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6 Keyboard Shortcut to Insert Row in Excel

In this post, I am going to share keyboard shortcuts to insert rows in Excel and the good news is it works with Windows 10 and older versions. This also works with Excel 2007, 2010 and 2016. Using a keyboard shortcut not only saves time by making the process faster but also has a very significant use for the visually impaired, people with eyesight issues, or movement issues.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Column to Insert in Excel sheet

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Fix Error Code 0x800cccdd in MS Outlook

Users can enjoy several excellent features of MS Outlook email client. However, oftentimes they encounter the error code 0x800cccdd on Windows operating system. It occurs for users who use IMAP server account. In the event of the 0x800cccdd error, users cannot send and receive emails and cannot access any function. This error flashes whenever users operate the application. This error code also shows when MS Outlook hangs as users try adding a new mail account.

Error code 0x800cccdd in MS Outlook - Fixed

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Toolbar missing, How to Turn off Auto-Hide Menu in Excel

It’s really irritating if the menu bar is missing and every time you have to click on top menu to show the tool. I found one easy method to turn off auto-hide menu from the Microsoft Excel.  It will work on mostly all MS Office from 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.  If you are the one who use Excel sheet on regular basis and need to use formatting toolbar like Clipboard, Font, Alignment etc then this will surely help you.

Show hidden menu bar in Excel

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Run Command for Powerpoint

If you want to access Powerpoint using the Run Command or using CMD method then you can do so by using powerpnt. This way you can open a ppt file instantly. Windows Operating System allows you to open all the office applications with a few taps on the keyboard. People depend a lot of the office applications to get their work done. PowerPoint is people’s forever savior while preparing office presentations. This application for electronic presentation has an endless list of features and favors to offer and hence, it is everyone’s all-time friend. Starting PowerPoint involves clicks away from your system. But you can also use the Run Command to start the same.


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How to Zoom in Excel Sheet using Shortcuts

You can use simple shortcuts in your Excel Sheet to Zoom in and out. These key works in Excel 2007, 2018 and 2013 and work with Windows 7, 10 and 8. Excel allows the usage of a number of shortcuts to ensure the availability of a user friendly platform for its users. One of the most tedious situations that users often face is the one pertaining to ‘zooming in’ in Excel. Below are listed 4 of the most efficient ‘zoom’ shortcut methods that can easily help the users.

Shortcut to zoom excel

Excel Zoom Shortcuts

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5 Quick Tips to Insert Column in Excel Sheet using Shortcut

These shortcut will insert columns directly into your Excel sheet and works with Office 2007, 2010 and 2016. These shortcut will improve your speed.  If you are a working professional and work on Windows Operated systems frequently, then you might work with MS Excel Spreadsheet at some point or the other time. Some encounter to work with MS Excel more than any other tools provided by MS Office. Inserting and deleting columns and rows quite happen when working with it.But many are not sure of inserting columns and rows in the right way. There are some shortcuts to make your work much simpler and easier.

Simple easy shortcut to insert column

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