11 Best Free Conference Call Service Software in 2021

In a simple and controlled technological market, commoditization is on the lookout! I am talking in particular about standardized products with strong competition, when it comes to smartphones, PCs, screens, etc. This is also the case for ultra-competitive Free conference call solutions. I did research and found some of the best software that can be used on laptops, desktop, and phone to make free international calls.

Free Conference Call service software

Here I have shared some of the free conference call service software that can be used on PC, Android, and iPhone. These are the best tools that anyone can use on their system, so let’s start!

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a unified communications service (chat by text, voice, and video – presence management), both face to face and in exchange for several within a group. Hangouts is closely linked to Gmail. The Hangouts client apps are available on Android and iOS.

Google Hangouts can also be used by businesses as a platform to chat with their customers or partners. Hangouts have indeed an “On Air” function which allows Gmail users to broadcast video calls on Youtube in real-time (like a TV channel). The tool has gained popularity, for example in the context of professional training seminars.

Google Hangouts is the replacement for the previous features included in Gmail and Google+, then grouped under the name of Google Talk. Hangouts can also interface with Google Voice – VoIP and line centralization service (mobile, landline, over IP) – to make phone calls directly from a computer.

Key Features

  • Google has developed the Google Hangouts Chat app to be able to use all the messaging features from a smartphone, further improving teamwork from all types of media.
  • Professional Google Hangouts messaging includes several bots that are present to facilitate synchronization between the different G Suite applications.
  • Google Hangouts is a free group chat service that can gather up to 150 participants in its chat version and ten for video calls.

Download: for Chome

Note: You can also use Google Hangout directly from Gmail without installing any software or apps.


When talking about Skype, instant messaging is not the first thing that comes to mind. Microsoft’s VoIP application is more widely known and used for voice and video calls. But the publisher intends to change this by introducing a series of new features on this kind of service. First, there will be a draft mode similar to what is found on email applications. When a Skype user starts typing a message but does not send it, it will be kept in the conversation and marked as a draft so that they can come back and complete it.

Another practical function is the possibility of marking messages so that they are classified in favorites, which will help to find them more easily. Catching up on other chat services, Skype will offer the preview of photos, files and videos before sending them. And in the case of grouped sharing of several contents, only the first will be displayed in preview while the rest will be hidden behind a “+” button in order to avoid overloading the conversation window. These new features are being deployed on all versions of Skype.

Key Features

  • It is easy to set up a videoconference and to exchange directly with colleagues and collaborators. With screen sharing, information is easily transmitted and the entire group that has joined the video chat can view and comment on documents shared by a user.
  • The tool is equipped with an automatic translation module, a background blur and a call transfer. The application also has instant messaging that combines the basic functionality expected from a chat, such as a possibility of attaching files, GIF animations or reacting to messages with emoticons.
  • Skype allows you to make audio or video calls without going through a telephone line, which is particularly useful for contacting physically distant people near and abroad for free.

Download: https://www.skype.com/en/


Uberconference is a good collaborative tool for easily making audio conferences. We could even go a little further, Uberconference can be termed as one of the best tools for carrying out an audio conference. Uberconference is simple to use, it’s free and offers an innovative visual interface that allows you to optimize your online audio meetings. The system that offers deep integration with the main social networks will extract relevant information to help you better follow your conference.

Thus each participant is identified with a small image. It is not a gadget. You will see who is speaking in an audio conference. Uberconference highlights the speaker on the web application interface. Social networks will also provide useful information to get to know your interlocutors better thanks to sorts of identity cards containing the profiles extracted from the networks.

The service then offers you very interesting reports with, for example, statistics on speaking. Who spoke the most, who spoke the least is available. Uberconference offers a conference recording service allowing you to download them later in mp3 format.

