Top 15 Websites to Download PC Games for Free (2021)

Are you looking for reliable websites to download PC games for free/paid that works on Windows 10 and older versions?  In 2020, there are tons of online games are gearing up for you to try: to play on your computer you don’t have to pay and to download numerous titles without spending a penny from your pocket.

The titles are lawful and allow you to invest hours and hours before the desktop. We will tell you where to do PC games without payment if you are not aware of them and would like to check their catalogs.

You can find titles from all genres and characteristics, both popular and unknown, in the catalogs of these platforms and web sites with free games. From the most popular free games, such as Dota 2, to classic video games, free for a limited time to download or indie titles to be discovered yet.

The answer is a big ‘ Yes’. While sticking to the legal responsibilities, you have extensive options before you: don’t think you have to illegally download a torrent or an executable file to test paid titles. There are many pages and shops which offer free and secure games.

Best PC Games Sites to Download for 2020

Here is updated 15 best websites to download games on your PC:


Steam is one of the most popular websites to download PC games for free and paid. In the store of this site, there are usually new games of the indie type available, specifically in its free-to-play game section. Sometimes they offer discounts for a limited time of 15 to 100 percent off the original price.

Steam Games - The best video game download website

This site stands out primarily for being the creator of games like DotA 2, ARK, Arma 3, and many other popular titles. You just need to register to get some free. Steam offers free online games on PC without any type of paid subscription in between, unlike what happens with the online games on console, which does require payment. The games in the Steam catalog receive constant updates at the discretion of the publisher of each video game.

  • Popularity (Alexa Ranking): 350 (approx)
  • Free and Paid Version games


Well, HumbleBundle is not actually a site from which you can download free games. The platform is known for listing games that are for sale. The sale offers are insane and you will occasionally get an 80% discount on the best games.

Humble Bundle Games

They also have games under “Pay what you want” where you can pay what you want to access the game. So HumbleBundle is definitely the best website you can visit to download games.

  • Popularity (Alexa Ranking): 1,435 (approx)
  • Free and Paid Version games

If what you are looking for is free indie video games website to download for PC, on the portal you will find a good assortment of titles of genres and very varied characteristics. The catalog is made up of more than 87,000 demos and free games, and to locate them quickly you can filter the list by price by clicking on the Free option in the Price section. Games

You have tabs at your disposal to organize the results by popularity, top sales, best rated, or recently added. You can also filter by gender or by tag. In the detail tab of each game, you will see all the information provided by the developer and you can download the title and save it on your computer.

  • Popularity (Alexa Ranking): 1,700 (approx)
  • Play Free & Paid Games Online

It is a Polish company CD Projekt videogame sales and distribution service. It also gives a wide catalog of free PC games that you can access to your desktop, in addition to paid titles. All you need to have to go to the Store page to find the unrestricted titles and choose Free in the Price option. You’ll immediately see that all the choices available, including demos, packs, and additional content of paid games, paid titles that can be briefly downloaded for free thanks to a promotion, and free games.

Gog Games Free Game download website

Extensive data, requirement analysis, or user ratings can be seen in the detail tab of each of them. To install titles, you have to make a free account and download application on your computer, like any other digital video game distributor platform. Once this is done, the games you want can be saved in your library and accessed via the app.

  • Popularity (Alexa Ranking): 2,250 (approx)
  • Free and Paid Version games


A further suggested site to download free games for the PC is the origin, the online video game platform developed by Electronic Arts. It does have a segment that you can access for free titles. Here is the placement of Invite the house, a section that includes overhauls and complete games which can be briefly obtained free of charge.

Origin Games

The Tests section, by contrast, provides you with limited access to a complete game in order to test it, with the benefit that if you decide to buy it your progress is saved. A section devoted to demos and beta is also available.

Finally, there is a specific free games section. They have a wide range of free games that one can play like:

  • Apex Legends,
  • Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances,
  • Star Wars:L The Old Republic etc

All you have to do to get availability to the catalog is to make a free online account and configure the application Origin on your PC which gives you access to your gaming library to perform on your pc.

  • Popularity (Alexa Ranking): 4,100 (approx)
  • Free and Paid Version games


It is a remarkable internet gaming location with hundreds of games at the moment once you’ve registered. Here you can play free with your friends. Well, one of the best websites to download old ranking games is the Best Old Games.

Pogo Games

Now, most games with less than 2 GB of RAM can be found on this site. More than hundreds of games are held on the site and your childhood is a welcome experience.

  • Popularity (Alexa Ranking): 5,900 (approx)
  • Play Free Games Online
  • Good for kids under 15 years

Green Man Gaming

This is an online video game retailer based in the UK with a multi-platform catalog operated outside of the United Kingdom of over 6 600 titles from over 660 outlets in 195 countries with 90 percent of its sales.

Green Man Gaming

The website, merged into the online store, created a gamers portal for networking, gaming information, news and activities, reviews, and multiplayer streaming, is confirmed by the Green Man Gaming in March 2017. The company recently revealed its goal, which is part of the London Stock Exchange to expand its customer base and to drive global growth. Geeky information, data, and IP are central to the business and lead it to be a technical pioneer in the field of video games and, and partners with independent gaming companies internationally to sell their own titles and improve titles’ exposure in a competitive marketplace.

