Best Winamp Skins for Windows 10

Wondering which is the best Winamps Skins for Windows 10? I have listed 10 best stylish designs to give a cool look and feel. Winamp (Windows Advanced Multimedia Products) is a media player for Windows, macOS, and Android, originally developed by Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev by their company Nullsoft and was first released on April 21, 1997. It supports extensible plug-ins and skins and features music visualization, playlist, and a media library, supported by a large online community. Now Nullsoft belongs to AOL, an online service provider company.

Best Winamp Skins 2020

Winamp is an extremely popular application among millennials and one of the best things about Winamp is that we can customize the theme of the player using tons of skins available on the internet.

I will present my top 10 skins you can get for Winamp for Windows 10.

10 Best Winamp Skins for Free

1- Dark Materia

This is an exemplary or says classic Winamp Version designed and developed by Tetsuwan which has a download-estimation of approximately 31,139 and it has also collected an average viewership of 48,518. The skin is best suited and also looks great with the primary (main) window open, attracting the end-user through its appearance. The playlist doesn’t bolster any adjust corners, however, the dark wallpaper of it seems really cool and extraordinary.

Download the Dark Materia theme for Winamp from here-

2- Ebonite

This is a modern Winamp Skin made by Skin-Consortium and released on 8th January 2010. It is a clean and glassy skin with 6 nodes and a custom playlist. It has a size of about 2.15 megabytes. The two winning personalities or say the winning feature of this variant skin is that it provides 90 degrees rotated visualization and it is also compatible with all windows versions. The other normally or say regularly used options are kept in a contextual menu format accessible through the usual toolbar. The other options are in form of a tray that slides back and forth by clicking on it. Although this skin provides many good features it has only 3,974 downloads only.

Download from this official webpage-

3- Inspirat SE Winamp Classic

This Winamp skin was created by “NoreWalker”. It is a classic Winamp version. It has swept on an average viewership of 18,564 but on the contrary, it was downloaded only by 14,749. This skin has no special specifications, rather it was first playlist editor only skin i.e, it had no main window but later the developer of this variant added one main window. But it has still no equalizer and it has no media library. The color is metallic and also seems pretty familiar with the metro skin. However, if we compare the downloads of both the versions, the Inspirant SE classic will easily take over the Metro skin.

Visit the DevianArt page of this skin here-

4- Decadence Winamp Skin

At first look, it may seem like royal. But it is not, still, you can always consider it. This variant was designed & developed by Akka.  It is totally free and available mainly in .zip format. It has a decent stylish look. It credits cash to the principle creator as he permits publicly releasing of this skin upon consents because it is one of the classic skins which was total ‘’Open Sourced’’ i.e, you have to take authorizations to alter or circulate this skin. If someone asks me to rank Winamp skins then I would definitely rank this skin as a furious 4, I would personally recommend this skin for it’s royal and mesmerizing look.

Find Decadence skin here-

5- Gaia10 Winamp Skin

It is for those who are minimalists and always seek something simple, elegant, beautiful, and something that is just enough. Not only it’s simple but it also provides all the necessary features in a very efficient way. It is a mix-bag of flat & metro looks. I would definitely recommend this to someone who likes simple but useful things.

NOTE: You will need to have a cPro plugin installed for using this skin.

There are several Winamp similar players that you may try.

Gaia10 is very cool looking skin. It was designed by burnsplayguitar and you can find it here –

6- Super Mario Land Skin

This is retro, nostalgic, 8-bit, and great skin. And you will definitely like it if you are a video game lover. It portrays the Super Mario world in a music player which is quite interesting. It was very creative to depict things like Question Mark Box as Media Control buttons. The equalizers are the series of those famous pipes that had a Piranha Plant coming out from an end.

It was developed by Sketch the Cow. It is free. And you can get a copy of this skin here-

7– Metro Skin

This super-cool variant is designed and developed by KA-D. There are 4 different colors available to choose from this variant. Though this version was not able to gain much popularity this served as one of the most favorites for most of the users who downloaded it. Truly it is one of my favorites because the interface of this gives you a metallic and technical feeling however, using it for a very long lime may seem a little boring and outdated.

Get the full pack of the skin here-

8- Inspirat Royal

It is one of the modern Winamp version designed and developed by ijaxx. It has collected a viewership of 25,329 people, was downloaded by about 18,960 users and counting is increasing day by day. The main idea behind designing this skin was to make this skin a match of Stenfank’s Inspirat Royale Visual Theme. The buttons were the same as the other previous versions, further small drawers were added that opens along with the main, and also the window flag is the respective button for the drawers. Moreover, the blue color with the windows symbol gives the skin a more professional look. So, one can say that it is best suited for professional office workers.


9- Street Justice

This cool Winamp version is designed and developed by Matt Nagy. This version has two versions of itself. The one on the left has opaque edges whereas the right one has transparent edges and hence it fits perfectly and nicely on the desktop. The one who uses the first version always prefers to switch off the “always on top” option. On the other hand, the second version is generally preferred by those who frequently change songs. One of the common features among the two versions is that the window-shades are always sleek. One of the key disadvantages in these versions is that they do not have task-bar buttons due to which some buttons do not match up with the window shades.

Visit the DeviantArt webpage of this skin and see for yourself-

10- The Marshall Winamp skin

This is ‘strictly’ for the guitarists but you can still use it if you aren’t one. It looks like a Guitar Amp. And this isn’t something ordinary. It is the Marshall Amp. You will see these amps on big stages and shows (if you have been on one). These amps are very popular amongst the guitarist and they love it. So, if you are a guitarist and looking for a Winamp skin then this is for you. You should definitely check this out.

You can get your Marshall skin from here-

Having issues installing the skins?

We thought it would be better to include a short and simple step-by-step tutorial to help you install the skin. Follow the methods below-

1. Make sure that you install Winamp first and then the skins, download the skin from the links, and extract the .zip file by right-clicking and using the extract option

2. You will get either a .wsz or a .wal (In case of newer versions) file, double-click on it

3. You will be prompted whether you want to install the skin or not, click Yes

4. You can also copy the skin file to C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins\ to install it manually

5. Open Winamp, then go to option > skins and select your new skin.


Hope this article provided you what you were looking for. In case you have suggestions or queries, kindly contact us or leave a comment below.




Bipul is an undergraduate engineering student, who has used five different Windows releases over 8 years of him being a true PC enthusiast.

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