What is OLK15message how to open it on Mac and Windows?

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Not sure what is OLK15messagefile in your Mac or Windows Outlook? These are nothing but temporary files which are found in the outlook profile in a Mac laptop. The files with the OLK extension are utilized one at a time to contain any data related to a particular profile. These files are typically found with an Identity folder that corresponds to their respective profile.

What is olk15 file

OLK15message is a safe file therefore you don’t need to delete this, read on to find more information.

OLK15message Uses?

These files are mostly utilized for messages on outlook on MAC. The files with these extensions are utilized by programs that are distributed for the Mac operating systems and the Windows platform. The users are often suggested to utilize office 365 to make better use of these files.

How to Open OLK15message File?

Now there could be a host of reasons why these files cannot be accessed. The good news is that you do not have to be an IT professional to get through this problem. You can solve and open OLK15message file within a few minutes. Here is how to do it.

1) Get Office 365

The primary cause that does not allow olk15 files to open is that we do not have a compatible program in our system. So, you can tackle the problem by getting Office 365. The best way to get this program is to visit the official website of Microsoft and download from the given links.

You can download the Office 365 from official website here.

2) Updated Office 365

Now, if your computer already has Office 365 in it and if the OLK15message files are still not opening it, then it is an indication that you need an updated version of the software. Once you can do this you will not face this problem anymore.

How to Open OLK15message?

Once you have acquired the new edition of Office 365 and you notice that the problem has not gone away. Here are certain things that you can do.

How to Open OLK15 for Windows

  • Use the right button on the mouse to click on the file and it will show you a menu
  • From the menu, you must click on the button open with
  • You have to click on Choose other app and after that click on More app
  • To make your selection final, you must select the option Look for other, for this you will have to use file explorer.
  • Click on the installation folder for Office 365
  • Confirm your choice by clicking on Always use this app box
  • Finish by clicking on OK

How to Open OLK15 on Mac?

  • You begin by right-click on the OLK file and then you have to click on Information
  • Click on the option Open
  • You need to click on the right software name and then save the settings by pressing Change all
  • This change will be effective for all the files with the extension OLK
  • Finish by clicking on Continue to make sure that your choice is confirmed

I hope the above methods will help you to open olk files on Windows and Mac PC. If you still have any doubt or facing any difficulties then do leave your comment below and I will try to answer.

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