8 Best Lyrics Apps in 2020 for Android and iPhone

In this age of massive technological wave where we carry almost the entire worlds in our smartphones, carrying diaries and songbooks have become outdated practices. Therefore, users are looking for a better and smarter way to remember and get hold of the lyrics of their favorite songs. The extreme advancement in the field of musical apps however provides you with a lot more than the mere lyrics to your loved songs. There are a number of different applications that would help you find lyrics and do your job in a simpler way than you can ever imagine. Since these apps are always in close competition among themselves, it becomes difficult for users to select one from the lot and identify the most suitable one.

Best lyrics apps for iPhone and Android phone

Here I have prepared a list of best lyrics apps that you can use on your iPhone or Android for free. These apps have the highest rating and review left by the user. So, let’s find out some of the best lyrics applications to listen to your favorite songs.  


A rising favorite to the music lovers, Musixmatch grabs you the opportunity to carry your beloved lyrical diary right on your smartphones. With a rating of 4.5, this app has been shortlisted as the Editor’s Choice on play store. If you are looking for the perfect lyrics app, Musixmatch can be trusted with closed eyes. This application not only provides you with the lyrics but also several other pieces of information about the songs you search.

Given below are some of its exciting features:

  • Users can locate songs from YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, and many more music apps.
  • While playing a particular song on your mobile, the Musixmatch app displays real-time lyrics on your notification area of the current playing track. This is one of the outstanding features of the app that imparts an intuitive interface to the users.
  • Lyrics on this app can be translated into other languages as well. This gained some worldwide popularity for the app.
  • With a single tap, users can get the lyrics to any song that is being played around.
  • The app features an advanced search engine. Even if you do not remember the song title or the artist, you can search any line and it would lead you to the lyrics of the song you wanted.

However, there are certain features that need in-app purchases in order to be unlocked. Musixmatch Lyrics also has a premium version that has been claimed to be a bit over-priced by certain users.

Download: Android and iOS
File Size: 11 MB for Android


QuickLyric too can grab you with the lyrics to any song in an instant. The app supports a huge number of music players like Spotify, Google Play Music, Shuttle Music Player, Apple Music, Phonograph, PowerAmp, PlayerPro and many more. Although QuickLyric doesn’t support SoundCloud yet, the new updates are supposed to work with YouTube in all possibilities. It partly supports Wynk Music as well.

Following are some of the features provided by QuickLyric:

  • You can get lyrics offline as well when using the QuickLyric app.
  • Users can enjoy a perfect karaoke experience as QuickLyric can provide you with excellent synchronization of lyrics along with the song or tune playing in the background.
  • It features floating lyrics that can let you avoid any interruptions while working on other apps or browser on your phone.
  • QuickLyric can identify any song that is being played outside the system itself. All you need is a working microphone, tap the identifier key on the app hold your microphone towards the playing song.
  • QuickLyric also has a very genuine support system that is ready to answer all your queries.

QuickLyric comes with a number of in-app purchases, however, the installation of the app is absolutely free. Some users have reported it to be expensive. The QuickLyric premium too has some additional exciting features.

Download: Android
File Size: 11 MB


Genius comes with a huge collection of songs and lyrics that help you find and learn new songs and get the lyrics of your favorite songs both online as well as offline. The app lets you live stream and you can get hold of any song lyric by just typing some of the words or phrases you remember.

Given below are some of the features provided by this app:

  • You can get the lyrics to your known songs and also look for trending music.
  • You can find the lyrics of songs playing outside your system with the help of your phone microphone.
  • Genius not only provides you with lyrics but also a complete knowledge about facts and related trivia of the song you’re searching for.

Though the app contains too many advertisements, it is recommended by many users across the globe and has secured a good rating in the Google Play Store app.

Download:  Android and iOS
File Size: Varies with devices

Lyrics Mania

Lyrics Mania not only serves as an excellent lyrics finder but is also a music player. This multi-tasking app can enhance your musical experience at a single go. Lyrics Mania may not have a huge number of features which especially helps the app to keep clean. It is extremely user-friendly with uncomplicated features and can serve the minimalistic purpose of listening to a million songs and getting their lyrics side by side.

