11 Best Call Recorder Apps for iPhone which are Free in 2021

Today smartphones have become as essential as air. We have become so reliant on smartphones that it is hard to imagine life without it. Be it online work, shopping or business everything is done on a smartphone. There are times when it becomes hard to remember every detail about a phone call. It is in this situation that it becomes necessary to have a good call recorder.

Free Call Recording Apps for iPhone

iPhone is the most preferred choice of smartphone users. This has made it more essential than ever. iPhone is also good at doing works like online shopping, ticket booking and much more. It can also record phone calls with the right software. This will help in recording important phone calls and details.

In a meeting, such details come handy as one does not need to carry a physical note or be in touch with the person. All they need to do is install the call recorder separately on their iPhone. A good call recorder is vital if your work requires call recording.

It is essential to have a good yet free call recording software for the iPhone. A good software maintains the quality of calls and is also very easy to use. It is time to learn about such safe and good software.


This is the simplest and most apt software for iPhone. It makes recording on the iPhone easy.

Key Features

  • This is a very good software for the iPhone as it gives a professional quality call recording.
  • It is possible for you to record the phone call with a dial-in button. You just press the red button and it starts the recording.
  • Sometimes one wants to merge two calls to be on the same page. This works well if you need such a system for the office. Tape a call can merge phone calls with a simple tap.
  • When you are in conference calls, tape a call helps in recording such conference calls.
  • In this way, you never miss any important information about the conference.
  • This can record your phone call for 60 seconds.
  • It is also possible for you to share calls with your contacts through this software.
  • Any recording done here is always of the top quality hence no voice cracking problems. This is good if you do constant business over the phone and need optimum voice quality.

Interesting fact

Tape a call is the most used business application in over 35 countries.

Price: Freeware
Download link: Tapeacall.com
File Size: 111.8 MB (for iOS)
System Support: iOS 11.2 or later

Google Voice

This application is developed by Google for iPhones and other smartphones. It is the best option for recording calls for iPhone. This is a free voice recording service.

Key features

  • One can use google voice service on iPhone for receiving voice and video calls.
  • Google voice can only be used with a separate Google voice phone number.
  • This separate number allows you to record your phone calls with ease.
  • One can listen to the recorded calls.
  • It has also other features like it allows users to forward calls to other numbers. This makes it good if you want to use google voice for the conference and the business calls.
  • At the same time, it also blocks unwanted spam calls.
  • Google voice has separate recording files for download. With this feature, one can record calls with ease.

Interesting fact

This is used for personal as well as business use. Google voice is the most preferred choice of smartphone users.

Price: Freeware.
Download link: https://voice.google.com
File Size: 1.0 MB(for windows)
System Support:
Android, iOS, and Windows


This is yet another application for recording the phone calls.  It works exclusively for iPhones. It is very easy to use.

Key features

  • It is the best way to broadcast your recording to the world. If you wish to show the recording to the world. I Patio allows you to do that.
  • Sometimes you may want to delete recordings and I Padio deletes the recordings with ease.
  • This can also record the talks for 60 minutes. Hence one can record the important talks.
  • It works well for business professionals.
  • At the same time, it also allows you to edit the recorded calls.
  • Sometimes you want to add image or data and IPadio allows you to do this work.
  • Anything here can get instantly uploaded on the web. When recording is on the web it becomes visible always.
  • It also eases the sharing of recordings with people. If you have a group who is working on the same thing. It makes sense to share these recordings.
  • It comes with its own in-editing suite. This allows you to edit the records.
  • At the same time, one can also download the call recordings.
  • It is good if one loses it and has no memory of it.

Interesting fact

This is the only dedicated software that allows you to delete the recording.

Price: Freeware.
Download link: Ipadio.soft112.com
System Support:  Android

Call Recorder – IntCall 4

It’s yet another iPhone compatible software. The call recorder is made by component studios.

Key features

  • This is a must for every iPhone user as it can record calls.
  • Sometimes one wants to have a record of incoming calls as well.
  • A call recorder is efficient in recording the incoming calls. This makes it easier to know about the person who called.
  • It’s another unique feature is that one can also record outgoing calls.
  • One can share the recording with their other contacts.
  • At the same time, it sustains the call recordings.