Key Features

  • The implementation is extremely simple and setting up an audio meeting will take you only a few seconds. Participants will be invited by email or SMS.
  • Uberconference offers quality service and renews the genre with well thought out functions to better control, manage and analyze the exchanges during an audio conference.
  • The site offers a free plan that meets most needs. If you subsequently need additional options, paid plans are available for some amount per month

Download: https://www.uberconference.com/


Zoom is an online video and audio conference platform for companies, professionals, and groups that need to hold meetings without the distance being an impediment to it. Zoom works directly from the browser but also has an iPhone / iPad app, Android app, Outlook add-in, and browser extensions. To start using Zoom the only requirement is to create an account on the platform, you can start from the free mode and then subscribe to the payment method that best suits your needs. Since the free modality has limitations of participants and time per session.

Zoom easily connects with traditional H.323 / SIP room systems, allowing them to participate in cloud meetings and connect to desktops, tablets, mobile devices, Zoom Rooms, and other H.323 / SIP endpoints. It works with many existing endpoints including Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize and others. Zoom Rooms is the first software-based videoconferencing system for conference rooms of any size.

Key Features

  • Combining HD Video, Integrated Audio and Content exchange wirelessly, in an easy-to-use platform, and transforming your videoconferencing experience at a lower cost than traditional room systems.
  • There can be ADDITIONAL RECORDING STORAGE IN THE CLOUD and with this add-on, you can store, stream and download your video recordings from the Zoom cloud in MP4 or M4A file formats. This storage option includes a capacity of up to 3 TB / month.
  • Most audio and video conferencing devices are compatible with Zoom, but at One direct there is a selection of products optimized for Zoom users. It also has three preconfigured packs for use with Zoom Rooms. 


GoToMeeting is an online meeting service that facilitates collaboration with other people. With GoToMeeting, it is possible to start a virtual meeting, quickly and easily, and connect with anyone anywhere in the world. It even offers the high-resolution videoconferencing technique, which promises a quality similar to what would be obtained if all the participants were face to face. In addition, attendees can join from MAC, PC, iPad, iPhone or Android devices.

An important point for companies is that GoToMeeting allows you to enable or disable functions according to the company’s security requirements, and it is possible to track responsibility with attendance reports.

Key Features

  • GoToMeeting is simple, reliable and effective. Connect with anyone, wherever you are. On any device GoToMeeting allows you to easily connect with people as you wish.
  • Use the free mobile app to start a meeting or join it from an iPhone, iPad or Android device. With screen sharing for mobile devices, you can display the full screen or simply share a document.
  • Meet easily using your phone or tablet. The presents shared screen, clear audio and video meet instantly or schedule a meeting. Customize the equipment settings according to your needs. 

Download: https://www.gotomeeting.com/


FreeConferenceCall.com has the capacity to serve up to about 1,000 people at the same time, the platform can be used from any telephone number of a fixed, mobile or national IP operator. To start using it, all you have to do is go to the official website, register and a local number and other numbers will be assigned in 50 different countries.

After receiving the confirmation email, you must download the FCC International application on your mobile device, Android or iOS. Once installed, you must enter your email and password and immediately generate a local calling code to open a conference or join an existing one.

Key Features

  • The conference call platform offers innovative services: Integrated recording functions (share and replay your meetings) Conference management with commands and web interface of your Meeting wall.
  • Schedule, start and track your calls using Outlook and Google Calendar. Locate the most important parts of your conferences using transcribed keywords. Use the radio function to broadcast live conferences over the Internet.
  • Play prerecorded video of sessions or audio recorded during live conferences. Upload any document or link to your meeting entrance wall or panel.
  • Send instant messages to your participants from the Meeting wall. Play, download and share recordings using 1 gigabit of free storage.

Official Link: https://www.freeconferencecall.com/


Join.me is a communication system that lets you share a computer screen in real-time with whoever you want. It allows your contacts to see what’s happening on your screen from their screen. There are many uses: it can be used at work, at home, at school and in all contexts where people say: “Come and see on my screen, it will be easier!”

A shortcut allows us to send invitations to join the sharing by email or to send documents by email when sharing. When sharing our screen, it is always possible to press the Pause button, which freezes the image. Otherwise, during the sharing period, all participants see the screen and also our mouse and what we write, they see everything we do!

It is also possible to make conference calls from a line on Join.me during a sharing session. However, this line is located in New York so long-distance charges may apply. With Join.me, we take advantage of the simplest and most efficient way to share information without anyone having to travel. And above all, you can use the “basic” version for free!

