Best Free GnuCash Alternatives

GnuCash is a free accounting software designed for personal use. This software is easy to use and can take up simple accounting operations like maintaining a budget to more complex ones like managing year-end closings and split accounting. The software also supports features like Bank Reconciliation, Payroll Management and Expense Tracking in its basic version.

GNUCash - free accounting software

If you are not happy or looking for better software, then you may consider GnuCash alternatives which are free and easy to use. Here is the complete list of similar software which can replace GnuCash software:

When you are maintaining the daily income and expenses record then it is important to use good and reliable software. The GnuCash is free yet powerful accounting software that can be used by an individual professional to small scale business owners. It has both debit and credit entry along with a user-friendly interface. One can also maintain stock and mutual fund portfolios using this tool.

Money Manager Ex

Money Manager Ex Logo

Money Manager Ex could be your favorite alternative to GnuCash as it has almost same features, plus comes with features like stock, assents, and budget forecasting. It is an intuitive, open-source finance software that is easy to use. This software is the best for personal use because of its features like one-click reporting and its capability to undertake multiple tasks. You can manage your credit cards, savings, stock investment accounts and can make an overall budget with this simple and clean software. What more, it supports nearly 24 different languages.

File Size: 7.3 Mb
Support: Windows-32bit/64bit, macOS, Linux, Android


HomeBank Logo

A perfect free tool to manage your personal and small business accounting.  HomeBank is a free software designed to manage personal accounts with an easy to use interface. A special feature of this software is that it allows you to keep a track of your finances by converting it to easy to understand filtering tools and graphs. It has features like duplicate entry detection, monthly and annual budget and support 56 languages.

File Size: 7.57 Mb
Support: GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, macOS


Skrooge Logo

Skrooge is a personal finance manager application where you can feed, regulate and manage your expenses with efficiency. It has an interface that is easy to operate and can present your finances with the area, line charts, pies, and plain tables. You can feed your financial information to this software through other websites, spreadsheets or directly from your bank’s website and in multiple currencies. It allows importing data from popular software like Microsoft Money, HomeBankand obvious GnuCash. It can create a report on a monthly and yearly basis. Plus it has a simple and user-friendly dashboard that will give a professional look and feel of accounting software.

File Size: It varies
Support: Windows, MacOS, Linux, BSD, Ubuntu, Opensuze, Snap, Flatpak

Firefly III

Firefly III Logo

Firefly III is an open-source ideal financial planner that helps you manage your earnings, savings, loans, and payments. The interface is highly advanced, consistent, readable and intuitive and supports various ways of budget planning according to the personal needs of the user.

File Size:
Support: Unknown


Invoiceplane Logo

This is free software that can manage your invoices, quotes, clients and payments efficiently. You can customize the various templates and settings according to your financial needs and taste. It supports up to 25 online payment options like PayPal and Coinbase that your customers can send payments by and it will be automatically uploaded into the software.

File Size: 13.4 Mb
Support: Google Chrome or Firefox or any other browser


Zipbooks Logo

With its easy and quick interface, ZipBooks is an ideal software for financial management for personal as well as small scale commercial use. This is free software that allows the users to send quotes and invoices to customers. This software automatically categorizes your finances into separate projects and automatically updates you when an invoice needs to be cleared. You can also insert your logo in the invoices with ZipBooks.

File Size: Cloud software
Support: Windows, Android, IOS, Macintosh


Ledger Logo

It is a powerful software that allows double-entry accounting with an easy and simple interface. Financial reports can be given to Ledger through text files, which the software studies to make reports for the users. The reports are available in text and graphs. This software is simple in terms of features and easy to use but highly efficient in managing finances.

File Size: Unknown
Support: Mac, Linux, and Windows


Grisbi Logo

Grisbi uses a very simple setup to manage your finances. However, this is a highly intuitive software that can support many currencies, users and accounts. It can manage yearly budgets, budget limits, receipts categories and even expenditures for the users.

File Size: It varies
Support: Mac, Linux, Windows and Android


Km Money Logo

This is an extremely reliable software as it will help you in your financial records in proper order. This s very easy to use and since it is open-sourced you can tweak it as per your requirements. It does not matter if you are non-technical you will still be able to handle the software well. The good news is that this software offers all the necessary features that one would expect. The user interface is very neatly arranged so you will not have any trouble navigating.

File Size: 103.41 Mb
Support: Linux, Windows, FreeBSD


Jgnash Company Logo

This software is Java-based and with this, you can have total control over your finances. This includes a double-entry facility where you can store records for more than one currency. Avail accounting with double-entry with access to reconciliation tools. The software also has notifications and automatic entry for any transaction. This software is compatible with almost any operating system.

File Size: 40.6 Mb
Supports: Windows, Mac, Linux

Mint Logo

With you can bring your bills and accounts together and keep your finances sorted for good. You can also create your customized budgets with the software. You will have access to credit scores without causing any damage to your personal credit. When it comes to security this software is the best as it will require to you input a unique code of 4 digits. You can manage your accounts from any corner of the world with this software. This software is very easy to handle and almost anyone can use it. This has received very high ratings for its features.

File Size: Unknown
Supports: Linux


Buxfer Logo

Are you on the lookout for any software that will help you manage your accounts very easily? Buxfer is the right software for you. You can now have all your financial information stored in one place. Keep monitoring your investments and cut down on your expenses. With this software, you can also plan future savings. With Buxfer you do not have to worry about security as it is impossible to hack. The software automatically links all your financial records. As a user, you can add any number of transactions and you can always review them later. Have total control over your budget by allowing the software to set limits to your spending. You will also get prompt alerts after you have carried out a transaction. The software also sends you regular alerts on any due bills, this feature is a cool one as it saves you the trouble of paying a late fee.

File Size: 7.43 Mb
Supports: Windows 7.0 & higher, iOS 5.0 or higher, Android


Financisto Logo

Financisto has become everyone’s favorite over the years simply because it offers fabulous features to the users. With this fabulous software managing your money has never been easier. You can deal in more than one currency and also more than one account. This software can handle everything very easily. You can pretty much relax as this software has fully automated backups on a daily basis. This has received a lot of positive reviews from customers based on its smooth operations and features.

File Size: 8.07 Mb
Supports: Android


So, if you are about to take the final call about the GnuCash alternatives, then the above list will help you to choose the best software without incurring a single penny. Do let me know which accounting software do you use for personal or business finance management.


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  1. A problem with Intuit Quicken has me searching for new software from a different vendor. Intuit has problems. I want to set-up a Christmas account (sinking fund) for some of the long term needs, ie monthly savings for car, vacation home or RV. I want to manage that all from my checking account. Problems occur for me when I go to do the monthly reconciliation. Quicken just does not work.

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