  • Popularity (Alexa Ranking): 9,500 (approx)
  • Download Free and Paid Games

Abandonware Games

Do you remember Doom, The Secret of Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion? Don’t let go of the tear so soon. Save yourself for when you’ve downloaded all those games that hooked you on the screen. Abandonware DOS is a good place to download them, and there is a total of 700.

My Abandonware Games

The word was coined by Peter Ringering at the end of 1996 and refers to those programs, and especially video games, discontinued or difficult to find for sale due to their antiquity, the change of name of the company that developed it, which disappeared, filed for bankruptcy or has an uncertain legal status for various reasons, which is why it is understood that this software will no longer be marketed and therefore, its non-profit download will not cause any economic damage, which It is not the same as distributing it for free. With the growth and popularity of the Internet, the exchange of old software increased remarkably.

  • Popularity (Alexa Ranking): 25,000 (approx)
  • Download old Games for free



Another best webpage in which you can install all of your games on your PC for free. It’s a free source of online games that gives you game lists, game downloads, and game evaluations and so much more that you’ll know after accessing the website. Here you can search for any game and directly download the game to your PC for free. Also, there you can get free download high definition 3D games and all PlayStation games for your PC.

Acid Play

Acid Play

It is one of the best places for easily getting your favorite games. The creators of the site have used search systems, standings, and suggestions to build a website that will help you determine and download the complete game in less than a minute. Most free games are downloadable directly from their download servers. And all the games are scanned downloads using ClamAV so that they are safe and quick.

Home of the Underdogs

Home of the Underdogs Games

This tool is yet another site that offers you tonnes of free downloads. Home of the Underdogs is decent that it can be downloaded with a large number of titles. The Underdogs’ house currently includes more than 5,000 games and the site is quarterly updated. It’s also another of the best PC games websites to download.

It was one of the best places to get the best free play on your PC. Another of the best ways to find the massive list of the most popular games you’ll like to explore on your PC and all the games are indeed free. The game sections have included relevant data on how unrestricted and compatible a game simply is, and also requirement analysis and software requirements.

Free PC Gamers

FreePCGamers is an unrestricted game centered website. Games that are unjustly neglected, as many hold good attributes. This app evaluates those games to ensure that they are getting their 15 minutes of attention. They contain all genres of the game: action, exploration, informal, girl games, First Person Shooter, musical, platformer, motorsport, imaginative play, visualization, sporting events, strategy, etc. It offers several of the best PC games, such as action games, strategic games, logic games, adventure games, sports, and racing games, and much more that you’ll know after visiting the site. You will find a variety of free games consoles on this site which can be downloaded for free.



Founded in 1998, MegaGames is a great video-games service for all hardcore gamers.

  • It provides educational resources about e-sports news and gaming, and it has a large database of cheat codes.
  • Has a constantly growing collection of games, where users can also contribute with their own gaming freeware and video-games.
  • The website also sports the largest collection of game trainers, mods, and emulators on the web.
  • The only negative of MegaGamesis that it takes quite a bit of time to download games and the site can be slow to load. (Dirty Little Helper)

Dirty Little Helper

A German-based community, does detailed reviews of the latest games and deliver news of gaming hardware.

  • has a varied provision of cheat codes and they will often provide to gamers who are stuck at certain stages of the game, assistance via game hints, trainers, or save games.
  • Technical support is offered through the use of patches and although before they were more Steam focused, they have now expanded to games on different platforms, including next-gen and current consoles.



GameTop is the safest space for downloading free games.

  • No malware, no spyware or ads, and it are merely through their unique licensing system, that all of their games are legal.
  • The website only provides full versions of games and it has a constantly growing collection of over 1,000 games.
  • GameTop has varied video-game genres and there’s something for the hardcore gamer, as well as the amateur casual.
  • The service has also proven to be an ally for indie developers, as they help advertise their games to the millions of patrons on their site.



If you’re a versatile gamer who loves to discover new games, then check out MyRealGames.

  • All of their games are fully licensed and they do not come with any advertisements, malware, or spyware.
  • There are no registrations or memberships required, all you need to do to download a game can be done in a matter of a few clicks.
  • A dozen new titles get added every week to the assortment of diverse game genres and the site even provides you with mobile as well as PC games.



CNET is the most comprehensive source of video game news, reviews, and developments.

  • All the information is unbiased and wholly technical. All the advice regarding hardware is conceived of by experts.
  • CNET doesn’t just deal in video games, but they also provide information about protective software and the newest consoles as well as gaming PCs.
  • The site has been active since 1994, and it is easily the most experienced platform when it comes to video games.

So above are the 15 best websites to download free & paid PC games. Visit the sites and search for your favorite games there and get all the great games for your PC for free. Hope you like the sites discussed here, share this with others too. Leave a comment if you want to.



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