Aa_v3.exe – What is it, Virus of Safe?

Aa_v3.exe has raised several questions among users as the file proves to have a quite unclear recognition amongst most antivirus programs. This article is to answer such doubts and let the users be aware of what this file actually is, whether or not it is harmful for the system and steps to remove it.

What is aa_v3.exe?

The aa_v3.exe file can be one of the most confusing and puzzling software components running in one’s system. Most of the times recognized as a virus, the aa_v3.exe have raised several questions about its being. However, to remove such a doubt it is important for users to know that having the .exe extension, aa_v3.exe is an executable file. The prime function of this file is to hold the software run codes. Aa_v3.exe does the same for a software program called Ammyy Admin.

The Ammyy Admin is a software tool created by the Ammyy Company and is commonly found in Windows Operating System though not a Windows component.

Ammyy Admin is basically a remote control utility. This software tool allows users to access computers placed within a certain network and to function remotely on several grounds. This software enables distance education and presentations and also as a security and monitoring tool. It is used to work from distant computers in order to provide remote technical support.

The aa_v3.exe file is the installer utility for Ammyy Admin that holds the run code of the main functions performed by the software tool. It has several versions to it and most of them function uniquely for different Operating Systems.

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File Size and Location

This AA_v3.exe usually store under C:\Users\USERNAME\ directory. The average file size of this exe is 0.7 Mb. If you have installed Ammyy Admin remote desktop software then you might see aa_v3.exe running in task manager.

Being an executable file it takes up its space within the C drive of the system. Mostly this file has a size of 773,624 bytes, however, it may vary. The Ammyy Admin file does not necessarily have to be default software and hence many a times it is downloaded later by the user. In such cases users may find them within the Downloads folder found in the sub folder of “users” or “USERNAME”. In other cases you must find it within the desktop folder within the “Users” sub folder in the C drive.

Is it Safe?

Although recognized otherwise by the antivirus software tools, aa_v3.exe does not prove to pose any huge threat on the system. However, due to the complicated and intricate remote control functions performed by the Ammyy Admin software like those of keyboard recording and mouse inputs the installer executive file of the software has been rated by the technical security to be 50% dangerous to the system. When downloaded by the user it can carry with it several useless documents and files and in some cases malicious programs. Users also need to be careful and vigilant about its location. If this file is located somewhere other than the C drive of the system it has high chances of being a malware as the malware companies often use the executable file extension to disguise their programs.

How to disable or remove Aa_v3.exe?

Many users may like to remove the Ammyy Admin software if they get better options to perform the same tasks and designed by other companies. To do the same one needs to follow the simple steps stated below:

  • Press Windows + R 
  • Type appwiz.cpl and hit Enter
  • Locate Ammyy Admin application from the list
  • Right click over it and click on Uninstall

This will remove Aa_v3.exe from your Windows OS. If you have face any issue or have experience with this exe file then please share it using below comment section.