Key Features

  • The presenter will be the speaker and the one who shares the screen. You must also be the person who starts the meeting. Most likely, you use the presenter’s join.I account to hold the meeting.
  • You can invite participants as you would with any other scheduled meeting using Outlook, Google Calendar or a regular email.
  • There is a shortcut that allows us to send invitations to join the sharing by email or to send documents by email when sharing.

Official Link: https://www.join.me/


With the Webex conference tool, the experience is optimized for each participant, but also for the company. There are indeed several packages allowing you to properly target your needs and your volume of use of the Webex tool.It is also possible to take advantage of the “Call me” function of Webex, which allows you to be easily reached to join the conference with ease when you are on the go. No need to dial the number or access code; you are automatically inserted into the meeting by answering the phone!

You can even maximize the power of the CISCO Webex collaboration solution by creating your personal space in the Cloud. You can meet in your private room at any time for a videoconference or simple telephone conversation with your colleagues and clients. Simple and intuitive, Webex offers you everything you would expect from web, video and audio conferencing solutions.

Key Features

  • Web conferences with the best quality standards in the industry. It allows the exchange of video, voice and data sharing.
  • Powerful WebEx mobile applications are available on all platforms. Easy integration with existing tools like Cisco Jabber and Cisco TelePresence.
  • Cloud collaboration solution via the Cisco WebEx Cloud with performance, reliability, and security.

Download: https://www.webex.co.in/


This application is very easy to use. Just go to the home page, choose a name for the conference room and share or dictate the link to your contact. We can gather up to 8 people in each conference room. Written chat and screen sharing is possible. The application is based on the technology found in an up-to-date Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox browser, the same technology that allows Google Hangouts to operate without downloading software.

Like many video conferencing tools, appear.in is available on Android and iOs. It offers a free version with a virtual meeting room for exchanges with 4 people.

Key Features

  • Good audio and video quality and the possibility of participating in a videoconference without having to create an account or install the software.
  • Among its features, the customization of the URL (ex: appear.in/your-name), screen sharing and secure conversations.
  • In its paid versions (for freelancers, VSEs and SMEs), you have 3 virtual meeting rooms, 12 participants, the possibility of recording the conference and integration into your calendar.

Download: https://www.appeartv.com/


This application is similar to the previous ones on the list. Gruveo is secure, without an identifier or software installation. When you get to the home page, you enter the name of the room you want to create. Choose whether you want a video conference room or a telephone room. This app is limited to 2 users at a time.

Gruveo is free. You can integrate it into your website. The technology is based on up-to-date Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox browsers. There is an iOs application. Gruveo is an ideal IT tool for people, individuals or professionals, who often have to organize online meetings with interlocutors.

This software allows you to generate URL links to make calls on the internet. Concretely, you request a new URL, the website provides you with a link to send to your guests, and the call is launched: you can start your videoconference. The advantage is that you do not need to download anything, neither you nor your contact. In this way, you avoid possible problems with installation: the solution is quick to take in hand and execute, it is practical.

Key Features

  • The technology is based on up-to-date Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox browsers.
  • This software allows you to generate URL links to make calls on the internet.
  • You do not need to download anything, neither you nor your contact. In this way, you avoid possible problems with installation

Download: https://www.gruveo.com/


You certainly don’t know much about Jitsi, however, based on a secure Open-Source technology and requiring no installation, Jitsi is all the more easy to use. Note that it fits into your calendar to automate the sending of invitation links or Slack to launch directly from a conversation or a channel. Finally, mobile apps are available to integrate mobile users into conferences.

Key Features

  • Jitsi is a free and secure online application that offers service without creating an account with a simple browser and a URL.
  • The number of participants is not limited, it is the quality of the connection and the bandwidth that will limit them.
  • As a reminder, videoconferencing offers employees, friends, teachers/students to exchange and share documents (or screens) in real-time and remotely.
  • Nothing could be simpler, from the site, you authorize the use of your webcam and microphone, then you share the URL with your correspondents.

Download: https://jitsi.org/

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