15 best dating apps which are Free in 2021

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While in the present age everyone has their independent points of view, having a friend in one’s life doesn’t seem like a harmless idea. Our life may be loaded with things, yet we do require an individual with whom we can share those things with. Finding the right partner from across the world with the population crossing billions in number, isn’t as simple as it appears. To help you with this, there are sites and apps explicitly providing web-based dating facilities to deal with this concern. We have prepared a list of best dating apps that are free, work without paying any fees, free chat, video call and many more.

Best free dating apps for better relationships

In the below run down, we are going to introduce you to some of the best dating applications along with a synopsis for each, with the goal that you don’t miss the chance to meet new individuals and accordingly discover the love of your life.


With regard to free web-based dating, the one name that comes to anybody’s mind is Tinder. Among one of the best mainstream dating applications, it is extremely simple to utilize. All you need to do is to create a Tinder profile with either your regular phone number or email ID.


  • Following this, you need to fill in a few details, for example, your sexual orientation, date of birth, name, photographs, and much more. When this is done, you can begin swiping ceaselessly; you can left-swipe to dismiss the recommendations made by Tinder or right-swipe to acknowledge the proposals. Just in case it’s a match, it means both of you like one another, and hence, you can start with your discussion and check how it goes.
  • In the recommendations introduced by the application, you can tap on the picture of the individual to see the profile and more pictures to settle on your decision. Another fascinating aspect is that each chat head has distinctive jokes or one-liners when you coordinate with somebody, helping you to break the ice.
  • The application has three areas on the primary page: your profile, the page to swiping profiles, and the messages and feed segment. Besides, you can move up to Tinder Gold which is payable so as to have access to plenty of new highlights. There are three value additions to look at.

Pros: Location-based proposals
Cons: UI can seem jumbled now and again
Accessibility: Android and Ios
Download here: https://play.google.com
File Size: 31 MB


OkCupid is another application that can be viewed as extraordinary compared to other courtship applications for web-based dating. The explanation behind joining the application could be relationships, long haul dating, fellowships, and more.


  • The dating application includes the standard procedure of joining, filling in details, giving access to an area, and poses two or three extra inquiries to get as much of your details as possible and discover individuals who share similar interests.
  • Another similitude among OkCupid and other dating applications is the swiping idea of the proposals made by the applications.
  • The application has five significant classifications: Double-Take to direct the swiping, Discovery to explore more choices, Likes to see who likes you, Conversations for all the visits, and your profile. Also, you can improve your profile by upgrading to any of the three variants of lifts or paid elements.

Access: Provides coordinates according to the similarity
Cons: Doesn’t recognize the specific area
Accessibility: Android and iOS
Download here: Play.google.com
File Size: 24 MB


Badoo is another dating application that is known for its internet dating facility and thus, our rundown includes it. To use the application, you need to choose your sexual orientation and pick whether you need to go through your Facebook to sign in.


  • You need to enter your fundamental details — the date of birth, name, photographs, your purpose behind utilizing the application, and such. Following the typical method, you are allowed to utilize the application. Likewise, the app utilizes your area for proposals. Much like Tinder, you can like or reject the proposals made by the application, and in the end, decide to start a discussion on a possible relationship.
  • The application has five segments: the messages segment, the explore area, the live spilling segment, the like/dismiss segment, and your profile. Each time somebody selects you or writes to you, the application will notify you. Additionally, the messages segment shows the number of profile visits, likes, and frequency when individuals made you a choice.
  • Also, you can by-default see an individual’s profile to know more and can even track your regularity on the application, to make it one of the dating applications that work on your requirements and helps you explore your preferred mate.

Pros: Highly sorted out an application
Cons: Annoying messages and likes
Accessibility: Android and iOS
Download here: https://play.google.com
File Size: 21 MB


Happn is among the free dating applications that are well known in India. The application has a unique method of functioning as compared to other best dating applications right now. It requests that you sign in with either your number or online networking and expects you to include all your important details.


  • It requires your birthday, name, photographs, inclinations, and some more details, for example, cooking aptitudes, celebrating ways, and more to better understand you.
  • The application (which offers area-based proposals) comes with a basic UI with four sections: to investigate, to get notifications, to message, and your profile. Once you are a subscriber of Happn, the application sends messages to you with tips to utilize the application proficiently.
  • Searching for individuals is quite simple and follows a similar practice of rejecting or accepting an individual. You can swipe through an individual’s profile and photographs to discover more. Besides, you can call individuals or send voice chronicles as an alternative to messaging.

