What is iType.exe, Uses, Error & How to Disable it?

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itype.exe is one of the key components of Microsoft Corporation’s IntelliType Pro. ‘IType’ is an abbreviation for IntelliType, the optional software for certain Microsoft range of commercial keyboards (Wired and Wireless). This software allows extra functionality by enabling the auxiliary keys available on your Microsoft Keyboard. Keyboard software/utilities besides the driver software, provide advanced features to enhance the overall user experience.

Some Microsoft keyboard users have complained that the itype.exe process has a high startup impact and slows down your PC. In this article, I will cover some basic details about the file and methods to remove or disable it.

itype.exe process

File Size & Location

If you are using Microsoft Keyboard then itype.exe will be located under C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliType Pro folder. The average file size is approx 1.78 MB.

File Name:itype.exe
File Size:1.78 MB
File Location:C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliType Pro
Product Name:Microsoft IntelliType Pro
File Description:IType.exe
Published by:Microsoft Corporation

Uses of itype.exe

itype.exe is a very important component of Microsoft IntelliType Pro. It allows you to customize and use the extra keys available on your Microsoft IntelliType capable keyboard for additional features. In some PCs, it may come pre-installed but you can also download the software from Microsoft’s official website.

Despite being closely related to keyboard drivers, itype.exe is not a system file and can be removed if it is causing issues. itype.exe is also a background process and a startup program.

Is itype.exe safe or a virus?

The genuine itype.exe file is completely safe. It comes with a Microsoft Corporation digital signature, that you can check using right-click over the file. We recommend not removing itype.exe from your computer as long as it is not causing issues because it enables several features for your keyboard which you will not be able to use otherwise.

That being said, there are always chances that the file is a trojan or malware. Do the following in case you have doubt over the file’s credibility:

  • Check the location of itype.exe: Right-click itype.exe in the task manager and click on Open file location to locate the file on your PC. Although as the genuine itype.exe doesn’t belong to the Windows folder, we can still say that it can be a virus if its location is other than C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliType Pro.
  • Check the digital signatures: Right-click itype.exe file and click on Properties. Head over to the Digital Signatures tab and verify whether the file has one Microsoft digital signature or not.
  • Check file name and size: Use the above file details and match them. File size may vary a little bit with the version of the program, but if the size and name show any discrepancies then it may be a virus.

Common Errors

The most common issue that itype.exe creates is it slows down the boot-up speed on certain PCs. The reason for this is because itype.exe is a startup program, it tends to occupy the memory during the Windows boot-up.

Disabling the startup or removing it permanently may help with this issue.

Other issues can be high CPU, RAM, and power usage. This occurs when itype.exe on your system is a virus or corrupted.

How to disable itype.exe from startup

Disable IType.exe from task manager

Follow the steps below to disable itype.exe from startup using the task manager-

1. Right-click your taskbar (Or press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC) to open the Task Manager

2. Go to the Startup tab

3. In the list of applications, locate IType.exe and disable it

disable itype.exe from task manager

4. Restart your PC and itype.exe won’t run automatically anymore.

How to remove IntelliType pro permanently

If you don’t need IntelliType Pro, you can easily remove it using Programs and Features by the following steps:

1. Press Windows + R keys together, this will open the Run application

2. Type or paste appwiz.cpl in the text field and hit the ENTER key, this will open the Programs and Features window

type appwiz.cpl

3. Locate Microsoft IntelliType Pro 8.2 (Version number can vary)

4. Select the IntelliType program and click uninstall, go through the uninstallation process, and then restart your PC.

uninstall intellitype

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Fix other issues related to itype.exe

Other issues may include system crashes, high resource usage, and application errors. To fix this, one of the following methods may help-

  • Scan your PC for viruses: Go to Settings (Press WINDOWS + I) > Update & Security > Windows Security (In the left pane) > Virus & threat Protection > Quick scan
Virus and threat protection quick scan

Virus and threat protection quick scan

  • Update your PC: Settings > Update & Security > Check for updates/Download/Install updates

check for updates


I hope this post helped you in clearing the itype.exe issues on your Windows PC. Let us know your suggestions or ask us questions in the comments below or contact us.

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