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This file AdobeARM.exe is an essential part of Adobe software for Windows OS. It is not a virus, find its uses, common error, and how to disable or fix it.  It is developed by Adobe, which is a well-known software development company. Below, we will find detailed information about the AdobeARM.exe file, uses, common error, and how to remove them.

AdobeARM.exe information


The abbreviation of AdobeARM.exe is Adobe Reader and Acrobat Manager

In short, the AdobeARM.exe is an executable application and is a part of Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.

File Location and Size

This executable file AdobeARM.exe is mostly located under the C:\Program Files\common directory. If it is genuine then the file size will be about 974 Kb.

It can also be located in the program files (x86) folder in the case of the 64-bit version. 

Other similar files in Windows OS are nvsvc.exe and Smax4pnp.exe for which information can be found here.

Quick Overview

File description:Adobe Reader and Acrobat Manager
File version:
File Size:928 KB
Product name:Adobe Reader and Acrobat Manager
File type:Application
Location:Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\

AdobeARM.exe – File Information & Uses

AdobeARM.exe is part of the utility of Adobe’s PDF reader software. It automatically installs and manages the latest updates to the software. This way, it claims to keep the software always safe for use and also, relieves the user from manually checking for and installing updates.

Adobe Reader facilitates the following tools for PDF files:

  • Browse
  • View
  • Print

Whereas, Adobe Acrobat offers the following utilities:

  • Create, and
  • Edit PDF files

AdobeARM.exe launches at system startup. 

Is it safe or virus

AdobeARM.exe is a legitimate application but there are a couple of reasons why you may find virus associated with AdobeARM.exe

  • If you have not updated your Adobe Reader to its latest version, it could be dangerous. This is because PDF files, especially in outdated versions are more prone to malware attacks.
  • If you install Adobe Reader from a third-party website and not the official website of Adobe then chances of malware threat are more.

There are three ways to check if the associated or similar file is malware:

  • If the program is not located in the common files subfolder of the C drive.
  • If Microsoft Process Explorer is “Unable to Verify” the “Verified Signer” status of the process.
  • If the VeriSign certificate of the process is not issued to Adobe Systems Incorporated, then it is malware.

Common Errors

Some common errors encountered with AdobeARM.exe are:

  • AdobeARM.exe – This application could not be started
  • AdobeARM.exe – Operation Failed

Some reasons why these errors may occur are:

  • Outdated Operating System
  • Issues with its registry entries
  • Hardware issues 

How to remove it

AdobeARM.exe is not a mandatory process for your system however, it is required to view PDF files. It will not hamper other system programs in its absence. Therefore, it can be easily disabled or removed.

To uninstall the application you will have to uninstall the software itself. For that, follow the below steps to disable or remove AdobeARM.exe from Windows operating system:

1) Click on the Start button

2) Type Control Panel and click on it

3) Click on Uninstall a program that is located under Programs

4) Locate Adobe Reader, double click on it to uninstall the program.



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