Pros: Simple and flawless UI
Cons: Poor proposals
Accessibility: Android and iOS
Download here: https://play.google.com
File Size: 16 MB

Plenty of Fish (POF)

When you open up the Plenty of Fish (PoF) application, you would need to join first and fill in a few specifics, for example, username, secret word, email ID, and more to begin with. Once done, you are expected to respond to a few inquiries that will assist you during internet dating.


  • Once you are done filling the responses and confirm your submission, you would then be able to begin searching for dates on the application. The application’s landing page has different alternatives to choose: Messages, Will Respond, Search, Nearby, My Matches, Viewed Me, Meet Me, Profile, and Favorites.
  • Moreover, you can also find more options to look at, from the list that’s running at the bottom of the screen. You can tap on the image of the individual to see the profile or start a discussion. POF is one of the dating administrations that assist you with finding an individual you can have a possible relationship with.

Pros: Questionnaire choice
Cons: Limited functions in the free form
Accessibility: Android and Ios
Download here: https://play.google.com
File Size: Varies with devices


Bumble is one of the top dating applications that can help you find your match, easily. The standard login process needs some of your basic details that include sexual inclinations, and the explanation behind joining Bumble, followed by which you can start using the app.


  • The application’s landing page allows you to reduce or choose the recommended individual. You need to left-swipe to dismiss an individual and right-swipe to start chatting. Swiping is really simple as with Tinder. The upper left corner has your profile symbol and the upper right corner has the message area.
  • Compared to other similar apps, it comes with a user-friendly interface and urges ladies to initiate a discussion with men, and not the other way around.

Pros: Simple application
Cons: Lesser choices
Accessibility: Android and iOS
Download here: https://play.google.com
File Size: 17 MB


The eHarmony application permits you to go for free web-based dating by joining and attending an itemized poll to search for the best match you need, making it an easygoing dating application for genuine connections.


  • When you are signed into the application, you must fill in the responses that include answering basic single word questions and set up your profile. Followed by it, you need to search for the correct matches and see whether the individuals suggested are right for you.
  • While the inquiries posed seem interesting and useful for finding the ideal match, it takes a longer time to finish filling the responses and begin utilizing the application. The application has a simple and responsive interface that features sections like the Activity to know your application exercises, Matches to search for individuals, Messages for all the messages, What If to update the application and your Profile segment.
  • While utilizing the dating application, it does not offer plenty of alternatives to look over in comparison to other similar apps on the list, which makes it one of its downsides.

Pros: Fairly composed application
Cons: A truly long arrangement process
Accessibility: Android and iOS
Download here: https://play.google.com
File Size: 23 MB

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel follows the basic idea of free internet dating, attempting to deliver a great dating experience for you. The application follows a straightforward procedure of signing in and creating a profile, followed by which you can begin searching for individuals based on your decision.


  • The application has three segments: Suggested, Discover, and Chats — to search for individuals and lastly converse with them.
  • To discover individuals, you simply need to go to the Suggested or Discover areas and like the ones you need to converse with. You can dismiss them or start a discussion legitimately by picking the crossing out or talk symbols beneath their profile.
  • Moreover, you can tap on the individual profiles to know more about them. You can take advantage of its advanced features by updating the application and by signing up for any of the given plans.

Pros: Ease of use
Cons: Plenty of bolted highlights
Accessibility: Android and iOS
Download here: https://play.google.com
File Size: 9.1 MB


The Hinge dating application offers a web-based dating experience, which is unique as compared to different applications.


  • The way that it moves from the standard process of ‘swiping’ in a dating application says a lot about its uniqueness. In the event that you need to converse with an individual, you simply need to like the profile and begin constructing an association.
  • After a short presentation and a straightforward sign-up process, the application needs you to answer a few questions for the best experience.
  • One thing that is great about it is that there are a limited number of queries and you get the choice to skip the ones you would prefer not to reply to.
  • The application has a straightforward UI with four segments: one to find individuals, second to see the preferences you got, third to see the matches you got, and the fourth incorporates your profile and settings.

Pros: Not compulsory to respond to all inquiries
Cons: Not a great deal of choices accessible
Accessibility: Android and iOS
Download here: https://play.google.com
File Size: 18 MB


While Grindr is one of the well known gay dating applications, it also permits individuals with other sexual inclinations, making it stand out in the list of dating applications. With five segments such as Profiles, Inbox, Videos, Faves, Store, the application permits you to search for individuals around you and lets you watch recordings from the Videos area.


  • Talking of advantages and highlights, the Grindr application offers two choices: Xtra and Unlimited, each having three plans
  • Likewise, the Messages area has a ‘Taps’ segment that shows all the individuals who have sent you a request on the application. Also, you can create an event on the application for bunch talks.
  • While the dating application has different highlights for web-based dating, the dim subject of the application clubbed with notices isn’t something interesting.

