting the blue light filter.
  • It is also unique as one can set own timer for displaying the sunset and sunrise image on a screen. This can be done anytime during the day and at night.
  • Its background colours are eye-soothing.
  • This also reduces the screen brightness to lower blue light exposure.
  • With sunset screen, one can work for long hours on the computer without any strain on the eye.
  • It dims the blue light in the night to make it more user-friendly and eye-safe.
  • One can also have various night preset modes like candle night, moonlight and more.
  • This is also good in changing the desktop brightness to your comfort level.
  • You can also change the screen colour from day to night mode.

Interesting fact.

This is the most preferred software by professionals.

System support: Windows
Price: Freeware
Download link:https://sunsetscreen.en.softonic.com
File Size: 877 KB

Pango Bright

This is the ultimate and best software for blue light filtration. It is a good screen dimmer which works very will on the windows computer. This is considered the ideal windows utility tool.

Key features

  • It is vital for a computer’s main screen. Pango bright can lower the main screen’s brightness according to one’s desires.
  • This is totally different from others as it can work on the multiple monitors.
  • It has proven good in controlling the multiple monitor’s brightness with ease. You need one software and it controls many monitors.
  • This is also good for doing video presentations.
  • In the sense that it dims the screen to make an effective video presentation.
  • At the same time, it is also good at controlling the multiple monitor’s brightness. If you want to have a seamless blue light software then Pango bright is right for you.

Interesting fact

This is the most highly-rated software by CNET and many more.

System support: Windows.
Price: Freeware
Download link: https://pangobright.com


Digital eye strain is a common complaint and everyone has experienced it at some time or another. This makes the blue light filter must for everyone. These are some of the best options for you. It is absolutely free and safe for any windows computer. It is up to you to choose the best and apt blue light software just for you.



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