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VLC Media Player is among the most popular player that can also be used on Android TV to play music and watch videos. The best part is that it can be used on Smart TV like Samsung, LG, Sony etc that run on Android system.

Well, irrespective of the devices we use in our day-to-day life, we all have been using a variety of media players, in order to enjoy the video, audio, etc without any hassle. And one such media player is VLC Media Player. In this article, I have enumerated some of the cool features of the VLC Media Player and I will also guide you to download and use the VLC Media player on your very own smart Android TV.

Basic info: VLC Media Player is a universal media player available for every screen size powered by different operating systems like Windows, Android, Mac Os et. VLC can play 3gp, .mov, .vob, .mp4, etc media files on your system. Moreover, VLC Media is absolutely free and hence anyone can download it and enjoy their media without any trouble.

How to use vlc player on samsung tv

Features of VLC Media Player

Some of the cool features that will persuade you to download and use VLC are as follows:

  • Absolutely free.
  • Available for devices running on Windows, Android, etc.
  • Easy and clean User Interface.
  • VLC can play audio and video files of nearly all formats.
  • VLC is a very popular and open-source multimedia player.
  • Features like playback speed, auto-rotation, aspect ratio, etc are present in VLC.

I hope you want to download it on your Android TV. For downloading it read the section below.

Methods to install VLC Media Player on Android TV

Follow and implement the methods mentioned below to install VLC on your Android/Samsung TV.

Method 1: By using Google Play Store

Google Play Store is a certified app store by google for all devices running on the Android operating system. Here are the steps to install the VLC media player on Android/Samsung TV:

  1. First, open the Play Store application on your Android/Samsung TV.
  2. Now in the search bar present at the top, search VLC for android.
  3. Now you will be seeing the VLC player icon on your TV screen, click on Install
  4. Wait for few moment to finish the process.
  5. After the download is complete, the app will automatically install on your Android TV.

That’s it, hopefully, the VLC Media Player is successfully installed on your Android TV.

Method 2: Without using Google Play

This method is intended for the users who are having Android TV but the Play store application is not present in it.

To download the VLC media player, visit here and then download and install VLC Media Player.

How to use VLC on Android TV?

Note: When you launch the VLC Player for the very first time, grant all the permissions that it will ask for like storage permissions on TV.

  • From the left side of the VLC window, you can get access to Video, audio, Browsing, and Others.
  • Video will get you access to all the video files on your system.
  • Audio will help you in getting access and also play the audio files present in your system.
  • Browsing will help you in getting access to the media files stored in Local memory, Internal memory, Streaming devices, and USB storage.
  • Others will help you get access to the necessary settings.

Common Faqs about VLC for Android/Samsung TV

Q1. What are the differences between VLC media player, VLC, VideoLAN Server, VideoLAN Client, and VideoLAN?

VideoLan Client is an older name of the VLC Media Player more commonly abbreviated as VLC. And VLC is made by a non-profit organization named VideoLan.

Q2. Is VLC free to download, or is there any hidden charge with VLC?

No, VLC is a cross-platform media player and is absolutely free.

Q3. Can I install VLC on my smart TV?

Since VLC is a cross-platform media player, it can easily be downloaded on your device, assuming that your smart TV runs on Windows, Android, Linux, Mac OS, etc.

Well, this is how you can install VLC on your Android TV. I hope you find my article useful and interesting. In case you have any queries or suggestions regarding VLC, then do not forget to comment below.

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