Open MSconfig using Command Prompt & Other Ways

This MSconfig is useful tool that can be used on Windows OS for start & stop services. You can access it using Run command to personal several tasks which can make your computer faster. The msconfig allows you to alter the windows settings regarding system boot and programs that are launched at startup. A certain set of programs automatically start running when the windows starts. These background programs can significantly affect the startup time and functioning of the system. MsConfig allows you to control these startup programs thereby improving the device startup time and several other functions.

Launch MSconfig via Command and other ways

Ways of running the MsConfig command

There are basically three main ways to run the MsConfig Command in your system and the command is easily accessible on Windows 10/8/7 and older versions of Windows. So, lets check how to launch Msconfig quickly:

Method 1: Using the Run Command

In order to run the MsConfig program through Run Command, you need to follow below simple steps:

Launch msconfig using run command

  • Press Windows + R button and this will open Run command
  • Now type msconfig and hit Enter

This will launch the MsConfig program on your windows computer.

Method 2: MSConfig from the command prompt

Another useful and  easy way of executing MSConfig is through the Command prompt. You need to open the administrator command box with this method and type the command and watch your system execute the same.

To open the command prompt the user needs to :

  • Type “cmd” in the search tab,
  • Right click on the Command prompt application
  • Select Run as administrator. This opens the admin command window.
    Open msconfig from start
  • Type “Start Msconfig” and press Enter.
    Command line for msconfig

The system will then automatically execute the MsConfig command.

It is however very important to note that the system needs a command in a proper understandable format to execute it. So just writing Msconfig in the administrator command window would give an error message because the command becomes unrecognizable to the system. So, the command has to be   “Start MsConfig”.

You can check related such type of article on how to check system information using run command.

Method 3: Shortcut to MSConfig

The above methods work fine . However, if you use the Msconfig command pretty often it would a smart move to create a shortcut for the same for on your desktop.

  • Click on the Start button and type “MsConfig” in the search bar that appears
  • Right click on “MsConfig.exe”. From the menu that appears, select “Send to
  • Select “Desktop” from the next menu that appears.

These steps will create a Shortcut for the system to run the Msconfig command on desktop.

Thus, use MSConfig effectively on your computer to speed up  the start up process for windows by disabling certain softwares and processes. This beautiful system configuration works on all versions of windows.

Happy MSConfiging…..!!!!



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