Best Free IMGBurn Alternatives for Windows

There was a time when most of our music, files, and photos were stored on CDs. Today most of our Music is either on iPod, Spotify, and Online like Amazon. However, sometimes we feel most attached to CD, DVD and Blu Ray.  It is not easy to let go of the past as its very dear to us. We simply want to restore or manage old CDs. It is here that a good Burner comes in handy. It is essential for computers as it stores your favorite music and pictures on your latest system.

The market has many good Burner alternatives for Windows, Apple as well as Android System.  However, the main focus remains on the Windows system. It is the most used software on Windows. It needs a dedicated burner system that works seamlessly on the Windows Laptop and Desktop.

IMG Burner is an extremely lightweight CD/DVD/HD and Blu Ray burning Application. It helps in burning any Audio CD through the ACM System. At the same time, it utilizes Video TS Folder to create new or Format Video Discs. It is the need of the hour to have a good burner system for everyone. As at some point, everyone must have the need to burn or remove some unnecessary data. However, you can choose from software other than IMG Burners. These not only add more choice but also give you the right option to choose the right one.

Alternatives to IMGBurn 

There are several similar applications available which are good alternatives to IMGBurn yet free and extremely efficient.

Burner XP

Burner XP logo

If you are looking for the best alternatives to IMG Burner then you may consider Burner XP. I have been using it since my college life, its very easy to use and don’t let you down. This is a good Burner System that works well with Windows Desktop, Laptop.  It burns IMG as well as all types of CD, DVD and Blu Ray. It is a good way to maintain all your files of Old Disc on the Latest System.

Burner XP software

Key Features.

  • One can create, burn and make all ISO. This stores all types of music on the disc system.
  • There is a Multilanguage Interface which makes it easy for anyone. Users of most languages can use it.
  • You can burn any type of Disc be it CD, DVD or Blu Ray system.
  • One can also edit old files using the CD burner system.
  • There is a permanent back of Disc on M-Disc.
  • It is possible to make bootable discs.
  • Sometimes one needs to simply print a cover for the CD. This software makes it possible to do Basic Cover Printing.
  • One can also make a mix disc mode. Here, many types of files of the disc can be made in a single disc.
  • It also has an inbuilt audio player which allows you to play audio files.
  • When Cd Burner is out of date, it is possible to update it online with a good support system.

Interesting Fact.

This is the only software that is good for companies as well as individuals.

Price: FREE for companies as well as Individuals.

Ashampoo Burning Studio

Ashampoo Burning Studio logo

It is another pathbreaking burner that you can choose over IMG. It’s an excellent Burner and holds the Highest quality Audio CD Ripper.

Ashampoo Burning Studio Software

Key Features.

  • It burns all types of data like Music, Pictures and Video Discs.
  • One can also delete a Re-Write-Disc making it useful to clean infected disc.
  • It can store back up information on CD, DVD, Hard Drive, and USB Drive.
  • Can burn on Blu-ray discs
  • Its Audio ripper is rich in quality giving high-quality noise.
  • The browser is very user-friendly.

Interesting Fact.

This can be used by anyone and professionals. If you want high-quality sound than choose this Burning Studio.


It is always Free. There is no Registration Fee.

System Support: Windows 10/8/7

BurnAware Free

Burn Aware Free logo

It is yet another burner alternative which is good for anyone using window desktops and laptops.  It helps in burning music, movies and much more.  However, it uses a full disc, unlike other burner software.

Burn Aware software

Key Features.

  • It burns any type of Discs like DVD, CD and Blu Ray CD system.
  • It boasts of a clean graphic interface where it is easy to locate things. This can be done by putting a search word.
  • This has a system that permits you to erase a used disc and reuse it again.
  • Any disc here can be divided into multiple sections.
  • You can make a disc copy and create its back-up.
  • It helps in writing any file like a picture and digital photos.
  • The paid version support Copy disc to ISO image.

Interesting Fact

It works on all Windows systems and everyone can use it. As a matter of fact, most editors have given it a very high online rating.


It is free for windows and can be installed easily.

System Support: Windows 10/8/7 32 and 64-bit version

Active ISO Burner

Active ISO Burner

As the name suggests, it is primarily an ISO Burner. It is made specifically for Windows by Active Data Recovery Software. It has emerged as an extremely optimal disc burning utility tool. You can do more than just burn discs as it has many other features.

Active ISO Burner software

Key Features.

  • It burns CD, DVD, Blu Ray and Iso images on to your system.
  • If you want to make more than one copy it is possible to do it here as one can specify the number of copies.
  • It is possible to use command features like Verify, Eject and Shut Down PC after the disc burning process is complete.
  • You can direct the burner of what to do.
  • Any image from ISO can be burnt onto CD-R, DVD-R, CD-RW, HD-DVD and much more.
  • It has its own installer which can allow you to update Active ISO burner.
  • It has dialog style software.
  • There are other free tools provided by Active ISO burner like DVD Eraser

Interesting Fact

It has emerged as the most sophisticated amongst all free Burner Software. In fact, it is even more sophisticated than some premium Disc Burning Packages.


It is free for download.

