HostGator vs Godaddy: Who is the Best in 2021

Technology plays a vital role in everyday lives. Today everything is on web and web hosting is a common practice. Hostgator and Godaddy have emerged as the big players amongst web hosting service providers. The time is right to know more about the best practices of these giant web hosting providers.

Hostgator Vs Godaddy

So, if you are not sure which hosting company is the best among Hostgator or Godaddy, then you should continue reading this. Having the correct information and choosing the right hosting company can boost your business online, and give you peace of mind, without worry about your website.

HostGator vs GoDaddy

I have prepared a detailed analysis of Hostgator Vs Godaddy so that you can choose the best option for your website and business in 2020. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to start a blog or a Website for your business, a reliable web hosting can increase your business by ranking well on search engines.

If your website is down frequently, then it will leave a negative impact on search engines.

What’s more? If your website is getting hacked, then you will lose ranking on search engines too.

Thus, it’s important to choose only the best hosting for your website, but it should be affordable as well.

Let’s compare between Hostgator and Godaddy and find who is the best and win

Hostgator Vs Godaddy – Reliability and Uptime

One needs good Webhosting to sell their products or services online. These depend on several factors. The best amongst these are Hosting Reliability and Uptime. It determines how potent Hostgator and Godaddy are in reality. There is no doubt that both popular hosting sites across the globe. Hostgator and Godaddy’s Uptime are nearly similar in nature.

Go daddy: 99.10%
Host gator: 99.99%

Godaddy Uptime

Here you can check the Godaddy server uptime and downtime history, this report is generated using 

Godaddy Server Uptime History

Godaddy Server Uptime History

Hostgator Uptime

Similarly, you can also check the Hostgator uptime and downtime history along with real users who left their comments.

Hostgator Server Uptime

Hostgator Server Uptime

You can clearly see, that the Godaddy has more downtime as compared to Hostgator by comparing the total complaint/comment raised by the real users.

As it is visible both fairs well in Uptime, however, the Hostgator server has less downtime. These are good in boosting the running time hence the page’s popularity. The uptime of both is nearly close to perfection. However, Godaddy is a more popular web hosting due to its quick uptime response.  Godaddy and Hostgator are considered reliable web hosting providers. Godaddy is reliable in the sense that it has more domain name registrations.

Hostgator is a very reliable web hosting. In comparison, however, Host Gator seems to perform better than Godaddy.

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Hostgator support vs Godaddy support

Any good web hosting service needs good technical support. It is time to learn which performs better in terms of customer support.

Hostgator Support

Hostgator is unique as it has a good ticketing system. With the ticketing system, complaints can be made through calls and emails.

Plus Hostgator provides 24/7 online chat support for billing to technical support.

Hostgator Live Chat Support

It can answer all queries about the system. It has 24/7 customer support. No matter what time of day Hostgator is there for you.

Godaddy Support

Now, regarding Godaddy, they also offer a good support base.

This too has a similar ticketing system but it also gives the possibility of Live online chat.

Godaddy Live Chat Support

It also has the ticketing system which solves the problem in a quick time.

Although, the user may find it a bit difficult to contact the Godaddy Live Chat since it’s not easily visible.

Plus, the waiting time to connect with live chat is a bit longer on Godaddy.

In terms of support, both do fairly well and have an excellent support system.

If your website went down, or need urgent support, then Live Chat is the easiest way to connect to the customer support. Although both of them offer live chat, GoDaddy doesn’t show easily visible live chat support, which might be difficult for the novice user to locate it.

Thus, the winner is Hostgator with slight advantages above Godaddy.

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Security and Backup

One always needs a secure web hosting service.  Secure data goes a long way in protecting data. And Godaddy and Hostgator do just that.

Hostgator does a weekly backup of data and users can download entire Cpanel backup. It is good for protecting data through many security layers. It is ideal in backing up servers and hard drives. It also has a good security backup. There is 24/7 security monitoring, CCTV monitoring and biometric lock provision in Hostgator Data Center. It also makes it more secure as there is a smoke detector facility.

Similarly, Godaddy too is good in backing up. Godaddy is different from Hostgator as it does a daily backup and malware scans. This is unique as it uses cloud technology. All your backup files are stored in the cloud. It is accessible anytime. It does the backup of the entire website. Its security is premium as it has an uninterrupted power supply. It is loaded with cooling systems to maintain the server’s right temperature.

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So, it seems Godaddy is better than Hostgator.

Money-Back Guarantee

These Webhosting services give the money-back guarantee. Sometimes it might be possible that you may not be satisfied with the service. Thus, it’s important to check whether they offer a full money-back guarantee in-case if the customer is not happy with their hosting services.