Interesting fact

This is available in various languages like English, Italian, Czech, Russian and more. It works only on the iPhone and iPad.

Price: Freeware.
Download link: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/call recorder intcall/id521680097
File Size: 25.4 MB (for iOS)
System Support: iOS

ACR Call Recorder

This is by far the best call recording application. It is made especially for iPhones and works well with the same. This is a fully-featured automatic call recorder.

Key Features

  • This is very good at recording the phone calls. It is a must if you want to record a call on your iPhone.
  • It allows you to have an unlimited number of call recordings. One would never run out of space.
  • This is good in recording both outgoing and incoming calls which makes it ideal for business use.
  • It is unique in the sense that once a call is done recordings can be found in a separate recordings tab. You just choose this and one can have all the recordings.
  • It is easy to replay, save or delete the call record.
  • There is also a possibility of photo call recording storage.

Interesting fact

This can also record conference calls hence good for meetings.

Price: Freeware.
Download link: Download.cnet.com/acrcallrecorderforiphone/3000-2064_4-77988233.html
File Size: 50.1 MB (for iOS)
System Support:

Rev Call Recorder

It is a good call recorder that works well on all iPhones. A good call recorder improves the quality of the voice recordings. This makes sense to have this call recorder.

Key Features

  • This is unique from others as it is fully free. One will never have to pay for this service.
  • When you are working in an area where call recording becomes essential then the Rev call recorder is for you.
  • Rev call recorder doesn’t limit call record length durations but it gives unlimited call records. One can record as many calls without having to pay excess money.
  • Most call works in two ways both incoming as well as outgoing. The same principle is applicable to the Rev call recorder. Rev call recorder gives the option of recording both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • With this one never misses any important details.
  • It also allows you to share call records with your business colleagues and conference calls.
  • Today everything works with technology. Similarly, Rev call recorder shares call recorder through Dropbox, E-Mail and Messaging service.

Interesting fact

It always gives you the option to record high-quality voice calls.

Price: Freeware.
Download link: https://www.rev.com/callrecorder
File Size: 49.7 MB (for iOS)
System Support:

Call recording by Nonotes

This is specially made for apple phones. It has been developed by No notes. This is good for every iPhone user.

Key features

  • It is a must and ideal recorder for both incoming and outgoing calls. This is good if you wish to record essential incoming calls for business and conference calls.
  • Sometimes during a meeting, one may need transcription of records. This helps in knowing the key points in a meeting.
  • Call recording allows you to have a transcription of recorded calls. This makes it ideal for your business calls.
  • Today everything is shared be it notes or reports. Similarly, call records can also be shared via cloud technology.
  • Everybody uses Facebook today. Call recording is good in sharing such calls with Facebook. This makes it instantly public and good for work as well.
  • Call recording also allows one to save call records. Such call records get saved on the cloud.
  • This helps in sharing it with everyone with ease.
  • Sometimes one wants to dictate a record and call recording allows us to do precisely this work.
  • This is a totally unique call recorder as it allows you to cancel the call record any time. When one no longer needs a call recording one can cancel it.
  • This helps in keeping the note private and secure from others.

Interesting fact

This has been rated the best call recorder globally and is used in the US and North America.

Price: Freeware.
Download link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/call-recording-by-nonotes/id522637615
File Size: 40 MB (for iOS)
System Support:

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Audio Memo Free

It is yet another variant of a call recorder. This is by far the best option for your iPhones.