If you are already dating then try these free shared calendar apps for couple.

Pros: Simple UI
Cons: Ads
Accessibility: Android and iOS
Download here: https://play.google.com
File Size: 33 MB


As the name suggests, Her is one of the top dating applications for ladies, especially for lesbians and bisexuals. Nevertheless, the application can be utilized by anybody and doesn’t limit its use.


  • With a basic arrangement procedure and a simple UI, the application permits you to discover individuals by swiping: right-swipe to like somebody and left-swipe to dismiss somebody just like Tinder.
  • Additionally, the application is known for its broad-minded approach, which is the reason why it’s a part of the best dating applications rundown.
  • There are five areas in the application: Meet, Who Liked Me, Chats, Notifications, and Feed. Moreover, you can access its advanced features by upgrading to its Premium version.

Pros: Openness of the application
Cons: Lack of choices
Accessibility: Android and iOS
Download here: https://play.google.com
File Size: 18 MB


Match.com is a simple dating app that lets you order a date, build relationships, and even get married to someone once everything is finalized. As soon as you launch the website, it opens a pop-up that asks for some of your basic details like your gender and your preferred gender for dating, required age criteria, country, region, and cities.


  • The country options are wide and not just limited to a few. Once you have filled up all the details, it takes you to the photos section where you are first asked to sign up. Followed by which you are asked to enter your specifics – height, body type, if any relationships, kids, kids preference, educational background, and more. Finally, you would need to upload your photo for better chances.
  • It offers other advanced options like getting involved in online flirting, updates on who checked or liked your profile, integration with Apple and Android Wear, and much more.
  • Best of all, it’s working on a phone app that connects you with a dating advisor and pointers.

Pros: Offers a good list of possible matches.
Cons: No restriction on who can message you which can be annoying.
Accessibility: Android and iOS.
Download here: https://play.google.com/
File Size: 17 MB

The League

This is a premium level app for those looking for matches with higher standards or the elite class. It helps you find matches based on your specific preferences like someone who shares the same education as you, or the zeal. To top it all, you must be approved first to move ahead and find matches.


  • Shows you only those people who match up with your requirements, and if you meet theirs. Manages your community perfectly well, keeps you involved, and surrounded by dynamic people ready for relationships, using its state-of-the-art screening process and tracking techniques. Swiping right on the screen increases your odds of getting a perfect match and start communicating.
  • Encourages messaging your match or it gets expired after14 days, connects you to only authenticated accounts, allows you to set preferences with higher specifications, and more.

Pros: Huge volume of elite class matches and great customer service.
Cons: Matches per day are limited despite the higher price tag.
Accessibility: Android & iOS.
Download here: https://play.google.com/
File Size: 35 MB


Chappy dating apps

Chappy is designed specially keeping the gay population in mind. This is a superior quality platform for gay men where they can find their perfect match for dating. Its primary aim is to maintain the originality while setting up a date or approaching for friendship.


  • It verifies the accounts for authenticity, asks for face pics as an obligation, syncs with Instagram for the possibility to find more matches, and implies user code of conduct. Moreover, it comes with different modes for different types of matches. Men can either opt for commitment, to go casual, or just with the intention to date.
  • Alternatively, you can simply make friends using the Chappy Friends mode to simply talk to someone.

Pros: Helps you to find both casual matches and long-term relationships.
Cons: more inclined to those under the age of 35.
Download: https://play.google.com
Accessibility: Android & iOS.


This social media app requires no separate introduction when it comes to making friends. Many people have even got married after being friends on Facebook making it also a dating app after being known as the world’s largest friendship app.


  • You can send friendship requests to the people you like and start chatting through its messenger app once your request is accepted. Daily chatting may either lead to friendship or move on to dating and even marriage.
  • You must sign up with the app with all your basic details like your name, age, phone number, and email address. Once verified, you can choose to upload your photo which is rather better to find a good match.
  • You can further add your details related to education, career, which gender are you interested in, your likings in terms of books, music, singers, food, etc., your political inclination, and a lot more.
  • You can upload photos/videos, share them with your friends, tag them, post status, comment on other’s status, and there’s a whole lot of possibilities to improve your connection with the person you like. Considering that half the world is on Facebook now, there are high chances of you hitting it right with someone.

Pros: Extremely easy to start with, completely free, and syncs with Instagram.
Cons: Profiles can be fake also.
Accessibility: Android & iOS.
Download here: https://play.google.com/
File Size: Varies with device


While all the applications on this rundown highlighting the best dating applications appear to be changed and have characteristics of their own, the undisputed top choice was Tinder because of the wide range of quality choices accessible. So why wait, download your most preferred app and let’s begin dating. Happy Dating On The Go!



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