Run Command for MS Word

You can open Microsoft Word application by using Windows+R button and type command winword. This is the fastest and shortcut method to launch Microsoft Word in windows computer. Although there are few other options available to execute this application which I have mentioned below.

Run Command for MS Word

Majority of the windows users prefer to use Microsoft Word because obviously it is  easy to use, handy and user friendly application. Although there are alternative softwares available like WordPad . But WordPad also has its limitations and of course, can not be ever matched with MS  Word.  It’s good to know few shortcuts and command line instructions if you are using Microsoft Word in day to day digital life. It will surely save your few seconds(As they say, Second counts !). So without further ado,  lets check what are the commands available to launch Word.

Steps to use command prompt to launch word :

  • Press Windows+R to open Run Command
  • Type cmd and hit Enter
  • Now type start winword and hit Enter as shown below

Command line to launch the MS Word

This will start MS Word and this command line works with all Microsoft Windows operating system.

Let me put you instructions other way. Suppose you want to open an existing word file which is located on desktop and it’s location is

C:\Users\MyFolder\file.docx then command will be:

                                         start winword C:\Users\MyFolder\file.docx

Bonus Tip

There is one more easy way to launch MS Word :

  • Press Windows button and type word or winword
  • It will automatically select installed version of Microsoft Office (like 2007, 2103, 2016)  and hit Enter
  • This will open the word file.

winword shorcut

Above all given methods, I prefer the first one, win+r and winword 🙂  To summarize, opt for  a shortcut which is easier at your side. Hope this helps !!!

Did you know?

  • MS word was first released around 1983.
  • It is a commercial product which means, not for free !
  • It supports Mac OS also.
  • Google has also launched Google Docs to compete with MS word.

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