How to check IP address in Windows using Command Prompt

There are several ways to check the IP Address on Windows PC, out of which Command Prompt is the fastest yet easiest way. All you have to type is an 8 character in the command line and it will show the current IP Address of your Windows PC.

An IP address is the logical address of a system connected to a network or Internet. It is used to give an identity to each computer on that connected network and is of two types:

Private: When your system is connected to the Internet via a router, then it is given an identity by the router. This identity is known as a private IP address and cannot be accessed from the internet directly. Any other system that is connected through the local area network can identify this system via the private IP address.

Public: When your system is connected to the Internet directly and without any router, then it is given an identity by the user’s Internet Service Provider (ISP). This global and unique identity is the public IP address of the system and is used to identify the computing device on the Internet.

If you want to check the IP address of your system using command prompt, then follow the below steps for two different situations:

How to Find Local IP Address in Windows PC

This one is the fastest way to figure out the IP address of your Windows PC, let’s start:

1) Click the Windows logo and type cmd
2) Choose Run as administrator from the right-panel

Command prompt run as administrator

3) Select Yes if prompted in a dialogue box.
4) In the command prompt, type below command and hit the Enter key.


This command will display the detailed information of the active network that is configured on your operating system.

Check the IP Address using CMD ipconfig on Windows PC

You can find your PC IP address just beside IPv4 Address as shown above in yellow marked sign.

But, when you want to find the detailed information about all the network adapters configured on your system, like:

  • Host Name
  • Physical Address
  • DHCP
  • IPv6 Address

etc then you may use below command and press Enter:

ipconfig /all

ipconfig all command line to check ip address on Windows 10 and earlier versions

Search for the rows IPV6 Address and IPV4 Address for each network adapter and check the addresses next to each of them. This way you will find the private IP addresses for your Internet connections.

Once done, close the command prompt.

To check the public IP address

1) Open Command prompt

2) Type below command and press Enter.


This will display your public IP address.

Now, you can close the command prompt.

So, these were the simple yet easy way to find the IP address of your system.



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