How to Block / Skip Hulu Ads- 6 Methods that work!

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If you have been using Hulu to watch movies or TV shows then you must have seen several non-stop ads. Now, many people want to know “how to skip ads in Hulu“. So, here I am going to show you some simple tricks that allow you to skip or even disable the commercials.

Internet is merged in ads and Hulu has no exception to it. If you buy a basic subscription plan in Hulu then you will see all of these ads during your favorite movie or series watching time. These ads might appear to be very much annoying to you. That’s why here I will suggest few methods here which will help you to block irritating ads on Hulu perfectly. Go through this article to understand how to block unskippable ads on Hulu.

How to disable hulu ads

What is Hulu?

Hulu is known as American On-demand movies and TV series subscription service. Disney is the owner of this online service platform now. This service provides you a lot of movies and shows for a minimum subscription fee of $5.99 per month. You will be able to get content from HBO MAX, ESPN, Disney+ here also. Although, Hulu subscription is cheaper than other relevant platforms Hulu’s commercial ads can ruin the experience of your favorite showtime.

How to Block Hulu ads?

Hulu has mentioned its ads policy for basic plans already in their Terms and conditions. So it is impossible to skip ads until it finishes directly. Other famous on-demand platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime do not show any ads at all. But comparing to them Hulu is filled with all types of unskippable ads, which can make you irritated.

Here are the 6 ways on how to block Hulu ads:

1) Use Hulu Ad Skipper extension

Hulu ad skipper extension is a chrome extension that helps to block ads on Hulu appropriately. You can find this extension on chrome, Microsoft Edge, and other Chromium-based web browsers. Here are the steps to install the Hulu ad skipper extension.

Step 1: Visit the Chrome app store page and search for Hulu Ad skipper. After that choose the Apps that have the best reviews and rating and install it.

Hulu ad skipper ad blocker

Step 2: Visit and log in with your id after the extension is successfully added to your browser. Then open any of your favorite shows you want to watch. The extension will detect and skip commercials and block ads automatically as well.

This method is reliable and hassle-free. In case, the Hulu ad skipper extension does not work properly then you may follow the next method.

2) AdBlock Plus

Adblock Plus is well-known and counted among the best-blocking app that skips Hulu Ads. This app also disables any  Twitch ads appearing on the other websites you visit. Adblock Plus does not block the ads.

adblock plus

Actually, it replaces the ads with a blank white screen. If you prefer a blank screen rather than watching long commercial Hulu ads then this option is suitable for you.

Unfortunately, some movies or videos become unavailable while you are using this plugin. If you face this issue, just disable the plugin temporarily. But keep in mind, after disabling the extension some ads may appear to you while watching favorite programs. So enable the extension after some time.

3) Enounce MySpeed

Enounce MySpeed is the software that is used to boost or slow down the playback speed of the Flash and Html 5 players including Hulu players.

This software is compatible with Windows and it can fast forward Hulu ads. What exactly it does is that it skip 5 minutes of Hulu commercial ads in less than 30 seconds and save your remaining time.

The important thing is that this software is not free to use and, you have to pay $29.99 for the license key. But you will get a 7 days trial period with all special features included. You can go for the premium one if the trial version works conveniently for you.

4) Use Two Tab Technique

This method might appear to be a little bit tricky for you. You can open two tabs for the same program to avoid Hulu ads. First, open two different tabs of Hulu. Then mute the second tab and you need to forward the show to the first ad marker. This ad marker generally comes in a different color indicator on the stream bar. After that open the first tab and watch your show. When the ad starts on the first tab, mute it again and go to the second tab.

Slide back to the point when your program was interrupted and start to watch from that point. This process is very effective to avoid ads on Hulu.

5) Refresh the Page

In case, if you don’t wish to install any 3rd party plugins or purchase any paid apps then this trick is going to be very effective for you to avoid being interrupted by Hulu ads.This is a more practical way comparing to others. This method does not remove the ads too. You need to refresh the program page just and it will shorten the length of the advertisement.

6) Buy Premium

The premium version of Hulu removes advertisement popup while you are watching shows or movies. Moreover, the premium version offers a wide range of special features to customize your visual experience.

The Hulu No Ads plan starts from $11.99 per mo0nth, here is a quick overview of the plan as of March 2021:

Hulu subscription plans

After buying the premium version you can watch your favorite programs without any interruption of unwanted ads.

Final Thoughts

These pieces of information will guide you to skip Hulu ads while streaming your favorite videos on it! If you become too disturbed with the Hulu ads then I will suggest you upgrade your existing plan to Hulu No Ads. Just try the pre-mentioned methods and let us know which method worked for you.


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