How to Disable AnyDesk Application from Auto Start in Windows & Mac

If you are using AnyDesk software then you might notice that this automatically startup with Windows and Mac. And Anydesk keeps displaying a pop-up message every time when you boot the pc. Here, I will guide you on how to disable AnyDesk from the boot in Windows and Mac. The Anydesk is a popular and free remote desktop sharing software. Believe me, it is much better than TeamViewer in terms of speed, size, and features.

AnyDesk error message during startup on Apple Mac Pc

Usually, Anydesk display below pop-up error message:

“com.philandro.anydesk.Helper” is an app downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure want to open it?

And it will show three options to Cancel, Show Web page and Open.

How to Disable AnyDesk application in Apple Laptop?

There is a quick way to fix this problem. All you have to do follow the below steps to disable AnyDesk pop-up message in Mac Laptop/PC.

1) Turn on your Apple Laptop

2) Click on Go located on top navigation beside Finder, File.

Apple laptop top navigation

3) Click on Computer

Go >> Computer option in Mac Laptop

4) Now click on Macintosh HD

5) Double click on Library and followed by LaunchAgents

6) Remove com.philandro.anydesk.Frontend.plist file from the directory

7) Apple OS will ask your password before it deletes from the system.

Now restart your Laptop/PC and that auto-starting AnyDesk message at login will vanish.

There are many other similar anydesk software available that you can check it here.

Disable AnyDesk at Startup in Windows 10

1)  Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc button together

2) Click on Startup tab

3) Now right-click over AnyDesk and select Disable

4) Now click on Start button, type Administrative Tools and click on it

5) Click on Services and locate AnyDesk Services

6) Right-click over it and select Properties option.

7) Under Startup, choose Manual and click on Stop button.

This will solve the issue and won’t display AnyDesk pop-up message when you log in to your computer.



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4 thoughts on “How to Disable AnyDesk Application from Auto Start in Windows & Mac”

  1. On my Mac there is no “com.philandro.anydesk.Frontend.plist” file, however AnyDesk keeps opening at the beginning of each session, how can I prevent it from opening when I log in?

    The macOS is Big Sur

    1. There are two ways to use the Anydesk on macOS or Windows:

      1) Install the Anydesk software on system
      2) Use standalone Anydesk file (that is usually 3 to 4 MB of file).

      If you are using the second option, then relevant no any exe should be running in the system background except anydesk.exe
      However, if you are using the first option, then AnyDesk may keep asking for the session.

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