File Size: 2.8 MB

Express Burn Free CD and DVD Burner

Express Burner

It is yet another software that burns the CD. It is made by NCH Software. At the same time, it is an extremely efficient system that works well with Windows Software.

Express Burner Free CD and DVD Burner software

Key Features.

  • It is possible to record your image and music files onto your CD, DVD, and Blu Ray files.
  • It is a very organized interface as it is divided into various subcategories like Audio, Video, Data files, Media Files and ISO Files.
  • Sometimes one may not want to burn the whole folder. Here, you can burn a file individually or as a whole folder.
  • There is a provision of Direct Digital Recording.
  • Support burning Blu-Ray.
  • It helps in boosting the audio quality of your old video as well as the new video.
  • Individual chapter addition is the added bonus as it can be done before burning the CD itself.
  • It is an extremely quick CD and DVD Burning suite with quick processing time.
  • It supports formats like WOV, MP3, WIDESCREEN, Blu ray Disc Burner and much more

We have cove the free DVD burning software for Windows 10 here in detail.

Interesting fact.

It is a user-friendly disc that makes it good and must for everyone. Anyone from a professional to amateur can use it.


It is free for Windows System.

System Support: Windows 10, 8 and 7

Any burn

Anyburn logo

Any burn is a burning software developed by power software. It provides the complete solution for a proper disc burning and imaging process. This is a must for everyone.

Anyburn software

Key Features.

  • This software supports various formats like BIN, ISO, MDF, RNG, IMA, IMG and much more popular variants.
  • It is a highly portable variant and different from other software.
  • It boasts of a portable USB drive.
  • It burns all CD/DVD/Blu ray disc images into files.
  • Any Audio CD can be played in formats like MP3, Flac and WMA Files.
  • It uses the sector method for making coping Discs.
  • At the same time, it is also possible to create an image file from the hard drive and disc file and CD/DVD and BD Disc.

Interesting Fact.

It is an extremely powerful and potent yet light software. A very efficient system if you want to preserve your old files.

Price: Free
System Support
: Windows 2010, 8, 2003, XP with 32 and 64-bit version
Download link:


Rufus logo

It is a milestone in burner alternative technology. It is unlike any other software as it works on USB Flash Drive. It comes in a portable format. Any information can be stored in USB and downloaded in Windows Desktop.

Rufus software

Key Features.

  • It has its own bootable USB Flash Drive.
  • One can personalize Bootable drive according to their needs.
  • It can create bootable ISO for Windows, Linux
  • It can make all variants of USB.
  • This can work well on nearly all Windows Desktops and Laptops.
  • It can also create a Memory stick, Pen drive and much more.

Interesting Fact.

This is the only burner that will work only on Windows System. It comes without usage limitations.

Price: Free
File Size:
1.1 MB

Artisan DVD Burner

Artisan logo

This is developed for Windows by Bin Artisan. It is an excellent CD and DVD burning software. It works extremely well with Windows.

Artisan DVD Burner software

Key Features.

  • You can burn nearly any type of data and audio file.
  • ISO files are a part of every disc burning app. Here, it can help you save important ISO Files.
  • There are many brands of DVDs and it supports all brands of DVD, CD-R and much more.

Interesting Fact.

It can only burn 25 Mb space in a disk.


It works on the Free license model. One never has to worry about paying.


Amok CD-DVD Burning

Amok logo

This is made specifically for Windows software.  It is a video-based software created by Amok Software. It has proven its efficiency in burning all types of CDs and DVDs.

Amok CD-DVD Burning software

Key Features.

  • There are multisession and file verification provisions in this CD Burner.
  • Support ISO, CUE, and BIN burning
  • It supports all types of CDs and DVDs Formats.
  • There is a provision of Disc caching which makes it safe and secure for your system.
  • It is the only software that can run from any USB Stick and CD.

Interesting Fact.

It is the only burning software that can do limitless burning. This makes it good for doing hard work.

Price: Free to use for Personal and Commercial Use

CD Recovery ToolBox

CDRecovery toolbox logo

This is the burner yet unique. It is made by the Recovery toolbox for Windows System. Sometimes by mistake or some internal error files and data gets erased.

CD Recovery tool box

This software is crucial in recovering damaged files.

CD Recovery tool box 2

Key Features.

  • If you ever lose important data you can recover it.
  • It restores information from CD, DVD, HD-DVD and more.
  • It is a highly user-friendly software that can be used by beginners as well as professionals.
  • Sometimes files are larger in size. This helps in recovering files that are larger than 4 GB.
  • It ensures you never lose your work.
  • It is also an excellent CD and DVD scanner which is unlike any other burner software system. A good scanner helps in detecting viruses and keeps your disk in a healthy condition.

Interesting Fact.

When you install this on your PC. It does not hog space and can be stored in very little space.

Price: Free


Today almost everything is on the desktop and USB. It takes up space and sometimes we need to revamp it from scratch. It is here that a good burner software has become handy. When you change your PC, many important things get left behind. These are the best alternatives for IMG burner. They do the same but with a much better process and is free.

Choose this and never lose your important work again. As we can see there are many of these available in the market, But It is up to you to choose which is the right one for you.

In conclusion, it is good to explore and then pick the right software. This answers all your queries about software and why to choose it over IMG Burner software.



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