Key features

  • It’s user-friendly and intuitive. Anyone can use this interface with ease.
  • Audio memos are different from others as it has many varying features.
  • It is unique in the sense that one can pause the call recording at any time. This makes is good if you don’t want to add unnecessary details.
  • At the same time, it is also possible for you to playback call recordings. It makes it easy for you to hear what you have recorded.
  • Most call recorders don’t have volume booster and Audio memos have this provision.
  • With a volume booster, one can boost the volume of call recording. This can be done easily with the iPhone’s volume buttons.
  • It is also possible to adjust or boost volume through internal application settings.
  • This makes it ideal for everyone.
  • Sometimes you may want to edit call records to get the relevant information. The audio memo allows you to edit calls with this feature.
  • One can use it to only store the relevant information.
  • At the same time, it can also have voice-activated recordings. This makes it good for your iPhone.
  • Last but not least, it is loaded with dynamic features. This is used to normalize and boost voice filters.
  • It is also good at keeping the voice distortion to the minimum level. This maintains the same quality of voice recording for a better understanding.
  • This even works in sleep mode unlike the other call recorders in the market.
  • We all know about the WAV format and Audio memos use this.
  • It is good in the sense that it stores the record in WAV format. This works on every iPhone even the older model.
  • Once a recording is done Audio mem can show data of recording like Name, Date, and Duration of call recordings information.

Interesting fact

This is recognized as the best recording application for iPhone by life hacker.

Price: Freeware.
Download link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/audio-memos/id338550388
File Size: 2.3MB (for Android), 24.2 MB
System Support:
Android and iOS

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This is developed by griffin technology by iPhone. It has a good user-friendly interface which makes it easy for everyone to use.

Key features

  • This is unique from others as it has three separate recording levels. It gives you the option to choose your best call recording level.
  • Sometimes one may have call recordings but no way to manage it. iTalk is beneficial in managing call recordings with ease.
  • Today for anything one just needs to send out e-mail. iTalk sends recordings through e-mail.
  • We all know about iTunes and have used it at some point. iTunes can also be used for sharing a file through I talk call recorder app.
  • When recording software, you need the best sound quality.
  • iTalk has a very high and good sound while recording such calls.
  • This is also different from others as one can record minutes of a meeting, lectures, phone calls and much more.
  • There may be outside noise in call recording which can damage its quality.
  • With iTalk, you can have an auto noise cancellation feature. It cancels any noise while recording. This maintains the sound quality of call recording.
  • iTalk also has an in-built search function. It helps in searching for call records through its own title.

Interesting fact

This is a very good software for every iPhone.

Price: Freeware.
Download link: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/italk-recorder/id293673304
File Size: 9.1 MB
System Support:

iFree Skype Recorder

This too like google voice uses skype to record and make phone calls. Hence only calls done on skype can be recorded here. This is very potent and easy to use.

Key features

  • This is a winner in recording the calls. It is beneficial for all iPhone users.
  • It is unique from others as it works through audio streams.
  • If you wish to record calls this can be done through an audio stream. It works well if iPhone users.
  • There are two ways to record phone calls.
  • It can be done locally or remotely. This is unique from others and is very good for remote users.
  • Any calls made on skype can even be recorded remotely. You don’t have to be physically present to record such calls.
  • There is an in-built MP3 player that helps in recording and listening to such calls.
  • It can store records in the MP3 Format. This makes it compatible with software on the computers as well.

Interesting fact

This is good at recording high-quality voice calls. You will have the same quality of record as the actual call.

Price: Freeware.
Download link: Ifree-recorder.com
File Size: 8.29 MB

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This is the iPhone exclusive call recording application. It is the perfect audio manager to record calls and memos.

Key features

  • This is good at recording high-quality calls. It is loaded with the best audio recorder.
  • There is also the stereo support which makes it unique. With stereo quality, one can hear the record in a stereo mode.
  • Sometimes one wants to share call records and Dictaphone allows you to share it through iTunes.
  • It is a must for business houses as one can have an unlimited audio recording of any length.
  • It is equally good at recording meetings as well as phone calls. This makes it a boon for iPhone users.

Interesting fact

This is the best sound recording app and must for every iPhone user.

Price: Freeware.
Download link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/dictaphone-audio-recorder/id595361888
File Size: 122.4 MB
System Support: iOS


Today the importance of good call recording software is more than ever. Call recording is necessary for the meetings as well as the confidential calls. These are the best possible call recorder apps for iPhone.

It meets all the requirements of the call recording. This makes it a must if you use an iPhone. It is up to you to choose and go with the best software.



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