winvnc.exe – What is it, Is it a Virus? How to Remove?

The winvnc.exe process (commonly known as VNC server) is a very important software component of the UltraVNC software program which is developed by UltraVNC. The winvnc.exe file is not a Windows essential file and hence if it is corrupted then it can cause some issues to your computer.

winvnc.exe process

File Size & Location

The winvnc.exe file is located under C:\Program Files\UltraVNC\ directory and the file size is approx 1.59 MB.

The properties of the file will help you know about the reliability and much more about the file, so I have listed down some of the most important properties of the winvnc.exe file.

  • Filename: winvnc.exe
  • File Description: UltraVNC
  • File type : Application (.exe)
  • File Location : C:\Program Files (x86)\UltraVNC\
  • The file size ranges between 1.59 MB and 1.79 MB.
  • File version : v1.0.2 (can vary)
  • Publisher: UltraVNC
  • Language: English.

You can also view the properties of any such executable files by right-clicking on the file and then choosing the Properties option.

What is the usage of the winvnc.exe file?

The winvnc.exe file is required for the proper functioning UltraVNC software program. UltraVNC is an open-source remote desktop software program for Microsoft Windows OS that utilizes the VNC convention to control/access another PC distantly over a network connection. So if you are using the UltraVNC application then you must not attempt to delete it from your PC.

Is winvnc.exe safe or virus?

It is constantly recommended to check for the dependability of any such executable file should know whether winvnc.exe is safe or malware. In order to do so, you should check for the location of the winvnc.exe file in your PC, in light of the fact that the location of the file itself is one of the chief factors that will help you with judging whether the winvnc.exe file is safe or a virus.

To know the location of the winvnc.exe follows the steps mentioned beneath.

1. To get to the Task Manager, hold down the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys simultaneously from your keyboard.

2. Now find the process saying winvnc.exe and right-click on it and then choose Open the file location option.

If the location where you end up is C:\Program Files\UltraVNC\ then winvnc.exe is safe for your system and framework but in case the location is somewhere in C:\ or C:\System32 then probably winvnc.exe is a threat to your PC.

Some common winvnc.exe error messages

If the winvnc.exe file gets corrupted then probably you will encounter some really annoying error messages, I have mentioned some of the error messages beneath.

  • Winvnc.exe has failed.
  • .exe is not responding.
  • It is not a valid win32 application.
  • Error starting a program – UltraVNC.

If on the off chance that you face any of these error notifications then you should attempt to fix it or you can likewise uninstall the winvnc.exe from your PC.

How to fix the winvnc.exe error messages?

Most winvnc.exe issues are brought about by the application during its execution. The surest method to fix these error messages is to reinstall the latest version of UltraVNC from their official site.

How to uninstall or delete the winvnc.exe file?

You should not delete a safe executable file without a considerable explanation, as this may legitimately impact all the software programs that are somewhat related to that .exe file, nonetheless on the off chance that you are certain that the file isn’t safe for your PC then you can attempt to uninstall or erase it.

You can follow these steps so as to uninstall/delete winvnc.exe from your PC.

1. Open the Control Panel

2. Next you need to find the Programs section and then left-click on Uninstall a Program as shown below.

Programs uninstall

3. Next you will have to find the UltraVNC application among the list of installed applications and right-click on it and select the option of Uninstall/Change.

4. Well now you just have to follow the prompts so as to successfully uninstall winvnc.exe from your system.

Well, I hope if you have followed the steps carefully then you have probably uninstalled winvnc.exe from your PC.

I hope my article helped you in gaining knowledge about the winvnc.exe file.

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