What is Sihclient.exe, Safe or Virus & How to Fix it

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The authentic SIHClient.exe file is a component of the Windows Operating System and it can be referred to as the Service Initiated Healing client. This executable cannot be found in any versions of the operating system older than Windows 10.

File Size and Location

This executable can usually be found in the C:\Windows\System32\ folder and it is categorized as a Win64 file type. It takes up around 292 KB of space. The same copy of Sihclient.exe can also be found under C:\Windows\WinSxS\ directory in Windows 10 and is totally safe.

Quick Overview

File description:SIH Client
File version:10.0.19041.740
File Size:292 KB
Product name:Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
File type:Executable Application
Copyright:Microsoft Corporation

This is what an authentic SIHClient.exe file looks like:

Sihclient process properties

What Does SIHClient.exe Do?

The main function of SihClient.exe is to detect and correct certain aspects of the system that are really important for the automatic updates of the Windows 10 Operating System. Additionally, the process has the capacity to go online to connect to a Microsoft server,  analyze and detect the utility of a healing action, download the tools required to execute said action, and then perform the pertinent therapeutic action.

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Without this client, your PC might run into an issue that couldn’t be resolved by a Windows Update and that could prove problematic for future usage.

Is SIHClient.exe a Virus?

SIHClient.exe is a legitimate process and it is not a virus. However, malware can often enter your system under the legitimate file name such as SIHClient.exe and cause permanent damage. One way of knowing whether or not an executable is a virus is to check its location. If said executable cannot be found in its official location as mentioned above, then it may be a Trojan virus and it is critical that you remove it immediately before any damage sustains.

1) Open the C Drive

2) File > Change folder and search options > View 

3) Now click on Show hidden files, folders, and drives

4) Uncheck the button Hide extensions for know file types

5) Now, search for SIHClient.exe in C drive

6) If it is not available under C:\Windows\System32\ then it is a virus.

SIHClient.exe Errors

Sometimes this process may show below errors:

  • SIHClient.exe – Bad Image 
  • SIHClient.exe could not be installed. 

If it shows this error then you should continue reading below.

How to fix SIHClient.exe error?

You can use either of the methods listed below to resolve such issues.

Method 1:  DISM.EXE/ Restorehealth Command

    1. Hold down the Windows + Q button on your keyboard
    2. Type ‘cmd’ and press the combination Ctrl + Shift + Enter to run the process as an administrator.
    3. Type the below command and hit the Enter button
      DISM.EXE/ Restorehealth
    4. Let the scanner to scan the system and fix the issue if any.

Method 1: Snapshot

This should be try if your system is getting hampered due to sihclient.exe or using an internet connection regularly.

  1. Click on the Windows Start button.
  2. In the search bar, type ‘System Restore’ and hit Enter.
  3. Select System Restore and if prompted, enter the administrator password.
  4. The System Restore wizard will provide instructions to select an applicable restore point, you just need to heed the wizard.
  5. Return your computer to its latest backup snapshot and reboot the system.

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