Following are some of the good reasons why one must select this app:

  • Simple to use without too many complicated features.
  • It lets you connect and find the lyrics from a number of other music players.
  • With the help of a MusicID users can find the lyrics of any song that is being played nearby.
  • The app does not take up a lot of your memory space.

There are certain in-app purchases that unlock some of the features of Lyrics Mania. This app, however, lacks a premium version.

Download: Android and iOS
File Size: Unknown


SoundHound is yet another extremely popular application that would help you find the lyrics of your favorite song on your smartphones along with a number of other features. This app has been highly rated in the Google Play Store and is recommended by many users. SoundHound is a very highly technical app that is quite different and outstanding than the ones in its genre.

Following are some of the unique features that you may not come across in some of the other alike apps:

  • It can automatically transfer the songs discovered by the user into a Spotify playlist. These songs can be synced in other devices as well.
  • Users are allowed to share their discoveries via social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.
  • SoundHound lets you save the list of songs you have searched in the history that makes your experience easier.
  • The app has a very unique feature known as “Hey Soundhound…” that works almost like Siri and OK Google. This gives you an interactive music finding experience.

Download: Android and iOS
File Size: Varies with device


Shazam is yet another one of the popular lyric applications. The main motive fulfilled by the app is that of song recognition. Shazam, as some would say, has the best ear for music. However, it’s not just identification, the app also helps you gain knowledge about the artist, album and title of the songs and of course lyrics. Shazam comes with an extremely user-friendly and intuitive interface that gives you the opportunity to dive into your love for music.

Listed below are some of the exciting features offered by the Shazam app:

  • Lyrics are displayed along with songs and you can enjoy a karaoke evening with friends.
  • It allows you to add songs on Spotify playlists as well.
  • You can link your Shazam account with Apple Music.
  • Shazam also provides you with recommended tracks that can help you find new music.

Overall this app is popular worldwide due to its smooth functioning and has secured a 4.4 rating on Google Play Store app.

You may try free music players for Windows 10 if using a laptop or desktop.

Download: Android and iOS
File Size: It Varies


ALSong is a powerful app when it comes to lyrics identification and display. The app perfectly performs its function. It has a simple user interface and minimal features. ALSong not only serves as an excellent lyrics finder application but is also a music player. Therefore you can play songs and get their lyrics alongside in the same app.

Some of the features brought to you by the ALSong app are as follows:

  • The application updates a daily song chart for you to explore and get hold of new music.
  • ALSong gives you the option to update or modify the existing sync lyrics if required.
  • This app can provide you with floating lyrics so that you can use it along with other apps.
  • You are allowed to prepare playlists and play charts and manage them accordingly.

Due to its higher space occupancy, it has been rejected by certain users, however, the app works quite efficiently and is recommended by many.

Download:  Android
File Size: 23 MB

Learn Languages With Music

Created and designed by Lyrics Training, Learn Language With Music is an innovative app that approaches language learning and makes the process musical for its users. Using this app you can learn different languages from the lyrics of your favorite songs being displayed. Music has always proved to be a great solution when it comes to learning. Musical studies help you learn and remember faster and when it comes to a language it makes the process easily comprehensible and communicative.

Given below are some of the features provided to you by the app:

  • It comes with an exciting karaoke mode that allows you to sing along with the tracks played in the background.
  • The application features a bilingual dictionary and an integrated translation that helps to learn a song in more than one language and also decipher the meanings of a foreign or unknown language song.
  • It makes your musical journey even more interactive as you can compete and challenge other users all around the globe by playing daily “level up” challenges.

Learn Language With Music is overall a brilliant concept and helps you improve your vocabulary as well as learn new languages through an amazing musical journey.

Download: Android
File Size: 11 MB


I hope you find the list of best and free lyrics apps useful. If you know any other similar tool then you may add your comment below.

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