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How to Disable the F1 Key in Windows 10/8/7 in 2 Min

Do you want to disable the F1 key button on Windows 10 / 8 / 7 or XP? Follow these simple steps to block on f1 on temporary or permanent basis.  The F1 key provides the user with an immediate access to the Windows Help and Support Center. However, this shortcut can become very annoying when it is accidentally pressed by an user. The best method to prevent such an inconvenience is to disable the F1 key, which may be done through the following steps.

F1 keyword button

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What is Aeadisrv.exe

In today time, majority of the Windows PC don’t need aeadisrv.exe file. Find out what it is, its function, error and how to remove aeadisrv.exe from windows 10/8/7 and XP. The aeadisrv.exe file is one of the executable files that is part of a software suite known as SoundMAXSupremeFX by Andrea Electronics. It is essential to support the audio sound cards manufactured by Analog Devices and are installed in your PC. However, it is not an essential windows process, and you can choose to disable it if it is causing unnecessary problems.

Aeadisrv.exe file

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2 Simple Ways to Take a Screenshot on a Windows PC

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In order to take a screenshot on your pc, we have 02 option to capture the full screen. Using this method, you can take a picture of your laptop or any windows PC 7 or 8 of any brand like dell, lenovo, hp or tosiba. Taking a screenshot of your screen can serve you many purposes. You may need it to keep record of something you saw while browsing the internet. Or you need to send an image of a problem you are facing, to get technical support. Whatever the purpose, here we tell you how to take a screenshot on your windows PC.

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How to Disable Microsoft Outlook

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World’s most popular Microsoft Outlook is a email client that comes by default with windows Operating System. If you want to disable or simply Deactivate then follow this simple easy process for Windows 7 and 10. Microsoft Outlook provides the users with an email system within the Microsoft Office setup. However, if a user already has his own mailing system, he/she may open up more space on his computer by disabling Microsoft Outlook.

Simple steps to disblae microsoft outlook express in windows OS

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How to Stop an iPhone to Download Automatically

Follow simple steps to disable automatic download on your iPhone. By default the options are enabled, learn how you can stop or enable in few clicks. Automatic download sounds quite user-friendly and might also eradicate all your worries about app updates on time. But it has its own dark side too! It consumes a huge amount of your mobile data if your mobile is not connected to a Wi-Fi network. It may also be slow and use up your battery when you need it. So, when you have a luxurious iPhone, you should also know how you can save both your mobile data and battery charge. Here is how you can stop an iPhone from downloading songs, app updates or other large-sized files automatically. These steps are also applicable for other devices with iOS operating system.

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Router Vs Switch – Basic Difference

Wanted to know about Routers and Switches? Both are actually computer network device, find their basic difference in networking, how it works with example of d-link.  Switch and router is computer networking devices. They permit one or more computers to get connected to other computers.  They can also connect computers to network devices or other networks.

Router vs Switch detail

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How to Disable the WLAN in D-link Router

Learn how to disable the Wifi signal on to your D-link router using simple steps. You can also turn on or off on all models like 2730u, 2750u, ac750, dir-615. With the availability of online services, dependence on Wi-Fi services has increased multi-fold. When the services have an irreplaceable role at home and in office, the set-up needs complete protection from unauthorized access. As an owner of the Wi-Fi set up, you could easily manage encryption and the settings as well without the wizard.

D-link Router settings to disable wifi

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ATKOSD.exe – What it is and uses?

The ATKOSD.exe is an executable file available in Windows OS 7 and 10. Basically, ATKOSD is the function key powered by Asus and available in 32 and 64-bit operating systems. If you have seen the ATKOSD.exe under Windows Task Manager, then you might be thinking about its uses or whether it’s a virus or some suspicious .exe file? Well, the ATKOSD is an application used by Asus which is a part of its software that is used for ATK Hotkey Utility. Now if you are wondering what is ATK Hotkey Utility, in one word – it’s a Function Keys or Hotkeys like F or Fn.

atkosd.exe file information

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Stikynot.exe – Sticky Notes – What it is?

Do you wanted to know about stikynot.exe and whether it’s a malware or virus? Well, this exe file is basically a Sticky Note that is provided by the Microsoft Windows Operating System and available in almost all OS from Windows XP, 7 to 10. The Sticky-Note is basically a quick note that is used as a reminder and to store important points while working. It’s more like a reminder.

stikynot.exe file

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How to Speed up Windows 7 – 10 Tips to Fix Slow PC

Follow these 10 simple ways to speed up your Windows 7 computer. Using these free tips, you can make your laptop performance even faster & improve overall performance. In all OS, the Windows 7 usually load faster however it still takes about 15 seconds to boot and to load login screen.  But if you are using computer from long time then you might have notice that it takes 30 seconds to a minute to boot the system itself and takes 2-10 seconds to just open a file or execute a program. So today, I am going to share 10 simple tips that will tweak your windows 7, speed up the overall system and save your precious time.  Below given tips will work on 32 and 64 bit windows 7:

Easy way to speed up windows 7 computer

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