How to Disable Lock Screen Wallpaper on Redmi Phone

Are you getting a new lock screen wallpaper every time you turn on your display on your Xiaomi device? This feature, which is pre-installed on Xiaomi / Redmi phones, is called Wallpaper Carousel by an app called Glance for Mi’.

Disable automatic wallpaper carousel change

Is the changing wallpaper articles bothering you and you want to turn it off? You have come to the right place. Here, you will learn some methods to disable Wallpaper Carousel.

What is Wallpaper Carousel?

Wallpaper Carousel is the main feature of the application Glance for Mi. This app delivers news articles for tech, entertainment, sports, music, tourism, etcetera right to your lock screen every once in a while with a wallpaper. Glance for Mi is owned by Xiaomi Inc. and can be uninstalled.

Is it safe to disable Wallpaper Carousel?

Yes, it is completely safe to disable Wallpaper Carousel on your Redmi phone if you don’t need it. Wallpaper Carousel is just an extra feature after all.

In fact, we recommend disabling Wallpaper Carousel/Glance for Mi because:

  1. It consumes internet data: If you are subscribed to a limit data pack for the internet on your device, you should disable this feature immediately as it consumes mobile data.
  2. It causes some phones to lag or stutter:If you own a budget Xiaomi phones, which do not have high specifications, this feature can cause minor lags on your device as it is constantly running in the background to fetch new articles and wallpapers which can consume RAM and processor resources.
  3. Irrelevant content: Wallpaper Carousel sometimes offer irrelevant content which can be really annoying. Moreover, it interferes with the wallpaper of your choice by displaying its content over it.

Refer to the methods below to disable Wallpaper Carousel on your Redmi device.

Methods to disable Wallpaper Carousel

This method work on almost on Redmi phone from Redmi 5, 6, Note Pro, and other Xiaomi Android phones.

Disable Glance for Mi/Wallpaper Carousel from MIUI settings

1) Go to Settings  


2) Click on the Lock screen option


3) Under LOCK SCREEN, click on Wallpaper Carousel (High quality wallpaper carousel)


Wallpaper Carousel feature for Mi phone lock screen

4) Uncheck the ‘Turn on’ radio button


You are done, now next time when you lock your screen, the wallpaper won’t get change!

Uninstall ‘Glance for Mi’ application

If you don’t need the Wallpaper Carousel in the future and want to remove it permanently, you can uninstall the application from the Play Store.

1) Open the Google Play Store application

2) Search for ‘Glance for Mi’ and click on it

3) Click on Uninstall and press OK


This app can only be uninstalled via Google Play Store as it is a feature application


That was it for the methods to disable Wallpaper Carousel from your lock screen. I hope this article was helpful and informative. For any suggestions or queries, kindly leave a comment below or contact us.

Watch the Video to disable automatic wallpaper change:



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  1. This much info is available from the settings app of glance in miphones.

    But this leaves the big BLUE TURN ON button on the screen and kids can easily start.

    Also in mi phones there is no app installed. Its default thing which MI is forcing.

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