Iexpress.exe (IExpress Wizard) Uses and Sample Command-Line.

Iexpress.exe file is better known as IExpress Wizard that is used to extract zip or compressed file.  It can be executed with a command line. Iexpress.exe is a genuine component of the Windows operating system. These packages can be used to install software, and they are computer-executable programs that contain compressed information along with machine-executable application instructions in an archive file.

iexpress.exe information

These self-extracting files have the ability to transfer compressed files to a system that may not have the resources to decompress them. The iexpress.exe wizard can run via Command-Line to extract a zip file and install it on Windows Operating System.

File Size and Location

Iexpress.exe is an executable that can be found in the C:\Windows\System32\ folder and it takes up around 162 KB of space.

Quick Overview

File Name:Iexpress.exe
File Description:Wizard
File TypeExecutable Application
Product name:Internet Explorer
File Size:162 KB
File Version:11.00.18362.1
Product Name:Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Copyright:Microsoft Corporation

A genuine iexpress.exe file should look like this.

Is Iexpress.exe Safe or Virus?

As far as iexpress.exe is located under C:\Windows\System32\ or C:\Windows\Winsxs\ folder, the file is considered safe. The SED packages created with iexpress.exe have been observed to have some vulnerabilities which can permit arbitrary code execution due to the command-line handling. There have also been cases of DLL hijacking exploits.

Therefore it is strongly recommended to check the file location. If it is located anywhere else from the above-mentioned path then a full system scan is required.

Also, check the best file compression software for Windows 10.

How to Use Iexpress.exe

  1. Press Windows+R button
  2. Type iexpress and hit Enter button
  3. The IExpress Wizard opens up, select the first option – Create a new Self Extraction Directive file and hit Next.
    iexpress 2.0 Wizard
  4. For the Package Purpose, select the – Extract files only option and hit Next.
    iexpress wizard extract files only
  5. Name your Package Title and hit Next.
  6. You can either choose a confirmation prompt or no prompt, it won’t really affect the installer operation anyway.
  7. Similarly, displaying the license agreement or not displaying a license at all can be left to the user’s volition.
  8. Click Add and select the files you want the installer to extract.
  9. Follow the wizard’s instructions and select the preferred option for the Finished Message prompts.
  10. Choose a location to save the installer and give it a name. Click Next.
  11. Select the Save SED (Self Extraction Directive) file option in case you’d want a modified installer later on.
  12. Now, click on Next on the Create Package page.

Sample Command Line

Here are a few sample command line that can be used with iexpress.exe:

/t:: This tells where do you want to store the extracted files.

/r:n: This tells the command prompt to not to restart after finish the process.

/r:a: This inform the system to restart the system as soon the process is over.

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