  • Hostgator and Godaddy both give a money-back guarantee.
  • Hostgator has 45 days money-back guarantee. This is available with every plan however there is no refund with a new domain name.
  • The cashback is only available on credit card payment.
  • Godaddy too gives 45 days money-back guarantee. This only works if a contract is for 1 year.

This makes both the winner in terms of a money-back guarantee.

Optimum loading time/Server speed

A good web hosting service loads in quick time with good server speed. Hostgator gets loaded in 1.52 seconds whereas Go daddy loads in 3.10 seconds. Please note that the speed might vary depending on traffic on to the website.

This makes Hostgator the favorable option over go Daddy.  It is also good at hosting the server speed. The Hostgator server loads quickly in Europe and USA. Whereas Godaddy takes a bit longer seconds to load the website. Although, the Godaddy server speed is good in Asia, as they have a data center in Singapore.   Hence Hostgator emerges as the winner in terms of server speed.


The durability of Hostgator and Godaddy is dependent on its affordability. Its affordability is based on the pricing models. Let’s compare one by one.


Hostgator comes with cheap and scalable plans. There are various plans.

Hatching PlanBaby PlanBusiness Plan
$2.75 /mo$3.95 /mo$5.95 /mo
Host 1 WebsiteHost Unlimited WebsiteHost Unlimited Website
Free SSL CertificateFree SSL CertificateFree SSL Certificate
1 Free Domain for one year1 Free Domain for one year1 Free Domain for one year
Free Dedicated IP
Free SEO Tools

Hatchling is the most basic plan for both which offers unlimited bandwidth. Single domain and free Domain.

Also, it’s cheaper when one buys the Hostgator’s long-term plan. Hostgator offers an amazing discount during Black Friday and it goes up to 70% discount on the normal hosting plan. But it’s applicable if you go ahead with a 3-year hosting plan.


Go daddy is the true winner as it offers unlimited disk space, 100 and 500 emails in the economy and deluxe plans.  There is a separate cloud hosting plan in Hostgator. This makes HostGator the most affordable for you.

Godaddy Hosting Plan

The lowest hosting plan with Godaddy starts with $5.99 per month, which is pretty much expensive as compared to Hostgator.

Price $5.99 /mo$7.99 /mo$12.99 /mo$19.99 /mo
Host 1 websiteHost unlimited websiteHost unlimited websiteHost unlimited website
100 GB SpaceUnlimited SpaceUnlimited SpaceUnlimited Space
Free Office 365 Email for 1 yearFree Office 365 Email for 1 yearFree Office 365 Email for 1 yearFree Office 365 Email for 1 year
Free Domain for 1 yearFree Domain for 1 yearFree Domain for 1 yearFree Domain for 1 year
Free SSL CertificateFree SSL Certificate

You will have a spend a separate amount on SSL Certificate if going with Godaddy, whereas, Hostgator offers Fee SSL, thus save a good amount.

The good part is that if you will Free Office 365 Email, but is good for a corporate level.

The Hostgator plan starts as low as is $2.75 whereas Godaddy starter plan is $5.99 per month. This it’s clear that the Hostgator is the winner in terms of affordability

Common FAQs

Now that one knows about host gator and go daddy. There may be many questions in mind. Both Hostgator and Godaddy answer it by having a separate FAQ section. It answers common queries like:

Question: Which gives better value for money, HostGator and Godaddy?

Answer: Amongst the two HostGator has cheaper plans and cloud hosting capability. This makes it better than Godaddy.

Question: Which has a better hosting provision?

Answer: Both of them offering a decent hosting plan. Although Godaddy is a bit expensive as compared to Hostgator.

Question: Which is good for small business or a blog?

Answer: Definitely Hostgator, you don’t want to spend the amount on owing a free SSL and expensive hosting plan.

Question: Which is the best VPS hosting?

Answer: Hostgator is a true winner as it has 100% cloud storage

These are some of the common queries between the two. In this manner, Hostgator and GoDaddy have the same FAQ hence no difference.

Feature-rich HostGator vs Godaddy

Hostgator and Godaddy are good hosting websites but one needs to know about its features.

Features of Hostgator and Godaddy are almost the same. Both of them offer Free Domain with their hosting plans. Both have Control panel but offer no free backups and unlimited disk space.


Hostgator is the clear winner. I hope this information clears your doubts between Hostgator Vs Godaddy. Choosing the right hosting plan becomes more essential if you run your own business. What you choose depends on your hosting needs.

I have provided an honest review and real data. That’s why I always chose to do my own research and share my experience. I have taken good care to provide reliable information, however, I do not take any responsibility for any inaccuracy in the information. Let me know your thought and experience with these Giant hosting companies.



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